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    "He has caused me all kinds of trouble. He asked for it! Let my parents go now, or I will destroy the Soaring Cloud Sect today!" Jiang Fei said angrily.

    "How dare you! Jiang Fei! You are full of nonsense. When did Soaring Cloud Sect kidnap your parents? It is you who have openly killed a Soaring Cloud Sect disciple outside the gate of our mountains instead. Do you think you can remove yourself of your sins by simply saying that our fellow disciple "asked for it"?" At that moment, two other people came down from the mountains.

    "Captain, they're both also martial artists who are at the pinnacle stage of Level 4!" 0541 reported.

    "I didn't expect Sect Leader Ma Xuantong to also get involved!"

    "Me too! Me too! The left-hand man Zhang Zongjin came too. It seems like the Soaring Cloud Sect has decided to help the big elder!"

    "Ehh! Is Soaring Cloud Sect going to openly fight a Level 5 powerhouse?"

    "I don't know, maybe they have someone to back them up!"

    Through other people's conversations, Jiang Fei got to know the identities of the two people who just came. The two pinnacle stage Level 4 martial artists were the Sect Leader of the Soaring Cloud Sect, Ma Xuantong, and the left-hand man, Zhang Zongjin.

    "Hoho, not going to admit it?" Jiang Fei sneered.

    "There's nothing to not admit! Your parents are in my hands. Today, I'm going to take revenge for Zhangfa and kill you. Tomorrow, I'll slaughter your parents and use their heads to pay tribute to Zhangfa!" Ye Tianshun laughed like a madman.

    "Err..." Ma Xuantong did not expect the Grand Elder Ye Tianshun to openly expose himself like that. Originally, he genuinely did not know that Ye Tianshun had kidnapped Jiang Fei's parents, so he started pointing the accusing finger at Jiang Fei for killing his disciple as soon as he arrived. Now, it was embarrassing for him.

    Ma Xuantong was complaining about Ye Tianshun in his heart. Even if you really did kidnap Jiang Fei's parents, why admit it now? After all, there were many other martial artists around. If you openly admitted that you had kidnapped two ordinary people and even said that you were going to slaughter them, how would the other sects look at Soaring Cloud Sect?

    However, at this time, Ye Tianshun was suffering from the painful loss of his disciple. He could not think straight. Of course, he would say things out of spite!

    "You heard it. My parents have indeed been kidnapped by Soaring Cloud Sect. What are you going to do about that?" Jiang Fei glared at Ma Xuantong.

    "I... Leave the matter about your parents aside for now. Let's talk about you killing my disciple!" Ma Xuantong hesitated for a moment, but still decided to support Ye Tianshun. After all, this old man was a pinnacle stage Level 4 master. He was the mainstay of Soaring Cloud Sect and this matter also affected Soaring Cloud Sect's reputation. So, as the sect leader, he could not bow down now!

    Although there was a Level 5 master supporting Jiang Fei, Soaring Cloud Sect was the number one sect in the North. They had their own support as well. So, Ma Xuantong still had a little confidence!

    "Hahahaha... leave it aside for now? I understand. Since you do not intend to reason, I shall destroy your stupid sect today!" Jiang Fei laughed loudly.

    "Take it easy, guys! Take it easy! Talk nicely and all differences can surely be resolved. Why destroy peace and harmony?" Zhao Ganming hurried forward. The two sides were about to start fighting. Even though Jiang Fei was alone, it was possible that the Level 5 Zhuge Shanzhen was nearby. If they really started fighting, regardless of the outcome, it would still be a loss for the entire China Martial Arts Alliance!

    "Hmph! This kid has killed seven Soaring Cloud Sect disciples. Do you think we can talk nicely about it?" Ma Xuantong gritted his teeth. Obviously, he had included Ye Zhangfa and the five Soaring Cloud Sect disciples that helped Ye Zhangfa in the list.

    One had to know that there were three Level 4 martial artists among the people who helped Ye Zhangfa. Every Level 4 martial artist was a treasure to a sect. These treasures died just like that, without any explanation. So, how could Ma Xuantong not hate Jiang Fei?

