488 Jiang Fei’s Decision

    After ending the call with Han Tianyu, Jiang Fei went straight home. There, sitting on the couch was Yang Po alone. Yang Qing was nowhere in sight.

    "Where's my mother?" asked Jiang Fei as his heart sank a little.

    "Little Qing is out with your mother, doing some grocery shopping," said Yang Po. Only then did Jiang Fei sit down. He was so scared that he might have been too late and his mother had been kidnapped by the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    "I heard the news. I don't know if you are directly involved in the death of Ye Zhangfa, but I'm sure that the Soaring Cloud Sect would not make a move on your parents," said Yang Po.

    "Urgh!" Jiang Fei ruffled his hair. He felt guilty for so many reasons but he was frustrated at one thing. He was too weak. If only he had been stronger, none of this would have happened!

    At this moment, the door opened and his mother and Yang Qing came in laughing.

    "Oh! Ah Fei! You're back so early today! Your father just called home, saying that he will be back soon!" said his mother happily, not knowing that her son had so much trouble on his plate.

    Jiang Fei's father was an important figure in the Manda Group. He was hired by Han Tianyu since Jiang Fei had asked him to. He was not sure which department his father was in but when the boss of the company had handpicked someone for hire, the man should be someone important! Even though Jiang Fei's father had been in the company for only a short while, he had been given many important responsibilities. In a way, his father thought that the company had high hopes for him. Hence, he wanted to repay by working harder than usual. It had been days since he came home for dinner.

    That was the reason why Jiang Fei's mother was happy when his father had called to inform that he would be coming back early to have dinner. That was why she had Yang Qing help her with groceries. She was preparing to celebrate with a fancy dinner.

    "Is that right?" said Jiang Fei as he forced a smile. Of course he knew that his father would be coming back today. It was his doing after all.

    After an hour or so, Jiang Fei's father arrived home.

    "How was your day?" asked Jiang Fei as he quickly came to him and welcomed his father home.

    "Good day, uncle!" said Yang Po and Yang Qing to greet him. They were being very polite.

    "Ah Fei, who are our guests?" asked his father. Jiang Fei's father had not been home for several days, hence he did not know that the two had already moved in.

    "They're my classmates. They live opposite our house. Since their parents are not staying with them, mom thought that it would be best to have them stay with us. To liven up the mood."

    "I see. Alright, you're still young and growing. Remember this. Your priority must always be to study!" said his father. Even though he was not direct, it was obvious that he was warning Jiang Fei to not waste time on dating.

    "Uncle Jiang! You must be tired. Here! Have a glass of water first!" said Yang Qing as she ran to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. If there was a scoreboard, Yang Qing would definitely be at the top as the best child in the house.

    "Thank you," said Jiang Fei's father. He placed his briefcase on the floor and sat down. He did not say anything as he sipped the water. He was not in a good mood. He had already prepared and planned his workload for the day but the head of the department had suddenly come in, fired him, and sent him home immediately.

    It was a shock to Jiang Fei's father. He had always thought that he was an important cog in the company. How would he feel when he suddenly received such devastating news out of the blue!

    The truth was simple. Han Tianyu had arranged for Jiang Fei's father to stop working for an indefinite duration and leave the company to return home at once. That was the proper message left by Han Tianyu. He had feared that if Jiang Fei's father was still in the company working until the day ended, he might be attacked or kidnapped by the people of the Soaring Cloud Sect. Han Tianyu was unable to be the one to directly talk to Jiang Fei's father, so he had to leave a memo to his secretary and the message had made its way down the hierarchy. The problem was the message was twisted along the way. By the time the message had reached the head of the department, he had misunderstood that "stop working for an indefinite duration" meant firing.

    That sudden loss of his job naturally made him unhappy.

    Jiang Fei did not really care much about his job as long as both of his parents were in the house safely.

    The dinner was extremely grand. While Yang Qing was doing her best to liven up the mood, Jiang Fei's father was not really having it. The atmosphere turned really awkward.

    "Tsk! I cannot just wait here passively and wait for the stupid sect to come!" said Jiang Fei to himself after dinner was done. He made his decision and went to Yang Po's room.

    Knock... Knock...

    "Please come in," said Yang Po. The door was closed but through presence detection, a martial artist could easily make out a person.

    Jiang Fei entered the room and saw that the twins were in their pajamas. Even though their sleeping attire was loose, they were still able to emphasize Yang Po and Yang Qing's curves. Perhaps they were about to go to sleep, hence they had their bindings off. Unconsciously, Jiang Fei's eyes auto-focused faster than a Canon 1DX onto Yang Po's cute pair of peaks.

    Cough. Jiang Fei coughed a little to distract himself. Even though the girls did not notice where his eyes were, Jiang Fei could not help but feel a little guilty. Even so, the manly instinct in him made the guilt subside. He had even managed to glance at Yang Po's perky peaks once more!

    "Big brother Jiang Fei? Are you ok? Why is your face flushed?" said Yang Qing as she leaped of her bed and stood in front of Jiang Fei.


    Due to their massive height difference, Jiang Fei only needed to lower his head to see the plains of the mountains. There were even two pink peaks on the pair of mountains. He was immediately taken aback at what he saw and took a few steps back.

    It was only then that Yang Qing realized what was going on and she retreated to her bed, covering her chest with her head pillow.

    "Aiyyeee! Big brother is a huge pervert!"


    "Little Qing, I'm sure that big brother Jiang Fei did not mean to do it on purpose."

    "Ehem. Don't mind her. What brings you here?" Yang Po added.

    "Right, there's something that I need to ask from you," said Jiang Fei.

    "Anything," said Yang Po.

    "I need you to help arrange for me to talk to the Soaring Cloud Sect as well as Ye Tianshun," said Jiang Fei straightforwardly.

    "Right now?" Yang Po was startled.

    "Yes, I need to clear this situation up as soon as possible," said Jiang Fei with a stern look.

    "Right now, the Soaring Cloud Sect, as well as Ye Tianshun, are raging. There are many other sects including the Snow Mountain Sect that had stopped talking to them. However, I'm sure that the Soaring Cloud Sect would not resort to something drastic," said Yang Po.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    She had spoken the truth. While the situation developed, many sects had moved on their own accord. It was a good chance for them to build a better relationship with the Level 5 master. Even if that could not be done, it was still a good chance to gain more Grand Restoration Pills as well as the Evil Purging Pills.
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