495 Rescue

    As Jiang Fei listened to the two of them talk, he furrowed his eyebrows because they did not mention anything about his parents!

    "What about my parents you guys have kidnapped?" Jiang Fei could not help but say.

    "How dare you!" Soaring Cloud Sect's Level 5 powerhouse glared at Jiang Fei and two beams of cold light were shot directly at him. Even Ma Xuantong, who was the Soaring Cloud Sect's leader, did not dare to speak. So, it was obvious that Jiang Fei's sudden words were regarded as disrespectful toward a Level 5 powerhouse!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Swoosh! 0541 was ready to block the attack for Jiang Fei at the expense of consuming a lot of energy. However, before the attack landed, Phoenix waved her hand lightly and the two beams of cold light dissipated into thin air.

    "The kid is not sensible enough. I apologize for the disrespect on his behalf, but I still hope that you can give an explanation in regards to the kidnapping of his parents," Phoenix said to Soaring Cloud Sect's Level 5 powerhouse. She had once promised to help Jiang Fei twice. So, since Jiang Fei used one mark to summon her this time, she naturally had to speak up for him.

    "Hoho, let the younger generation solve their own problems. Now, I'm more interested in having a duel with you!" It was obvious what the old man meant. If she won, she would have the final say. If not, Jiang Fei's parents would be at Ye Tianshun's disposal!

    After saying that, the old man turned around and went up into the sky like a bolt of lightning!

    Although he was Soaring Cloud Sect's ancestor, this Level 5 powerhouse had lived in seclusion for many years, so he had not heard of Jiang Fei's so-called Level 5 master. In his opinion, Phoenix was probably Jiang Fei's support. Phoenix's strength was similar to his. As Chinese martial artists naturally had strong combat power, while this old man could not say for sure that he could beat Phoenix, he definitely would not lose to her. So, there was naturally no need to give in to Jiang Fei.

    Since things had already developed to this point, who was right and who was wrong no longer mattered. Soaring Cloud Sect's reputation was the priority. So what if they had wronged Jiang Fei? The strongest one had the final say. If they let Jiang Fei's parents go free just like that, it would seem like Soaring Cloud Sect was weak and easy to bully. Their disciples had been killed, but they apologized instead. The other sects would look down on them. How were they going to continue identifying themselves as the top sect in the North? So, even if they were being unreasonable now, Soaring Cloud Sect had to preserve their prestige!

    "I'll be back shortly. Wait for me here!" After Phoenix spoke to Jiang Fei, she disappeared into thin air.

    "0541! Start the follow-up plan!" Although Jiang Fei was still young and inexperienced, his mentality had matured quite a bit after his parents were kidnapped. He no longer fancied these big sects.

    "Yes, captain!" 0541 responded. Then, Jiang Fei's figure quickly faded and a three-dimensional image of him was left in his original place.

    In the image, Jiang Fei appeared to be sitting on the ground with his legs crossed. It was as if he was resting. Even the aura that the image gave out was exactly the same as Jiang Fei's very own. Simply speaking, as long as no one touched him, no one would discover that it was merely a projection!

    As everyone present was focused on the two Level 5 powerhouses, no one noticed anything strange about Jiang Fei. So, after he became invisible, he quietly left the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    After getting away from the Soaring Cloud Sect's mountain gate, Jiang Fei summoned the Gigantic Sword!

    "0541, have you determined my parents' location?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Yes. They are inside a manor three-hundred kilometers away from Manda Square!" 0541 projected a map before Jiang Fei.

    According to the map provided by 0541, Jiang Fei clearly saw where his parents were imprisoned. That place was nearer to Jiang Fei's home compared to Mount Heng. Jiang Fei had flown directly to Mount Heng to look for the Soaring Cloud Sect. Even though those who kidnapped Jiang Fei's parents were all Level 4 masters, they were not as fast as him.

    "Let's go!" Jiang Fei rode the Gigantic Sword with full force in the direction of that manor.

    Under Jiang Fei's full force, the Gigantic Sword broke through the sonic barrier very quickly. After about forty minutes, he arrived above the manor!

    "Come on, let's do it according to the plan!" Jiang Fei said while he took out the Zhuge Shanzhen outfit set!

    After he applied makeup, Jiang Fei's face was full of wrinkles. His hair was all white. He wore an ancient crown on his head and a purple dress, while he stood on a cloud. He held a fly-whisk in his hand and carried a sword on his back. He genuinely looked like a real Taoist.

    After wearing the voice-changing patch that 0541 provided, Jiang Fei rode the Gigantic Sword and descended. He quietly floated outside the gate of the manor.

    "Greetings! Who kidnapped my disciple's parents? Return them to me immediately!" The tool that 0541 provided amplified Jiang Fei's voice and spread it out through the entire area!

    As Jiang Fei's voice had been processed by technology, it became very penetrative. Although it was not very loud, it could still be heard clearly even after passing through several walls!

    Pitter-patter. More than ten martial artists came out of the manor. Many of them were intermediate and advanced Level 4 martial artists!

    "Err..." These martial artists were dumbfounded after they came out of the manor. A Taoist old man was floating on a sword in mid-air and watching them from above like an old god!

    "Respected senior, who are you?" An advanced Level 4 martial artist who was the leader asked.

    "I am Zhuge Shanzhen!" Jiang Fei said while waving the fly-whisk in his hand.

    "Oh! Oh! So you are senior Zhuge Shanzhen!" The advanced Level 4 martial artist nodded continuously. He had obviously heard of this name before. Ever since Jiang Fei broke into the Australian uranium mine all by himself, the name Zhuge Shanzhen had become widely known throughout the Metahuman community. There was no one who had not heard of this name now.

    After he found out who the Taoist man was, the Soaring Cloud Sect elder who was the leader here knew that he was in trouble. He brought Jiang Fei's parents here under the command of the big elders. So, he naturally knew that this Zhuge Shanzhen was Jiang Fei's master and that he was a Level 5 powerhouse.

    Now that Zhuge Shanzhen was had found them, what was he supposed to do? Fight him? No way. Zhuge Shanzhen could easily destroy everyone here with a snap of his fingers. However, if they did not fight him, how were they going to face the big elders when they get back? The elders had just lost a few disciples and were now filled to the brim with anger. They were like mad dogs that bit anyone they saw. If he set Jiang Fei's parents free, he would probably be in huge trouble later!

    When the Soaring Cloud Sect elder hesitated, Jiang Fei became impatient. He lightly pressed the Gigantic Sword with his left foot and an energy cluster bomb was fired!

    Boom! A sword light flashed and the gate of the manor not far from these martial artists was blown up!

    "Forgive me, senior! We will return Jiang Fei's parents to you unscathed!" The Soaring Cloud Sect elder was shocked by Jiang Fei's move. He did not expect this kind-looking old man to have such a bad temper. He only hesitated for a short moment and the old man had already threatened him! If he delayed any longer, this old man would probably kill all of them!

    Although that attack was only of a Level 4 standard, they have never heard of a sword capable of carrying out such an attack! When this was paired with the fact that Zhuge Shanzhen was really famous, the Soaring Cloud Sect elder did not dare to go against him!

    Very quickly, Jiang Fei's parents were brought out. After 0541 scanned them, Jiang Fei got to know that his parents had not been physically hurt. However, it could be seen from their eyes that they were terrified, especially his mother.

    "Hmph! I won't forget this!" Jiang Fei thought to himself. He did not attack these people because he was not a real Level 5 powerhouse. He was just a fake. So, after he got a hold of his parents, Jiang Fei quickly left the place. After all, the longer he interacted with other people, the higher the chance of him being exposed!
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