492 Ye Tianshun


    The arrogant young man was so full of himself that he did not notice the intense killing intent that Jiang Fei had been bearing from the moment he had walked toward the gate. It was obvious that the man was a complete greenhorn in martial arts. That was perhaps why he was tasked at guarding the gates. Moreover, he had always thought that him belonging to the strong meant no one would dare to cross him. He had never seen such a glare in his life.

    Thunder Palm!

    Jiang Fei grunted with his full strength and thrust his palm out at full power. In a fraction of a second, Jiang Fei's palm had broken past the sound barrier and caused a powerful sonic boom. His attack did not stop there. In the next split of a moment, his hand had landed on the man's chest.


    The young man's chest caved in while he was still standing straight. The impact of Jiang Fei's Thunder Palm was so strong that the impact had not even traveled to the rest of the body, causing Jiang Fei's palm to pierce past his ribs and all the way through the young man's body. Only in the next second did the impact flow through the man's entire body, causing him to blast away. Sufficed to say that the man was already dead before he had even landed on the ground. His chest burst out from behind his back. His lungs collapsed, his heart in pieces, and his rib cage shattered like glass. The man was obviously a Level 2 beginner martial artist. Jiang Fei did not have to use Thunder Palm. He would have already perished with Jiang Fei's regular punches.

    Jiang Fei was just a kid. That was a fact. He did not understand how to manage his rage. Asking him to bottle his emotions like Han Tianyu or other adults would be akin to asking a pig to explain quantum physics.

    Naturally, when one had uncontrollable rage coursing through his veins, you cannot expect him to hold back, especially not when an asshat was talking down on him.

    "Something's wrong! There's someone making a ruckus!"

    The young man was not the only one guarding the gates at that moment. Obviously, the young man had heard and seen Jiang Fei moving through the forest and decided to confront him before Jiang Fei reached the gates. At the gates, there were other guards stationed there. When they saw one of their fellow students had his chest burst out, it was only natural to jump to the conclusion that Jiang Fei was there to attack them.

    "No more mister nice guy," said Jiang Fei to himself as he walked toward the Soaring Cloud Sect with his chest held up high.

    "Who dares to trespass the sect?!" cried a loud voice when Jiang Fei had only passed the entrance.

    He turned around and saw a large group of people running toward him along the side of the mountain. Most of them were at most Level 2 fighters. Jiang Fei did a quick head count and estimated about a hundred or more fighters there. There were more than ten Level 3 fighters and only three to four Level 4 fighters.

    "0541, those three... at the back. What are their power levels?"

    Jiang Fei's true power level was only an intermediate Level 3. He dared not fight more than one Level 4 fighter at a time.

    "There are three Level 4 fighters. Two of them are a beginner and one of them is an intermediate."

    "State your name, intruder! Have you gone mad? Do you know who you are messing with? We are the Soaring Cloud Sect!" said one of the beginner Level 4 fighters.

    Jiang Fei turned around and walked out of the gate. He removed his hands from his pockets and glared at the one who talked to him.

    "Call Ye Tianshun out," said Jiang Fei.

    "Hmph!? W-Who are you?" said the beginner Level 4 fighter. He was startled by the sheer killing intent that Jiang Fei was emitting. He thought Jiang Fei was very young and could not possibly harbor such malicious killing intent. The man had not a shred of fear in his eyes! He had even dared to call out the name of the Grand Elder as if he had no respect for the man! Only the strong could do that, so this boy must be undoubtedly strong!

    "My name is Jiang Fei. I'm only going to say this one last time. Bring Ye Tianshun out!" said Jiang Fei.

    The hundreds of Level 2 fighters did not understand why their senior did not attack the boy. Only the Level 4 fighter understood Jiang Fei's latent power and dared not made a move against him. All he could do was nod. The name Jiang Fei was familiar. He understood that Jiang Fei could only be so dominating because his Level 5 master had his back.

    "Jiang Fei! Do you think that you can do anything you want just because you have a Level 5 master?! You're clearly at fault here. You came uninvited and had even killed one of our brothers! This crime cannot go unpunished!" cried the intermediate Level 4 fighter. Even though he knew that Jiang Fei had a Level 5 master, he had his pride as one of the members of the strongest sect in the Northern Faction. Soaring Cloud Sect was not soft! There was no way he would let himself back away from this little kid!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "That man had it coming. He poked a hand into the tiger's cage. Don't cry foul when your hand is bitten by that tiger! Enough of this. You're wasting my time. If you don't call for Ye Tianshun, I'll drag him out myself!" said Jiang Fei. He had already been at his limit once and he was more than happy to go all out a second time.

