502 A Sharpened Knife Cuts Deeper

    Jiang Fei was satisfied with the Underwater Breathing Potion. It cost only five Rainbow Shells each. Although it was not expensive, the potion's effect only lasted for five minutes. To farm 1,000 Sea Serpent's Nerves, he would surely need much longer than five minutes. He would need to have a lot more of that potion.

    "How do I get this Rainbow Seashells?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Simple! You can pick them from the bottom of the sea!" said Gulu happily.

    "Is there any other way besides picking them from the bottom of the sea?" asked Jiang Fei. He would not have the time to dive down to the sea to pick up shells. For better or for worse, if that was the only way, and he would have to do it anyway. It would be a waste of time...

    "There is! Just talk to the elder! If you do some chores for him, he would pay you some Rainbow Shells!"

    "Now that's more like it! Take me to the elder," said Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei had originally expected something like this. Almost any other currency besides gold coins could either be farmed or collected via quests.

    "Follow! Follow!" cried Gulu as he hopped, skipped, and jumped along the beach. After a little while, Jiang Fei was led to a small hut. It was so small that neither Jiang Fei nor Isabella could get in. Gulu, on the other hand, could easily slide in the hunt and call out to the elder.

    "Who is this person?" asked an old voice. Soon, an elderly Fishman came out of the hut.

    "Elder, this man is the Explorer!"

    "Ahh. The great explorer, what waves had brought you here?" asked the old Fishman.

    "I need some Rainbow Seashells," said Jiang Fei as he held his Blazing Hammer. Since the Fishmen were all cowardly, he thought that he could intimidate the old Fishman and get some shells out of his rotting hut.

    "Hoho... Young Explorer, we are but weak and cowardly. We cannot just give the shells to you!" said the old Fishman as if he had not noticed Jiang Fei trying to intimidate him. This character must be designed to be rigid and dumb. That was probably the reason why the old Fishman would not just give the shells to Jiang Fei.

    "I would gladly work for it," said Jiang Fei. It had come to this. If he wanted shells, he needed to work for them. The Fishmen were weak species and if Jiang Fei wanted to slaughter all of them, it would be a walk in the park. However, without the shells, he could not purchase the Underwater Breathing Potion to complete the Hidden Quest!

    Technically, he could but it would take too much more time as he needed to resurface every now and then. To save precious time, he could only hope to use the Underwater Breathing Potion to maximize his hunt. Without it, he estimated that it would take several days or even weeks to farm 1,000 Sea Serpent's Nerves.

    Better to work smarter instead of harder.

    "Oh! I see. Well, just so happens that we have many things for you to do!" said the old Fishman.

    "Ding! Fishmen Elder has a quest for you, Peacekeeper! Would you accept it?"

    "Sure, what can I do?" asked Jiang Fei.

    Quest Name: Peacekeeper

    Quest Description: There has been an appearance of a giant shark near the fishing spot of the Tidehunter Tribe. It has already killed and fed on many of the Fishmen. The Elders wishes you to eliminate that threat to bring peace back to the tribe.

    Quest Reward: 4,000,000 Experience Points, five Rainbow Shells.

    "I will return as soon as I can," said Jiang Fei. He took off immediately and followed the quest guide. According to the quest guide, the giant shark was a Level 65 Lord tier beast. For Jiang Fei, it would take less than a minute to turn that shark into sashimi!

    Jiang Fei and Isabella hurried toward the fishing spot of the tribe and found the shark in no time at all. Once Jiang Fei and Isabella dived into the waters, the shark was immediately alerted by their presence. However, before it could react, Jiang Fei landed the preemptive strike!


    The boss might be a Level 65 Lord tier boss, but all Beast-type boss had their advantages as well as disadvantages. They had huge health pool but lacked skills! All they could do was attack normally!

    Jiang Fei entered his Lifesteal Demon Form and whacked the living hell out of the shark boss. Hence, as predicted, the boss was killed in less than a minute. Since it was a quest boss, it had only dropped one item; a quest item called the Shark's Fin. The only thing Jiang Fei could use this for was to trade it in with the old Fishman.

    "Ding! Quest Completed!"

    Just like that, Jiang Fei had earned 4, 000, 000 experience points and five Rainbow Shells!

    "This is nice! Not only can I farm shells, I can also gain a good amount of experience points fast! By the time I have enough Rainbow Shells, I would have leveled up! Not the mention the reputation points," commented Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei spent a few hours there, repeating the same thing. He went to the old Fishman to get a quest, complete an assortment of tasks, and return to collect his bounty. The quests were simple enough and the rewards were luxurious. The experience points ranged from 200,000 to over millions depending on the difficulty. The best and fastest ones would be killing a boss. Quests that offered the least rewards were the ones were he helped the Fishmen to complete non-combat chores, which also took the most time.

    Half a day later, Jiang Fei received a system notification.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Ding! Congratulations to player Verdure Glider for being recognized by the Tidehunter Tribe!"

    At that moment, Jiang Fei noticed something different. Before this, everyone's names were yellow in color. After the system notification popped up, they all changed to green.

    "Ah. Reputation points. I'd completely forgot about them!" said Jiang Fei to himself.

    The most obvious changes when Jiang Fei had gained the reputation status was the attitude of the Fishmen toward him. They were all nicer and would smile whenever he was nearby. Besides that, there were even other Fishmen who had started to offer quests instead of the old Fishman himself. Aside from that, the elder Fishman had started to offer quests that was much harder than before. Naturally, the quest rewards were better.

    "Might as well do that. Since I have nothing else better to do anyway," said Jiang Fei as he decided to continue spamming quests to earn more Rainbow Shells.

    By the time the server closed down, Jiang Fei had collected almost 800 shells. At first, the merchant sold the potion for five shells each. However, after Jiang Fei's reputation had risen, the price had dropped to four shells each. That meant that Jiang Fei could easily buy 200 bottles of Underwater Breathing Potion!

    "Yup, that's enough," said Jiang Fei happily. Right before the clock hit 6 am, Jiang Fei had used up all his shells to buy the potions.

    Jiang Fei woke up from his sleep and felt refreshed. It was indeed a good night's rest as he could feel that his body and mind was refreshed. 0541 had given him good advice.

    Before he left the room, he could hear his parents sleeping in the next room. It seemed that they were still sleeping soundly and had yet to wake up. Jiang Fei could not help but feel guilty as well as motivated. To allow his parents and himself continue living peacefully, he needed to get much stronger!
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