506 Trouble In the Waves

    Jiang Fei stayed with the little Mermaid Princess until she was about to wake up. However, just when she was about to regain consciousness, the waves started to come in hard.

    "Elder! Elder! The Tidebreaker Tribe is coming for us! They have surrounded us!" cried a little Fishman as he hurried to the Elder Fishman's side.

    "What?!" cried the elder as he flinched so hard he was about to drop all his scales.

    "What's going on now..." asked Jiang Fei. Annoyed at the development of the scenario, he understood that there would be more trouble. From the looks of it, another tribe had come to fight them. However, knowing how they would fight, there would not be any casualties.

    "O, great Explorer! Please help us!" said the Elder Fishman as he was on his knees. Soon, every Fishman that was nearby kneeled as well.

    "Calm down and explain the situation to me," said Jiang Fei.

    "The Nagas must have sent someone to find the princess!" said the elder as he explained the situation.

    Unlike the Tidehunter Tribe, the Tidebreaker Tribe was not cowardly Fishmen. Instead, they were all considered to be Lobsters that were stronger than the Fishmen but not too strong. Even so, they were at least a hundred times stronger than any of the Fishmen then. That only emphasized just how weak the Fishmen were. In fact, give five or six Lobstermen to fight and they could take down the entire Tidehunter Tribe without breaking a sweat.

    The Fishmen were under the banner of the Merfolks while the Lobstermen were under the banner of the Nagas. Right now, the only reason the Lobstermen would ride the waves onto this island was to find the Mermaid Princess, according to the elder.

    "O, great Explorer, you mustn't allow the Tidebreaker Tribe to know about the princess! Not only would she be in danger, the entire Tidehunter Tribe would also be wiped out! Please do something! Please help us!" cried the elder as he held Jiang Fei's hand whilst shaking with fear.

    Jiang Fei somehow understood that the Lobstermen were bullies and would harass and disturb the Fishmen for they were too weak to defend themselves. Luckily for them, they were elite swimmers which allowed them to escape faster than the Lobstermen could chase. Even the youngest Fishman could swim faster than a Lobsterman at his or her prime. If they wanted peace, the Fishmen would allow the Lobstermen to tear down the village while the Fishmen themselves would swim and hide.

    However, the current situation was so different. The princess was unable to move on her own. The Fishmen could never defend her by themselves. If they chose to run and hide, they would have to abandon the princess, leaving her to die. This would make the Master of the Seven Seas angry at the Fishmen.

    The only way to survive was to defeat the Lobstermen.

    "Fine, I'll see what I can do," said Jiang Fei. The Lobstermen had come too early. If only the princess had recovered, Jiang Fei would have left. However, the princess was still struggling to wake up while the Lobstermen were on their way here. Furthermore, he had also used his magic mushroom to heal her! There was no way he would let his treasure be wasted like that!

    "Bella, let's welcome our guests," said Jiang Fei.

    "Sure thing," said Isabella as she followed Jiang Fei to the beach.

    "What the hell! It's really lobsters! Red juicy lobsters!" cried Jiang Fei.

    The Lobstermen shared similar traits to the Fishmen. They both had a semi-humanoid body. Each of them were at least a meter tall and had large claws. In a neat formation, the Lobstermen marched toward the Fishmen Village. They looked powerful but once their feet were out of the sea water, their speed became slower by a notch. Jiang Fei and Isabella only needed to walk slightly faster to catch them!


    The Lobstermen snapped their claws loudly, making a loud snapping noise as they walked toward the beach at tortoise pace.

    Lobsterman Warrior (Humanoid, Elite)

    Level: 65

    Health Points: 300,000

    Attack Power: 6,500Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Note: The Search Team of the Tidebreaker Tribe

    Jiang Fei scoffed at the stats of the Lobstermen. Jiang Fei had thought that they might pose a threat to him but their capabilities were only average at best. Even so, their shells look extremely sturdy. Their defense must be higher than average. To be honest, their overall stats were only just slightly stronger than the Fishmen. If they were not so cowardly, the Fishmen could fight them with numbers.

    There were over twenty of them. To the Fishmen, the Lobsterman Warrior were powerful executors, but to Jiang Fei and Isabella, they were nothing but punching bags to throw around. Jiang Fei did not even bother to summon the Skygliding Dragon. Jiang Fei led the attack first, followed closely behind by Isabella. Jiang Fei landed a few attacks on one Lobstermen to stack up Ruthless Barrage and then used God's Wrath to attack all the Lobstermen. Isabella came to land the killing strike and cleared up the entire Search Team.

    "What a waste of my time," said Jiang Fei after he was done killing all the enemies. He was annoyed because the monsters had dropped only a minute amount of experience points and nothing else.

    "Wowowowow! You are so powerful, o great Explorer!" cried the Cowardly Gulu. The Lobstermen were feared by the Fishmen for their strength, only because the Fishmen were too weak to begin with. When Gulu saw how Jiang Fei had defeated all of them with only a few strikes, he could not help but praise Jiang Fei.

    "Hahaha. This is nothing really..."

    Jiang Fei did not know what to say. He knew that he was strong but the Fishmen were too weak!

    Back to the Mermaid Princess, Jiang Fei examined her status with the ring and found that she had recovered almost one-third of her health points. Even though she was still struggling to regain her consciousness, there was no imminent threat to her life.

    "Who dares to kill my warriors!" a loud voice bellowed from the seas.

    "Tsk! Here comes another annoying trash!" said Jiang Fei as he rolled his eyes. Since he had killed the minions, the boss would appear.

    Jiang Fei stood up and left to the beach with Isabella again. This time, there were over a hundred Lobsterman Warriors surrounding the beach. Standing tall in the middle of the Lobsterman Warriors was a larger Lobsterman. He was at least three meters tall and had a long one-meter sized claw. The snappers were so long and huge that snapping a human in half would be an easy task.

    Lobsterman Tidebreaker (Humanoid, Lord)

    Level: 65

    Health Points: 1,800,000

    Attack Power: 8,800

    Skills: Chain Lightning, Hammer, Blood Call

    Chain Lightning: Shoots a lightning bolt that would damage and paralyze a target.

    Hammer: Strikes a target hard dealing powerful damage.

    Blood Call: Excites all allies and increases attack speed and attack damage by 40%.

    Note: Shaman Lobsterman.

    "Hah. A boss. Just as I expected" said Jiang Fei.

    "Damn you! No wonder the Fishmen dared to stay here! There's an Explorer here!" said the Lobsterman Tidebreaker as he saw Jiang Fei.

    Even though the boss knew not to simply attack, they had no choice since they could not disobey their master. Their mission was to search and bring back the injured Mermaid Princess. If the Explorer stood in their way, they would have to destroy him!

    "One boss, a hundred monsters. No biggie. Let's go, Bella!"

    There was no need to coordinate. All of the enemies present then were no match for Jiang Fei and Isabella.
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