    "How dare you! Do you really think that having a Level 5 master allows you a free pass to do whatever you want?"

    At that moment, another group of fighters had come down the mountain.

    "Alert. Presence of a fighter at the pinnacle stage of Level 4 is detected," said 0541 immediately when Jiang Fei saw the group of people.

    Among all the fighters that had just come down the mountain, Jiang Fei only recognized one of them. It was Zhao Ganming who he had met once during the exchange of skill books back in the Hidden Dragon Village. He was walking alongside an older gentleman while they whispered to each other.

    "You little pig, are you the one who killed Ye Zhangfa?!" cried the older man as he pointed his finger at Jiang Fei without introducing himself. He did not even bother to point out the dead young man not too far from them.

    "You old pig, you must be Ye Tianshun!" Jiang Fei snarled without hesitation when he saw the old man pointing his wrinkled fingers at his face. The only person who could possibly come up to him and throw accusations without proof must be the father or grandfather of Ye Zhangfa!

    "Haha... HAHAHA... HAHAHAHAHA! Little pig! You must have a death wish to behave so arrogantly today! No matter, I shall have you dead right now!" cried Ye Tianshun as blood rushed to his face. The rumors about Ye Zhangfa being the son of Ye Tianshun was nothing but gibberish. The old man had never married and did not have any brothers or sisters. Naturally, he did not even have a son. The boy, Ye Zhangfa, was just someone he had adopted as his own. Now that he had lost the boy that he had personally raised, the old man went mad.

    At the moment Ye Zhangfa's Life Plate shattered, Ye Tianshun started to investigate from the heavens to hell. Ye Zhangfa was a runt. He was not as well behaved as Bai Zongwei. Naturally, it was easy to predict his every move. With a little investigation, he had found out that Ye Zhangfa had brought along other fighters of the Soaring Cloud Sect to deal with Jiang Fei. In fact, all the other fighters that were present then with Ye Zhangfa, during the night where Phoenix killed them all, had their Life Plates shattered at the same time. Hence, at this point, Ye Tianshun had concluded that Jiang Fei was the killer.

    The man was old and already at the point where he had nothing else to lose. When the one thing that he had cared for was gone, it was only natural for him to vent his anger at the one who took his life!

    "Calm yourself!"

    Seeing that Ye Tianshun was about to make the first move against Jiang Fei, Zhao Ganming immediately intervened and stood in between Jiang Fei and Ye Tianshun. There were other older men present as well. They were most likely other leaders or representatives of other sects. They were there to mediate the situation to prevent it from getting worse.

    "Elder Ye, please be rational! I'm sure that there is some sort of misunderstanding afloat!" said an old woman who walked slowly from behind Ye Tianshun. She was one of the Elders from the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace. She was the master of Yang Po and Yang Qing. When she was much, much younger, people had dubbed her as the Goddess Yuehua as she was beautiful. However, she had aged and people soon called her Grandmother Yuehua.

    "Misunderstanding?! Who else could kill my Zhangfa besides this little piglet!" Ye Tianshun roared with rage. He had tried many times to strike Jiang Fei by wrestling off the other people who were trying to calm him down. The older men and women were either at intermediate or at the pinnacle stage of Level 4. Even so, they could not stop Ye Tianshun by themselves. If he wanted, Ye Tianshun could have easily harmed those who tried to stop him and attack Jiang Fei directly. However, if he did, he would have made enemies with all the other sect leaders and representatives. Hence, even though he was trying to attack Jiang Fei, he was still rational.

    "Old piggy. You best clean that muddy mouth of yours. I can't hear anything besides the nonsensical squeals of a pig," said Jiang Fei as he purposely tried to fan the flames.

    "Elder Ye. Calm yourself. Remember who you are! You wouldn't want your disciples and students to see you like this, do you? As for you Little Jiang Fei, please behave a little more mature. There are things that can be settled easily. Remember, the wiser man talks, the brutes fight," said Zhao Gangming as he pulled Jiang Fei to the side after he talked to Ye Tianshun.

    "Hmph! Look at that brute! The first thing he did when he came here was kill one of my people! How do you expect a kid like him to understand manners?!" roared Ye Tianshun as he tried to take the moral stance when he noticed the dead body of one of his sect members at the side.
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