    "Wait! Senior Ma, what you have said is far from the truth! As far as I know, Ye Zhangfa and the others were not killed by brother Jiang Fei!" At this time, someone walked out of the crowd.

    "Who are you?" Ma Xuantong was surprised. He did not know this person. After all, this time, many people from various sects had come to mediate the situation for Jiang Fei. This person was just an intermediate Level 4 martial artist. Ma Xuantong only thought he looked familiar but did not remember his name.

    "Senior Ma, great wits indeed have short memories. I am Mao Gongsui from the Green Willow Heights of the Miaofeng Mountains." Mao Gongsui laughed at himself in a mocking manner. After all, people could not even remember his name. This did not make him look good at all.

    "Oh! I have heard a lot about you!" Ma Xuantong said out of courtesy. Ma Xuantong remembered him as soon as the person introduced himself. Green Willow Heights was also a relatively famous sect in the North. Although it was incomparable to Soaring Cloud Sect, it was one of the more outstanding sects among the second-rate ones.

    In addition to the sect leader Ding Tianqing, there was a pair of blood brothers, Mao Gongsui and Lu Gongdan. Although these two were only intermediate Level 4 martial artists, they were good at fighting in a pair. If they fought together, even an advanced Level 4 martial artist would not be able to beat them easily. So, they were quite famous in the martial artist community!

    In actuality, Mao Gongsui had no other choice but to stand up for Jiang Fei. He was Han Tianyu's master. Although Han Tianyu was not his best disciple, the various resources of Green Willow Heights were provided by Manda Group and Han Tianyu strongly supported Jiang Fei. So, as Han Tianyu's master, he naturally could not ignore the situation in front of him. Moreover, Han Tianyu was the one who told him that Ye Zhangfa and the others were not killed by Jiang Fei.

    "Junior Mao, did you say that our disciples were not killed by Jiang Fei? Is that true?" Ma Xuantong asked. All previous evidence indicated that they were killed by Jiang Fei. So, in order to protect Soaring Cloud Sect's reputation, he had to get even with Jiang Fei even if he had to fight a Level 5 powerhouse. If Jiang Fei really did not do such a thing, then he was not willing to confront a Level 5 powerhouse. After all, regardless of whether he won or lost, the whole Soaring Cloud Sect would be left with pretty much nothing after a big battle!

    "Hoho, senior Ma, with all due respect, but it seems like you guys had confirmed that brother Jiang Fei killed your disciples from the very beginning. You guys never gave him the opportunity to explain himself, did you?" Mao Gongsui said.

    "We..." Ma Xuantong was dumbstruck by Mao Gongsui's words. Before this, the evidence was conclusive in their eyes and they did not plan on letting Jiang Fei deny anything. Therefore, they did not give him the chance to explain himself. Now, after listening to Mao Gongsui, he realized that he might have really been too rash.

    "Fine! I will give you a chance to explain yourself!" Ma Xuantong said to Jiang Fei. He sounded as if he had given Jiang Fei a big grace.

    "Explain? Explain what? I'll call the real murderer out. You guys can ask her why she killed that idiot Ye Zhangfa yourselves!" Jiang Fei sneered, then directly pierced a blood mark on his arm with his nails!

    Jiang Fei's skin was scratched open his blood oozed out. At the same time, a silver light flashed!

    Thrum! A figure suddenly appeared in front of everyone out of nowhere. It was the Level 5 Metahuman Phoenix!

    "Senior, they're looking for you. They want to know why you killed Ye Zhangfa!" Jiang Fei ignored everyone else and spoke directly to Phoenix.

    "Hmm?" Phoenix was surprised. She did not know why Jiang Fei suddenly called her "senior", but she thought that it was a habit of the China martial artists. Everyone was a brother or sister regardless of age and everyone addressed each other this way. So, she did not really bother about it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Who's Ye Zhangfa?" Phoenix's Mandarin had improved.

    "It's the idiot who wanted to sexually harass you the other time!" Jiang Fei said.

    "Hmm?!" When Jiang Fei mentioned Ye Zhangfa, Phoenix's face fell. All of a sudden, the temperature in the area suddenly decreased by a few degrees and it seemed like the air became condensed. That was how powerful a Level 5 powerhouse was. Even the weather would change in accordance to their emotions!
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