489 Kidnapped

    "I understand that you're trying to be nice but I suggest that you follow what I said," said Jiang Fei after thinking about it.

    "Very well," said Yang Po. She dared not say anything after seeing Jiang Fei so determined. She was sure that Jiang Fei would surely bring in the Level 5 master of his. That way, he would surely be safe on his own. Yang Po did not need to worry for him.

    "Rest early," said Jiang Fei before he left their room. All the while, he was maintaining a stoic expression on his face. The room was completely filled with the scent of the girls. Moreover, they were only wearing pajamas and nothing else! The loose fabric did not do a good job in covering their skin since Jiang Fei could see the tiny little bumps on their honkers! Jiang Fei was still a young boy going through puberty. The poor boy might even start to bleed from his nose if he had stayed longer! Jiang Fei Jr. would even start to show up and if he started to pitch a tent, he might never be able to talk to Yang Po and Yang Qing ever again.

    Once he was back in his own room, Jiang Fei called Han Tianyu.


    "I need to know everything you know about the Soaring Cloud Sect," said Jiang Fei.

    "What are you planning to do?" asked Han Tianyu worriedly. He could hear that Jiang Fei's voice had traces of hostility.

    "Nothing. I'm just digging for information," said Jiang Fei. He was telling the truth. He did not kill Ye Zhangfa and thought once he talked to the Soaring Cloud Sect, everything would be over. He just wanted to know just how big and powerful the sect was.

    "Please don't do anything rash. The Soaring Cloud Sect is a powerful sect, for god's sake!" cried Han Tianyu as he worried for his little brother. However, they traded a few words and Han Tianyu caved in, telling Jiang Fei everything he knew about the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    The Soaring Cloud Sect was the Northern Faction's biggest sect. Their base, or home, was situated on the top of Mount Heng. Naturally, their base was separated from the outside world. No one could simply knock on their doors.

    The current Sect Leader was Ma Xuantong, a fighter at the pinnacle stage of Level 4. Besides him, there was the Grand Elder Ye Tianshun, the right-hand man Bai Xiandao, and the left-hand man Zhang Zongjin. All of them were also at the pinnacle stage of Level 4. The entire sect was governed by the four fighters at the pinnacle stage of Level 4. That was why the sect was able to show dominance against other sects and become the strongest one in the Northern Faction.

    "Hmph. Only Level 4. Are there any Level 5s?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Please. If there are so many Level 5s walking around town, don't you think that every sect would already have a few of them sitting on the leader's chair?" said Han Tianyu. From, his perspective, Jiang Fei was still too naive.

    "You best not underestimate a person at the pinnacle stage of Level 4. Put any random Level 4 fighter against one at the pinnacle stage of Level 4, the latter could easily kill up to hundreds of beginner and intermediate stages of Level 4 fighters," Han Tianyu added.

    "I see."

    Jiang Fei had always thought that the power level categorization was confusing. There was one for martial artists and there was another for mutants and ability users. The one used in judging mutants were not as strict as the one used for martial artists.

    Mutants under Level 4 were rather straightforward and anyone who was at Level 5 would be practically unstoppable. The gap between Level 4 and Level 5 was just too much. In the same way as martial artists, Level 4 mutants could single-handedly defeat several hundred other Level 4 mutants.

    Jiang Fei had understood Han Tianyu's explanation that the Soaring Cloud Sect had twenty fighters at Level 4 and up to hundreds of Level 3 fighters. From there, he understood why the Soaring Cloud Sect was considered to be the strongest sect among the sects in the alliance and was able to make such a huge impact.

    "Listen. I just got the news that the Soaring Cloud Sect is being adamant about their decision. They had rejected peace advice from other sect leaders! They will come for you!" cried Han Tianyu.

    Even though Ye Zhangfa was not killed by Jiang Fei, they did not the truth. All signs and evidence had indicated that Ye Zhangfa had indeed been trailing Jiang Fei and had confronted him. After that, he had gone missing. Not much later, Ye Zhangfa's Life Plate had shattered, indicating that his life was gone. From the perspective of the Soaring Cloud Sect, as well as other sect leaders, Ye Zhangfa was killed by Jiang Fei.

