491 Alone Against the Soaring Cloud Sec

    While the Gigantic Sword was being upgraded, Jiang Fei had lost his one and only transport. Four hours was not long but to Jiang Fei, it felt like an eternity. He needed to find the people who took his parents. Aimless, Jiang Fei decided it was best to just calm down and revise his plans.

    "0541, do you have my parent's location?" said Jiang Fei.

    "I am still tracking their coordinates. They are currently being transported at very high speed. I cannot pinpoint their exact location."

    Jiang Fei did not chase after them at the moment because he was not fast enough. The person who had kidnapped Jiang Fei's parents was surely someone stronger than Level 4. With high mastery of Qinggong, they could easily leap off buildings and glide on the ground faster than a speeding train. Unless Jiang Fei had taken out the sword and used it to chase, there was no other way to go after the perpetrator.

    The main problem with using the sword in public was the potential revelation of Zhuge Shanzhen's identity. The complications that he could potentially cause was immense. Without the "protection" of his so-called Level 5 master, Jiang Fei would be incredibly vulnerable. He had so many secrets and treasures with him! It would be extremely tough for him to save himself, much less his parents. Even if he could chase after the perpetrator, what could he do? The person was most likely someone much stronger than Jiang Fei. If he simply tried to make a move, his parents might be harmed! If that happened, not even Jiang Fei knew what he would do.

    "Please inform me once you have their location," said Jiang Fei. Scanning a large area and tracking constantly consumed a large amount of energy. However, Jiang Fei did not care about that. He would do whatever it took to rescue his parents.

    After four hours, the sword materialized into reality. There were almost no changes to its appearance but the hoverboard was no longer classified as a civilian class transport.

    "Tell me... What can this do?" said Jiang Fei as he stood on the sword.

    "Armor Piercing Cannon has the same firepower as an intermediate Level 4 Metahuman. However, each shot takes one minute to recharge. Any firing in between would result in catastrophic failure which in turn would result in a tremendous explosion. The Energy Cannon would have the same firepower of a beginner Level 4 Metahuman. It can fire one round every 5 seconds. High Energy Laser has the highest firepower which is equal to the pinnacle stage of a Level 4 Metahuman. It takes 5 minutes to recharge and there's a limit to every shot. Please remember that each shot will deplete the power supply. Do conserve your ammunition," said 0541.

    "Alright, I'll fire one now to try," said Jiang Fei as he flew deeper into the mountains. He then made sure that there was no one around before firing. It was to prevent unwanted casualties and also prying eyes.

    Jiang Fei fired the Energy Cannon first. A blueish beam of light blasted off the tip of the sword and beamed straight toward a mountain, making a 5-meter long crater.

    Jiang Fei fired another shot. This time, it was the Armor Piercing Cannon. Similarly, a blue light blasted off the tip of the sword. However, when the laser hit the side of the mountain, it did not explode. It went straight through like a hot knife through butter. There was no noise, only falling rocks. Instead of a crater, the Armor Piercing Cannon had left a 2-meter wide hole that was 20 meters deep. From there on, Jiang Fei understood how weak the Energy Cannon was when compared to the Armor Piercing Cannon. Even though the difference in firepower was beginner and intermediate, it was several times stronger.

    "Captain, the High Energy Laser will consume a large amount of energy. Please do not simply fire in random directions as it would attract the attention of the military base nearby," said 0541 before Jiang Fei fire the third shot. The hyper-compressed laser had a powerful energy that might be detected by radar and satellite.

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    After 0541's warning, Jiang Fei decided not to try the High Energy Laser. Even so, he had rough estimations of all three weapons. Even though he had not seen the power of the High Energy Laser, he was sure that it would be several times stronger than the Armor Piercing Cannon. It would be sufficient for what he was about to do!

    "Have you tracked down my parents?"

    "Not yet. The targets are still moving at high speed," said 0541.

