498 Reaching an Agreemen

    The longer Feng Tianqi could not figure out Zhuge Shanzhen's identity, the more troubled he felt. There was a general consensus that a Level 5 Metahuman was the strongest tier in the Metahuman circle. A Level 6 Metahuman was only supposed to exist in theory but not in reality.

    As Level 5 Metahumans were strong enough to go against the laws of nature, they would naturally have differences in strength among the same tier. However, it was impossible for Level 5 Metahumans to kill each other. Consequently, a strange phenomenon whereby none of them feared each other existed.

    The more someone was like Feng Tianqi, a Level 5 Metahuman with huge influences, the less likely they would dare to fight against other experts. The reason was simple-what was the point of winning? A great example was the battle between Feng Tianqi and Phoenix. Feng Tianqi was by all means more powerful than Phoenix but he still did not dare to overpower her. After three hours of fighting, he maintained a draw.

    That was because Feng Tianqi was afraid that Phoenix would retaliate against the Soaring Cloud Sect if she felt embarrassed from being defeated. Phoenix only had Jiang Fei around. If she truly decided to retaliate against the Soaring Sound Sect, all Feng Tianqi could do was kill Jiang Fei since he could not actually kill her. However, that would not solve his problem. The Soaring Cloud Sect would still be done for.

    Due to such odd relations, Feng Tianqi only dared to maintain a draw against Phoenix. However, he was panicking now.

    From the way Ma Xuantong described Zhuge Shanzhen, it seemed his powers had already exceeded the capabilities of what a Level 5 Metahuman should have. In other words, the theory that Level 6 Metahumans did not exist in reality would no longer ring true. If a Level 6 Metahuman truly existed, then the law of nature that Level 5 Metahumans could not die would also be invalid.

    A higher ranked person would normally fear death more than those below him. This applied to Feng Tianqi as well. For someone starving or in poverty, he may not mind losing his life. However, for someone who lived comfortably with all the riches in the world, he would not want to give up his life. This was even more so for Feng Tianqi who had reached the peak of human existence.

    After much consideration, Feng Tianqi decided not to get himself into trouble before he figured out more information about Zhuge Shanzhen. He did not want to cause any unnecessary trouble to the Soaring Cloud Sect or himself.

    "I heard from Xuantong that they have released the people they kidnapped to you. Isn't that the case? Let's call this off!" When he looked at Jiang Fei again, Feng Tianqi's tone became much gentler.

    "Alright! I will let you off the hook this time. If anyone dares to do anything to my parents again, I will destroy the Soaring Cloud Sect!" Jiang Fei said as he stared into Ye Tianshun's eyes.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    After the whole ordeal, Jiang Fei had become much more mature. He had learned how to hold back when needed. After all, Zhuge Shanzhen was all made up and he only had one last opportunity to summon Phoenix. If he pressured the Soaring Cloud Sect too much, he may not be able to deal with them if things went south. Therefore, against a Level 5 Metahuman like Feng Tianqi, Jiang Fei had no choice but to give in somewhat.

    "Don't you worry! If anyone from the Soaring Cloud Sect dares to touch your parents again, I will personally kill them without needing your senior or master's intervention! Moreover, if other Metahumans touch your parents, that would be an open declaration of war against the Soaring Cloud Sect!" Feng Tianqi said.

    Jiang Fei was glad when he heard what Feng Tianqi said. After all, Jiang Fei's earlier speech was merely directed at Ye Tianshun. However, that would have left a huge gap in his defense. According to Jiang Fei, if anyone tried to hurt his parents, there was no reason for the Soaring Cloud Sect to be dragged into the mess. Therefore, although Feng Tianqi offered support to Jiang Fei superficially, he also put the Soaring Cloud Sect on the line by mentioning they would offer Jiang Fei their full backing.

    "Great!" Jiang Fei was able to detect Feng Tianqi's implicit intentions. It was a great benefit to Jiang Fei as it prevented other people from hurting his parents in order to stifle the relationship between himself and the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    Moreover, with Feng Tianqi's promise, Jiang Fei's parents had an additional line of defense. After all, although a Level 5 Metahuman was strong, his power was still not as effective as the greatest sect in the north.

    Seeing that Jiang Fei and Feng Tianqi reached an agreement, the surrounding martial artists from other sects all sighed in relief. If the two Chinese forces that had Level 5 Metahumans truly fought against each other, the entire China Martial Art Alliance would be greatly affected regardless of the outcome.

    "Alright! It's all sorted then! Let's leave! Ye Tianshun, come with me!" Feng Tianqi waved to the surrounding people as he disappeared with Ye Tianshun.

    Ye Tianshun wanted to exact revenge on Jiang Fei on behalf of Ye Zhangfa. In Feng Tianqi's eyes, there was nothing wrong with that. The only reason that held Ye Tianshun back was his limited capabilities. Therefore, he had no choice but to give up for now. However, Ye Tianshun was still holding on to the grudge. If he were left behind in the Soaring Cloud Sect, he might try to find another opportunity to attack Jiang Fei which would cause trouble to the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    Therefore, Feng Tianqi decided to take him away on the pretense of locking him up. In truth, he wanted to personally guide Ye Tianshun to progress toward the Level 5 tier through hard work. When that was achieved, Ye Tianshun would be able to revenge against Jiang Fei. Besides, it would be a great benefit to the Soaring Cloud Sect regardless.

    "Jiang Fei, the issue is resolved. I am leaving!" Phoenix nodded to Jiang Fei. She had only come to fulfill her promise to Jiang Fei. Now that she had completed her task, the first promise from the blood scar was considered fulfilled.

    Seeing that both Level 5 Metahumans left, Jiang Fei turned around to bow toward the influential martial artists surrounding him. "The matter has been resolved. I, Jiang Fei, would like to thank all of you for your kindness and support. I will explain everything to my master. I am sure he would be grateful toward all of you!"

    After the whole ordeal, Jiang Fei had become matured significantly. He was much better at managing social interactions and was no longer as rash as he used to be. He also learned how to improve ties between himself and the influential forces around him.

    "Haha, Brother Jiang, don't worry about it. We're all family!" Zhao Ganming and a few others gathered around Jiang Fei for some chit chat.

    After much formalities, Jiang Fei started worrying about his parents and therefore bid farewell to the crowd. He found an isolated place to summon the Gigantic Sword as he rushed toward the small town where his parents were.

    When Jiang Fei arrived at the small town, he found his parents having a conversation in the room of a hotel. The content of their conversation was naturally around the topic of what they had seen and heard for the day, as well as Jiang Fei's future.

    Jiang Fei was not in a hurry to bring his parents home. Instead, he decided to rest in the small town for the night. After all, the entire day had been too much of an adventure for his parents. They needed some time to digest what had happened.

    During dinner, Jiang Fei and his parents had another long-drawn conversation. He briefly explained the world of the Metahumans to his parents. He intentionally made things sound much less dangerous than the reality in the Metahuman world. However, Jiang Fei's dad was an experienced businessman and therefore could see through the facade. After the day's experience, he knew that the Metahuman world was not as peaceful as the normal human world. Seeing that his son had decided on the pathway of his liking, he would not stop him.
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