    "What do they plan to do?"

    "I don't know. All I know is that Ye Tianshun is mad at the death of Ye Zhangfa. I cannot even promise you that he will not do anything irrational. You best be careful now!" said Han Tianyu.

    "Yeah. I will," said Jiang Fei quietly.

    "I will go back to China as soon as I can but I have to say, my influence in the alliance is close to nothing. At most, I can help you a little by giving some people my advice!"

    Han Tianyu had steeled his stance to side with Jiang Fei. His own master had told him to wait until the storm had brewed over. He would not allow Han Tianyu to interfere with this conflict. Han Tianyu's master dared not wrong anyone else, be it a Level 5 master or the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    "F*ck the Soaring Cloud! Always bringing me trouble!" Jiang Fei ranted to himself after Han Tianyu had hung up the phone. He wanted to pull some strings at the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace and explain what had happened directly to the Soaring Cloud, hoping that things will calm down. However, it looked like his hopes had been dashed.

    To be honest, Jiang Fei did not want to pick a fight with the Soaring Cloud Sect. Even if they painted him as the villain through any dirty method, he would not want to cross the Soaring Cloud Sect. He knew his place well. His knew that his parents were vulnerable. He knew that he was still weak. If the Soaring Cloud Sect came to attack, Jiang Fei, who had just reached the Level 4 realm, would not be able to stand against the whole lot of Soaring Cloud Sect.



    At that moment, Jiang Fei heard the sound of broken glass and the scream of his mother.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    In a fraction of a second, Jiang Fei leaped to his feet and dashed through the door of his room, shouting, "MOTHER!", as he ran across the walkway toward his parents' room. Without even opening the door, Jiang Fei crashed through the room and found nothing besides shattered glass and an empty bed.

    "F***CK! F**CK!" Jiang Fei cried from the top of his lungs. He was devastated, helpless, and worst of all, angry.

    "Just you wait, Ye Tianshun. You and your bloody sect will be gone when I'm done with you!"

    With rage boiling to the maximum point, Jiang Fei punched the ground with his fist to vent his anger, instantly cracking the walls and even the ceilings.

    "Brother Jiang Fei! What happened?!" cried Yang Po as both the sisters just arrived at the scene.

    "Ye Tianshun happened," said Jiang Fei as he glared at Yang Po with eyes that was bursting with killing intent.

    "Brother Jiang Fei..." There was nothing that Yang Qing could have done then.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, what are you going to do?" Yang Po asked after she felt the bloodlust in his voice.

    "You tell me. If my parents have so much as a scratch on them, I will flatten the entire Soaring Cloud Sect to the ground!" said Jiang Fei. The killing intent in him was boiling so much that there was a faint aura around him. The Soaring Cloud Sect had crossed the final line.

    "Brother Jiang Fei. Please calm down and think this through. I will contact my people and sort this thing out peacefully!" said Yang Po.

    "You do what you can. I... I want some time alone to myself," said Jiang Fei.

    His mind was a storm of emotions right then. He could not think straight as he had briefly allowed his rage to take over him.

    After Yang Qing and Yang Po had left, Jiang Fei went out of his parents' room and sat down on the couch in the living room. The opened window had let in a draft and it was cold. Jiang Fei did not bother to even close the window as he needed to cool himself down. He could still feel his pulse all across his body.

    He thought that he had taken steps to prevent his parents from harm. However, it was obvious that he had not done enough. The last thing Jiang Fei wanted in the world was to have his parents dragged into the world of Metahumans. He had already tried his best, but his best was not good enough.

    "If fear and name-pulling weren't enough, I shall let them see red to know who they are messing with," said Jiang Fei to himself. His heart beat faster and faster. His eyes were becoming redder by the second. All the veins on his hands started to surface. What was flowing inside was not just blood at the moment. There were rage, wrath, resentment, vengeance, and bloodlust.
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