494 Soaring Cloud Sect’s Level 5 Powerhouse

    Swoosh! A terrifying pressure immediately permeated the entire area!

    Although Phoenix had just been summoned by Jiang Fei, she could easily tell that these people were against Jiang Fei just by looking at the situation. Moreover, Jiang Fei said that these people were asking about Ye Zhangfa, so Phoenix had obviously considered these people to be Ye Zhangfa's accomplices!

    Phoenix had not done anything hostile yet. However, she was a Level 5 powerhouse. Everyone around could feel the tremendous pressure she exuded due to her emotion changes. At that moment, the Level 2 martial artists were already trembling with fear. Nobody knew how long more the Soaring Cloud Sect could hold on. If the hundreds of Soaring Cloud Sect disciples all bowed down, their sect would become a huge joke!

    "What's going on?! Another Level 5 powerhouse?" All the martial artists who were present were shocked. "Isn't Zhuge Shanzhen the only one supporting Jiang Fei? Who is this blonde girl?"

    "I heard that kid Jiang Fei call this young girl "senior" just now. Could it be that she's also a disciple of Zhuge Shanzhen?" These martial artists began making assumptions.

    Although it was normal for Chinese martial artists to address each other as senior, junior, and such, this pretty blonde girl was obviously not a Chinese martial artist. So, it was interesting that Jiang Fei addressed her as "senior".

    Ma Xuantong was really frustrated. He wanted to avenge his dead Soaring Cloud Sect disciple and get even with Jiang Fei. He predicted that Jiang Fei would ask a Level 5 powerhouse for help, so he was fully prepared for it. However, even though Jiang Fei had called out a Level 5 powerhouse as support, it was not the Level 5 powerhouse that they had expected! So, the sudden situation disrupted his plan!

    "Leader, what now?" Zhang Zongjin who was on the side asked.

    "Stick to the plan!" At this time, Ma Xuantong had no other choice. The situation had indeed developed in a manner beyond his expectations. However, if they did not carry things out according to the plan, it was obvious that Soaring Cloud Sect would not be able to survive today!

    Whistle! Zhang Zongjin sent a whistling arrow straight into the sky.

    At this time, Soaring Cloud Sect's right-hand man, Bai Xiandao, was seen kneeling in front of the entrance of a secluded cave located on top of a mountain far behind.

    "Honored ancestor, I, Bai Xiandao, Soaring Cloud Sect's right-hand man disciple, have something to report!"


    Every time Bai Xiandao shouted, he kowtowed three times. After he had shouted seven or eight times in a row, a voice came from within the cave, "Say no more, I can already feel her presence. I will deal with this matter!"

    "Thank you for your grace, ancestor!" Bai Xiandao kowtowed three more times, then got up and left.

    Shortly after, Bai Xiandao came back to the mountain gates. Then, he whispered to Ma Xuantong, "The ancestor has agreed to deal with the matter!"

    "Mmm!" Ma Xuantong nodded, but he did not feel happy at all!

    Indeed. As Soaring Cloud Sect was the strongest sect in the North, there was definitely a Level 5 powerhouse supporting them. Although even Ma Xuantong who was the sect leader had never seen this ancestor before, he knew that he would definitely appear when the sect encountered a crisis!

    Precisely because they also had a Level 5 powerhouse as support, Ma Xuantong dared to support Ye Tianshun in going against Jiang Fei even though he knew that there was a Level 5 master behind Jiang Fei. However, the matter had developed far beyond Ma Xuantong's expectations.

    The Level 5 powerhouse that Jiang Fei invited out was not his master Zhuge Shanzhen. Instead, it was a Level 5 powerhouse that he addressed as his "senior". Ma Xuantong was already breaking out in cold sweat. Nobody knew for sure whether Jiang Fei had any other seniors. However, even with two Level 5 powerhouses as support, Soaring Cloud Sect already could not defeat him!

    Ma Xuantong was not clear about how Level 5 powerhouses were classified according to their strength, but he knew that his sect's ancestor had advanced into Level 5 not too long ago. It was probably less than a hundred years ago. A hundred years was not a short period of time. However, when Ma Xuantong thought of how Jiang Fei's master named Zhuge Shanzhen already managed to teach and bring up a Level 5 disciple, he started to tremble with fear!

    'I might have really been too rash this time!' Ma Xuantong constantly blamed himself in his heart. If his ancestor was no match for the enemy, then it could really be over for Soaring Cloud Sect!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Senior, these people are Ye Zhangfa's elders. They want to know how Ye Zhangfa died." Jiang Fei taunted Ye Tianshun and the others while he spoke to Phoenix.

    "We..." Ma Xuantong and the others were very embarrassed this time. They had clearly heard Jiang Fei's words. All of them hated Ye Zhangfa to death!

    Even though they had met many idiots, it was their first time meeting someone as idiotic as Ye Zhangfa! He openly made a pass at a Level 5 powerhouse. Who in their right mind would do that? Even an absolute moron would not make such a move! Saying that he wanted to rape her was too bold and too risky an act just for the sake of sex.

    At that moment, even Ye Tianshun was dumbstruck. He had never expected Ye Zhangfa to do such a thing. Why would he openly tell everyone that he wanted to rape a Level 5 powerhouse? Even if he wanted to commit f*cking suicide, there were other ways!

    Nobody present doubted Jiang Fei's words, including Ye Tianshun. The reason was simple. A Level 5 powerhouse like Phoenix would not team up with someone and tell lies. To people like her, a pinnacle stage Level 4 martial artist was just a nobody. If they killed one, they killed one. There was no need to explain themselves by lying!

    "Since you're already here, why are you still hiding?" Phoenix swept her eyes over these people, ignoring all of them. Instead, she turned and said those words to the air. Her eyes that were completely white stared at a certain something in mid-air.

    "I already understand the whole situation. Although those dead disciples were under my control, they indeed deserve more than death for the crimes they have committed. I apologize to you on behalf of the entire Soaring Cloud Sect. As I have not been strict enough, they have gone down the wrong path! Soaring Cloud Sect will no longer pursue the death of these disciples. About this kid who came to stir up trouble today, I will also let it go!" A voice came from the sky. At the beginning, it sounded like it was coming from a few kilometers away. However, when the voice fell, a man appeared in front of everyone.

    Jiang Fei fixed his eyes on the old man who appeared, evaluating him. The old man had poise and grace. He looked like a neighboring grandfather. Judging by his appearance, this old man was probably around eighty or ninety years old. However, Jiang Fei knew that once Metahumans reached Level 5, there was no limit as to how long they could live. So, he could not tell for sure how old this old man was!

    Previously, while Phoenix was talking to the sky, 0541 had already warned him. So, Jiang Fei knew very well that this old man was also a Level 5 powerhouse.

    "Very well. It is best if misunderstandings can be clarified." Phoenix nodded. Since the old man was polite, she also had to behave respectfully being a fellow Level 5 powerhouse.
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