    "Argh! F*ck it, if I cannot chase that pig, I'll just go to his sty!" said Jiang Fei as he cracked his knuckles, ready to deliver some pain.

    Jiang Fei turned around toward the North-East and zoomed forward like the wind.

    Even with supersonic speed, Jiang Fei had taken close to an hour or so to reach the top of Mount Heng. It had been several hours since his parents were taken from him. Just as he reached the top of Mount Heng, the sun had risen to the horizon, temporarily blinding Jiang Fei.

    "Urgh... not that I hate the sun... 0541! Scan the entrance of the sect!"

    "Yes sir! Location detected!"

    This sort of task was very easy for 0541 since it did not need to scan a large area. There were many people in the sect and all 0541 needed to do was find the place where stronger fighters were gathered.

    "Good. Lead me there!" said Jiang Fei. The sword was then set on autopilot and Jiang Fei descended a good distance away from the entrance. He kept the sword away and walked toward the gate of the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    "Who goes there? This is private property!"

    Jiang Fei had only walked a few meters when a young man in his twenties jumped out of the forest to stop Jiang Fei.

    "Is this the Soaring Cloud Sect?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Ah! A martial artist! What brings you to the Soaring Cloud Sect?" said the young man as he changed his tone immediately. At first, he was being cautious and alert. When he heard Jiang Fei said the name of the sect, he relaxed a little since only martial artists would know about them. He was only a gate guardian of the Soaring Cloud Sect. Even so, he was still behaving a little cocky toward other martial artists since he was a proud disciple of the strongest sect in the Northern Faction.

    "I'm here to talk," said Jiang Fei. He spoke softly. He was trying his best to suppress his rage as he knew that if he started to talk louder, his wrath would take over him.

    "Haarrr? Who do you think you are? You think anyone could just enter the Soaring Cloud Sect as they like?!" said the young man as he clicked his tongue in a disgruntled manner.

    "My name is Jiang Fei and I am here to talk to Ye Tianshun! Summon him!" said Jiang Fei. He was already at his limit. The anger inside him was burning so wildly that if this little bugger tried to fan the flame, Jiang Fei would tear his face off his skull! Even so, he knew better since they had his parents. He could not simply make any move.

    "You dare call the Grand Elder by his name!? Jiang Fei? I've never heard of that name before! You must be from a random chicken coop! Is that it? Are you looking for your coop, little chicken?" said the young man. He had immediately responded with hostility when Jiang Fei had shown the same. He was about to let a random boy disrespect the Grand Elder of his own sect. He was already looking down on him. Jiang Fei mentioning Ye Tianshun's name aloud made him mad.

    "F*ck off somewhere else, little chicken. Be thankful that I don't like to beat up young kids like you! Learn your manners, boy. Or else I'll cut off your chicken leg! By then, your name would not be Jiang Fei, it would be Jiang Pa!" (1)

    'Why does the name Jiang Fei sounds familiar?' thought the young man.

    "You done?" said Jiang Fei as he looked at the young man with eyes that could freeze the ocean. Jiang Fei's wrath had made its way to his head. There was no logic left inside him to control his action.

    "Haha! What's that? You want more insults? I can scold you for three days and three nights straight if I wanted to!" cried the young man as he did not realize that he had already gone overboard. As one of the strongest sect in the Northern Faction, the young man had no need to show respect to anyone other than the members of his own sect. What more a little boy like Jiang Fei who came knocking on the door? He was so young, hence he must be weak! There was no need to be reserved in the face of this little kid!

    "Are those really your final words? Do you have anything else to say before you die?"

    Jiang Fei had kept his hands in his pockets the entire time. Now, he was ready. He glared at the young man as the killing aura and bloodlust in him started to run amok.

    Translator Note: The second character in Jiang Fei 's name means "fly", while Pa means "crawl". The man insulted Jiang Fei as Jiang Pa, meaning he would beat his leg till Jiang Fei would only be able to crawl when he was done with him.
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