487 The Wrath of Ye Tianshun

    After saying goodbye to the twins, Jiang Fei took a cab to the outskirts of the city. When the coast was clear, he drew the Gigantic Sword, which was the hoverboard, and flew to the mountains.

    "0541, scan the area for any human activity," said Jiang Fei. He might be quiet but it was still safer to have 0541 make sure that there was no one around to witness him doing some fancy tricks.

    "There is no human activity within 10 kilometers."

    "OK then. I'll land here."

    After putting away the Gigantic Sword, Jiang Fei began to adjust his energy and examine the surroundings. He was in the middle of a huge forest with tall trees and rocks scattered everywhere. All of them would be put to use as Jiang Fei's test subjects.

    After two to three hours later, Jiang Fei had already gotten used to controlling the flow of energy inside his body. Once he had mastered the flow of energy, he started to use all four newly obtained martial arts skills. Even though he had trained hard with Yang Qing and Yang Po, he was still lacking in actual battle experience. Sparring was different. Even so, he could not possibly go all out on the girls or the other way around. The reason he had chosen to go into the wild was to fully unleash his strength to check his power.


    Jiang Fei continuously unleashed an array of martial arts. The ground was shaken, the boulders and rocks were cracked, and the trees were broken in half. The entire area was left devastated. It was akin to the aftermath of a typhoon.

    "Phew... Nice!" cried Jiang Fei loudly as he let out a long breath. He did not measure the duration of his training. He had been continuously punching, kicking, and crushing until the energy inside him was close to depleting.

    "Haha, I'm like a one-man army!" said Jiang Fei to himself, satisfied with the destruction he had caused.

    "Captain sir, I have recorded your performance duration. You had been in full combat status for a total of 170 minutes. Your current display of fighting will be added to the previous evaluation. Currently, your power level is at Level 4 standard."


    "You have recovery speed far greater than most Metahumans. It is extremely crucial for long combats since you can last much longer."

    "Does that mean that I can now fight a Level 4 Metahuman?"

    "Captain, your true evaluations lies in between the pinnacle stage of Level 3 and the beginning stage of Level 4. However, I have factored in your battle ability as well as combat duration into the equation. As of now, it would be completely normal for you to be defeated by a fighter at the beginning stage of Level 3."

    "Hmm... I understand."

    Jiang Fei was not satisfied with that answer but understood the reason behind it. He had never underestimated any Metahuman, especially the ones in the Chinese Martial Arts Alliance. He had spent long hours with Yang Po to understand that. Even though she was quiet most of the time, she had informed Jiang Fei many things about the alliance. A few in the Sect had martial skills that were devised not to incapacitate but to kill. They even had skills that could be used during fatal moments to turn the tide around. If Jiang Fei lowered his guard for even a second, he could be defeated by an opponent that was already on the verge of death.

    The sky was dark. Jiang Fei sat down for a while to catch his breath before heading to the closest village. There, he was lucky enough to catch a cab that was heading to the city.

    When he was about to enter Manda Square, he received a call with no caller ID.

    "Hello, who's this?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Ah Fei! It's me!" cried a familiar voice.

    "Oh, what's up? You're in trouble?"

    "It's not me! It's you!" said Han Tianyu worriedly.

    "Huh? I'm in trouble? What did I do?"

    "Do you know where is Ye Zhangfa?" asked Han Tianyu sternly.

    "Oh! I know that one. He's dead!" said Jiang Fei straightforwardly.

    "Argh... I knew it! I'm guessing you're the one that killed him..."

    "Hoho! That's where you're wrong, bro!"

    "Stop pulling my leg! Do you know how serious is this?!" said Han Tianyu angrily.

    "I'm telling the truth. It's not me," said Jiang Fei calmly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Really?! Oh, thank god... Who's the killer?" said Han Tianyu, relieved.

    Before Han Tianyu made the call, he had been informed that Ye Zhangfa was missing and even his Life Plate had shattered (1). His first reaction was to call Jiang Fei since he knew that Ye Zhangfa would potentially pick a fight with Jiang Fei. Han Tianyu understood how Jiang Fei would react if someone like Ye Zhangfa suddenly came and disturbed his peace. If Jiang Fei got agitated, he might actually kill the poor bastard!

    Concurrently, the entire Soaring Cloud Sect was rattled. The Grand Elder, Ye Tianshun, was fuming with rage. Regardless of the rumor that Ye Zhangfa was the actual son of Ye Tianshun, the man was furious beyond reasoning. He had immediately placed an order to kill the one who did the same to Ye Zhangfa.

    That was the reason why Han Tianyu had called Jiang Fei. He wanted Jiang Fei to run to his Level 5 master and hide. It would be even better if Jiang Fei could get his master to calm the situation down. The priority was to let Jiang Fei escape from the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    When Jiang Fei told him that he was not the one who killed Ye Zhangfa, Han Tianyu could not help but feel relieved. If Jiang Fei did kill Ye Zhangfa, the Soaring Cloud Sect would have only needed to deal with Jiang Fei's Level 5 master. Since Jiang Fei was innocent, the Soaring Cloud Sect would not dare to touch Jiang Fei.

    "Well. My friend was the one that killed him," said Jiang Fei, careful of mentioning any pronouns.

    "Are you sure...? Or are you just trying to take the blame?" said Han Tianyu worriedly. He thought that Jiang Fei might try to take the blame to protect someone close to him.

    "Hahaha! Don't worry. There's nothing in the world that my friend could not solve!" said Jiang Fei. Phoenix was the one that killed him since he had blatantly announced that he would rape her. Even if the reason for his death was unreasonable, what could the Soaring Cloud Sect do to the Level 5 Omega level being?

    "Alright then. That's good... That's good..."

    Han Tianyu could finally relax after he had understood that Jiang Fei had nothing to do with the death of Ye Zhangfa. Even he understood that someone like Ye Zhangfa could easily stir up trouble like his second nature.

    "Where are you now? What happened to your previous number?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Sigh... Remember when Bai Zongwei and Ye Zhangfa came to this city to search for the girls? Yeah... I ran away to Africa. I'd also make sure to cease all communication," said Han Tianyu.

    "Ah Fei?"


    "I suggest you lay low for the time being. I'm really scared that Ye Tianshun might do something to you," said Han Tianyu worriedly.

    "You're right," said Jiang Fei. He frowned immediately when he remembered that his parents knew nothing about this side of the world!

    "Brother Yu, I need your help. Get my father to stop working for a few days or until this situation calms down. I'm fine on my own but my parents... They might come for my parents! I can stay at home to protect them!" said Jiang Fei.

    "I don't think they're that low to do something to your parents but I see your reasoning. Don't worry. I'll arrange it," said Han Tianyu.

    Han Tianyu was surprised that Jiang Fei had already thought that far ahead. If Ye Tianshun went over the rules, he might even cross the line and hunt for Jiang Fei or anyone close to him! The security guards placed in Manda Square stood no chance against the entire Soaring Cloud Sect!

    Translation Note:

    Life Plate: It is something like the Vivre Card (from One Piece) of a person, except it doesn't float toward the direction of the person. When someone's life is in danger, the Life Plate will react. If the owner of the Life Plate dies, it would be destroyed.
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