486 Worthy of the Name

    Naturally, Jiang Fei did not know anything about the experimental program. After consoling Isabella, he summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and flew toward the Demon Flame Fortress. There was still one thing left to do!

    Once he reached the Demon's fortress, he went inside and talked to the NPC quartermaster. That man was just an NPC shop that sold potions as well as repair equipment.

    Before attacking the Moonlight Church, Jiang Fei had used his guild to claim a fortress. Since it was just a while ago, he had yet to send anything to build any structure. The reason he came to the Demon Flame Fortress was to hire NPC builders to build necessary buildings to properly claim the fortress as the territory of Empyreal Dragon.

    Dealing with unintelligent NPCs was easy since there was no need for conversation. All Jiang Fei had to do was select what he needed from a pop-up window and submit the money required. After paying a large amount of gold coins, the NPC quartermaster then sent out a total of 3,000 buildings from the Demon Flame Fortress to the ruins of the fortress that Jiang Fei wanted to claim.

    200,000 gold coins were not that big of a sum to be honest, but it was still more than what Jiang Fei had used in Dawnlight City when he paid for claiming land in the swamp. Today, Jiang Fei was much richer than he was when he built up the territory in the swamp. Under the care of Rosette Rose, Empyreal Dragon was growing fast and strong. The guild accounts had registered a total of 500,000 gold coins in their daily transactions. 200,000 gold coins were truly nothing when compared to the guild's coffers.

    At first, when Rosette Rose heard that Jiang Fei had spent 200,000 gold coins, she was furious. However, after Jiang Fei explained that the money was used to build up another territory in a new map, her attitude took a 180-degree turn. Immediately, she asked Jiang Fei whether or not 200,000 gold coins were enough and even wanted to transfer him another 200,000 gold coins just in case he needed more. If he wanted, Rosette Rose could even arrange for one million gold coins in one week!

    It had been established that Rosette Rose was the manager of the guild and would not want to meddle in other business. With Jiang Fei's absolute trust and cooperation, she had grown to be like an elder sister to him. Hence, when Jiang Fei did anything or planned to improve the guild, she would naturally support his decision.

    Even though the Faction Map had been opened to the world, no one could yet set foot in the map for their level was too low. Hence, Jiang Fei was not afraid of his territory being trashed by anyone. Not to mention that the Saint of the Light Faction was being held captive in the Demon Flame Fortress. Clearly, no one of the Light Faction would waste their time to destroy a small unknown fortress. To be frank, it was the perfect time for Jiang Fei to further enhance and build the territory.

    Once the NPC builder arrived at the fortress, Jiang Fei was satisfied at what he had accomplished today. He looked at the time and it was already almost time to log out. He flew back to the Demon Flame Fortress and accompanied Isabella to talk to other commanders in the fortress. When it was 6 a.m. sharp, the game froze and everyone was logged out automatically.

    Once Jiang Fei was awake, he immediately called for 0541.

    "Is my chest armor ready?" asked Jiang Fei, excited. It had been over 48 hours since the production of the armor he ordered.

    "Captain, the ability armor has been completed!"

    A translucent armor materialized in front of Jiang Fei.

    "Heck yeah. Let's try it on!" said Jiang Fei happily.

    As soon as he put the armor on, it seeped into Jiang Fei's body and disappeared without a trace. Like other previous equipment that he had made or taken out of the game, it was invisible or appeared as a piece of inconspicuous clothing. However, that piece of inconspicuous clothing would greatly increase Jiang Fei's ability.

    Wave Force Battle Armor

    Physical Defense +1,120

    Magical Defense +1,135

    Strength: +70

    Vitality: +80

    Equip: Grants an additional 20% water damage in all attacks.

    Equip: Grants the skill Wave Barrier. Creates a water barrier that absorbs damage. Lasts for 30 seconds. One minute cooldown time.

    That was the stat in the game but in reality, the armor had only enhanced Jiang Fei's defense. Technically speaking, Jiang Fei's entire body was strengthened in terms of defense. Even though he was not at the point where he could take on a nuclear blast, he could still stand strong after being shot with a gun.

    The additional 70 Strength points granted Jiang Fei a total of 140kg force. It was a kind of brute force that would improve his overall damage output. 80 Vitality points will improve Jiang Fei's general physique. At this point, even without using the equipment's skill, or even the energy inside him, he could take on a Level 2 Metahuman.

    The important note about the armor was the 20% additional water damage. All of Jiang Fei's kicks and punches would carry additional damage which greatly improved the total inflicted damage. The barrier was considered as a last defense resort that was extremely useful in perilous situations. With it, he could at least defend against an attack coming from a Level 3 or even a Level 4.

    "0541, could you please evaluate my current power level?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Scanning... Analyzing..."

    "Evaluating... Complete."

    After three minutes of silences, 0541 finally revealed Jiang Fei's current power level.

    "Captain, after excluding personal battle experience as well as martial skills, your own physique has reached the peak of Level 3. Perhaps even the beginner stage of a Level 4."

    "Hmm! Nice! I can finally be worthy of the name!" cried Jiang Fei with joy.

    "Captain, this is but a rough evaluation. I have not factored in your battle experience as well as martial skills. Hence, even though you have the strength of a Level 4, I must advise you against fighting one."

    "I understand. Thanks for the advice," said Jiang Fei. He understood himself better than anyone else. In Sun Tzu's words; know thyself and others, and you will survive a hundred battles. He understood that he had little battle experience and even his own mental state was still too naive. Even though he would like to improve that aspect, it took time to nurture something like that. One could not rush mental growth. After thinking for a bit, Jiang Fei thought that he should really fight other Level 3 fighters and avoid Level 4s at all cost.

    "I should go out and try my new ability!"

    After obtaining the new armor, he knew that he could lift an additional 140kg. To be fair, such fast growth would be both shocking and suspicious. He needed to find a place to train a little to avoid the girls. If they found out how much he had improved, it would surely pique their curiosity.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    After breakfast, Jiang Fei left the house with both Yang Qing and Yang Po.

    "My senior is coming today to meet up with me. I won't be training today. So... if you guys not going to the training room, I suggest you spent some time in the shopping district," said Jiang Fei.

    "Hm... Might as well," said Yang Po and left Jiang Fei to himself. She pulled Yang Qing away with her and made a mental note. Not only did Jiang Fei have a Level 5 master, but he also had a senior. It was likely to be another apprentice of the same master with an unknown strength.
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