503 Diversion

    Once Jiang Fei's parents woke up, Jiang Fei ordered breakfast and they had their meal together in peace. After that, Jiang Fei called Han Tianyu and asked him to send a helicopter to get them back to Manda Square.

    The dice had been rolled and the cog of causality was already turning. Jiang Fei parents were introduced to the world of Metahumans rather harshly. They knew their son was not normal, which made Jiang Fei's explanation slightly easier to digest.

    By the time Jiang Fei had reached Manda Square, Han Tianyu had also just returned from Africa. Han Tianyu had offered Jiang Fei and his family to move to the highest floor at the Manda Square and be neighbors with Han Tianyu. That way, he could ensure the safety of Jiang Fei's parents. Unexpectedly, Jiang Fei's parents rejected that offer saying that it would be too troublesome. In the end, even after numerous persuasions, Han Tianyu had caved in and only hired fixers to fix the damaged part of Jiang Fei's original house.

    Back in Han Tianyu's office, when Jiang Fei's parents had settled in their house.

    "Do tell me, what are you going to do from now on?" asked Han Tianyu.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Right now, there's nothing on my mind," said Jiang Fei as he lay down on the sofa. Han Tianyu might be the most trustworthy person he had ever had. After the incident with his parents, Jiang Fei had emerged higher. He was more mature than he was when he had first picked up the ring. Many things that he did, he would think a million times over in his brain before he actually took actions. He could not afford to be a reckless fool any longer.

    "Remember, if you need my help, all you need to do is ask. You know I got your back," said Han Tianyu. They were genuine words.

    Jiang Fei was too worked up when he had hulked out in the Soaring Cloud Sect. Besides having a Level 5 master, he had also revealed that he had a fellow Level 5 student under the same master. When Han Tianyu knew about it, he could not think straight for a brief second. He had even slapped himself to be sure that he was not dreaming.

    "I knew it! I knew that I had made the right move!" said Han Tianyu to himself when he heard the news. He had placed a large investment on Jiang Fei. If Jiang Fei had failed to hold back the Soaring Cloud Sect, Han Tianyu and his own sect would fall to the pits. Not only that, his family and his business would be largely impacted by the result. Now that he realized that he had made the right choice, he had also realized that Jiang Fei was someone that he could not underestimate. Knowing that, he would never hesitate to protect Jiang Fei and offer him his help. When Jiang Fei grows up, he will surely remember the man who had supported him.

    "I'm glad that you have said that. I could really use some help," said Jiang Fei.

    "Shoot," said Han Tianyu. The man had already accepted the request for help even before knowing what Jiang Fei would ask for. He was trying to show Jiang Fei that he had planted his feet in the Jiang Fei's faction!

    "Thanks," Jiang Fei replied. Jiang Fei needed Han Tianyu's intelligence and not his family's capability. Even though the Han family was influential in the normal world, they were only second to ants in the Metahuman society.

    He needed his connections, his manner of thinking and problem-solving skills. Even though Jiang Fei had gotten closer to numerous sects in the alliance, his connections to individual sect were thin. If it was about brawn, Jiang Fei and his magical ring would be enough to face off a good number of opponents. All he needed to do to get stronger was to find the fragments of the ship, Braveheart. In terms of battle experience, he would learn them slowly by practicing. What he really needed in this short amount of time was someone with a strategic mind. Hence, of all the people he knew and trusted, Han Tianyu came up on top of the list.

    "Brother Yu, please inform all sects that have involved themselves in the incident between the Soaring Cloud Sect and me. Tell them that my master wishes to express his gratitude by brewing them a special pill," said Jiang Fei. That was his game. While he would be out in the world, searching for the ship fragments, Jiang Fei needed something to keep the attention away from him. A diversion.

    "What kind of pill?" asked Han Tianyu as he stopped writing in his book. He had thought about the Evil Purging Pill and the Grand Restore Pill.

    "There's no name to it yet but the pill would enhance the energy regenerative speed of a Metahuman. If a martial artist takes it, it would permanently increase one's Qi recovery speed."

    This time, Jiang Fei had dropped the bomb. The pill that Jiang Fei had offered was very precious. It was almost the same as Elemental Water. 0541 had only managed to produce ten of them and Jiang Fei had taken one.

    "H-How is that possible..." Han Tianyu dropped his pen when he understood what Jiang Fei had just explained.

    Be it Chinese martial artists or the Westerner's mutants, the entire world had never encountered a medicine that could permanently increase one's inner energy recovery speed.

    "The pills are extremely hard to make. However, to express his thanks, he would start making them. Mind you that he can only make four or five of them. I will pass the pills to you. I'll leave the distribution of the pills to you!" said Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei wanted Han Tianyu to be the man in charge of distributing the pills because when the news about this new miracle pill was spread, they would all focus their attention on Han Tianyu alone. The pills that Jiang Fei was offering were very precious to both Jiang Fei and the rest of the world. They were so precious that perhaps even a Level 4 peak fighter would move to get them. There could be bloodshed even. Before the storm calmed and the dust settled, Jiang Fei would probably not be on their minds.

    In the meantime, Jiang Fei would take this chance to search the world for the ship fragments. As fast as he could, he would increase his own capabilities to stand on even grounds with the other martial artists. He would not want to rely on fake names and fictional identities to protect himself. That could only work in the game but not in real life.

    "Alright, I'll take care of this," said Han Tianyu after he was done writing down a bunch of stuff. When Jiang Fei first described the pill, he had thought that the pill was too good to be true. However, seeing that Jiang Fei was serious about it, Han Tianyu believed him and trusted him to deliver the pills.

    Once the news about the new pill was spread, all the martial artists would surely be interested. On the other hand, Han Tianyu himself was not too interested in the pill. He was only a Level 2 beginner fighter. The amount of Qi he could muster was so little that the pill would be a waste for him. Even so, he could garner a lot of benefits by distributing the pills!

    When Jiang Fei offered the pill as a means of gratitude, the pills would be left to the alliance to decide on who got them. This was where Han Tianyu played a big role. Before the pills could get to the alliance, they would have to go through Han Tianyu! Through this meticulous route, Jiang Fei could buy himself a lot more time.

    When everything was done, Jiang Fei returned to his home. Before he left to search the world for the ship fragments, he needed to inform his parents.

    "Ah. Is Little Po and Little Qing alright?" asked Jiang Fei's mother. Those two girls were delightful to her.

    "Sigh... Tell me Fei, are they... normal people like us?" asked his father who had only met them once.

    "No. The girls are martial artists. Mother, don't worry about them. They are already back at their sect" said Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei sat down at the table and kept quiet for a long while.

    His mother immediately noticed that something was wrong. At first, she hesitated to ask but she could not bear to see her son suffer.

    "Ah Fei, are you going somewhere...?"

    "H-How did you know?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Let's call it a mother's intuition."

    Jiang Fei looked down at his hands. He could not hide anything any longer. His parents should know where he was going.
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