507 The Ruthless Race

    Jiang Fei activated his Lifesteal Demon form and smashed the boss with all his might. Isabella followed closely behind and attack as well. In less than a minute, the boss and the other monsters were killed. When the boss had used Blood Call to strengthen his brethren, Jiang Fei was momentarily overwhelmed but it was only for a moment. Jiang Fei only needed to kill the minions to eliminate the threat and then focused on the boss.

    "Tsk... At least drop something other than experience points!" complained Jiang Fei. The monsters that appeared after the others were obviously part of the quest scenario. By the physics of the game, all quest-linked monsters would not drop anything. Jiang Fei was considered lucky enough to gain experience points!

    Jiang Fei returned to the Mermaid Princess and squatted down next to her. He then slapped her face lightly and said, "Wake up sleepy head. You'd better give me some good reward or I'll sell you to the highest bidder!"

    "What are you talking about!" cried Isabella when he saw Jiang Fei grinning like an idiot.

    "Relax, I was just joking!"

    Alas, it took some waiting but the Mermaid Princess had restored 50% of her total health points. However, at that moment, the skies turned dark and thunder cracked loudly in the sky.

    "F*CK! WHAT NOW!?" shouted Jiang Fei. He had thought that the Lobsterman boss was the last one to disturb his peace!

    Even though he did not receive any quest notification, he understood that the scenario development expected him to protect the Mermaid Princess.

    Dark clouds rolled in from afar and lightning started to flash here and there. It clearly looked like something huge was coming for the princess. Jiang Fei did not know just what kind of boss would appear but he was not about to turn tails and run. He had already invested a precious mushroom on the Mermaid Princess! In order to get payment for the mushroom, Jiang Fei must protect the Princess to further the plot development!

    More dark clouds rolled in from the horizon and in no time at all, the sun was completely blocked. Although it was a common occurrence back in the real world, the little Fishmen were scared to their cores.

    "Hmph, I might have to get serious now," said Jiang Fei to himself. No matter how one saw it, this sort of plot development should be interesting.

    "Oh no! Look! The Nagas are here!" cried the Cowardly Gulu. As expected of him, being the most cowardly one there, he was the first one to notice danger. Jiang Fei looked toward the horizon and spotted a few human heads coming out of the sea. As the Nagas came closer and closer to the beach, their body rose up from the waters, revealing their bodies. The men were muscular and handsome while the women were beautiful and sexy. Once they were completely on land, Jiang Fei could see that their lower half were snake tails.

    "Hah. Looks like Morgan might be in serious trouble," said Isabella as she snickered away.

    "How do you know about that?" asked Jiang Fei. He was surprised that Isabella would know anything about the Tyrant of the Sea.

    "Look at them. Most of them have only two arms. They are the weakest of the Nagas. You see, if you want to capture the Mermaid Princess, you wouldn't want to send your weakest soldiers. That could only mean that the war between the Merfolk and the Nagas in the Eastern Seas is going strong and the Nagas must be losing badly! They could not even send in a few more stronger elites!" said Isabella.

    "Hmmmmm. I see..." said Jiang Fei as he stroked his chin, trying to understand Isabella's logic.

    After some observation, the Naga soldiers that were coming toward him were made up of two kinds of Nagas. The male Nagas were known as Naga Brutes, while the female Nagas were called Naga Sirens. They were both melee class fighters. The males were much stronger than the females and had higher attack and defense. Although the female Naga were capable of melee combat, they were better at using supporting magic such as Slow and Silent. Naturally, real Magic Casting was the forte of the Merfolk.

    After most of the Nagas had come ashore, a larger, four-armed Naga Brute came out of the sea.

    Zorg the Butcher (Naga, Lesser Lord)

    Level: 68

    Health Points: 8,000,000

    Attack Power: 13,000

    Skills: Slice, Dismember, Blade Fury, Berserk

    Slice: Slices a target, inflicts Bleed.

    Dismember: Attacks with four blades simultaneously. Deals powerful damage.

    Blade Fury: Attacks all target furiously. Deals twelve consecutive attacks on all target within range.

    Berserk: Increases 100% Attack Speed and Damage.

    Note: Personal muscleman for the Tyrant of the Sea, Morgan.

    "Oh dang," said Jiang Fei as he flinched, The boss's skills were too strong for him to handle. Especially Blade Fury. Twelve consecutive attacks was something but Jiang Fei could not tank even without Level Suppression.

    Jiang Fei whistled and summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon. He needed the dragon to help him tank the damage as he attacked.

    It was lucky that the Nagas had all come to the land. Jiang Fei was then able to fight them there with the dragon. He could surely rely on the dragon's insane Defense to tank the damage.

    "A Dragon Knight!?" cried Zorg when he saw the dragon came down and landed next to a human.

    The Skgliding Dragon was much cooler than a regular dragon due to its sheer size. With the armor on, his appearance was quite ferocious. Zorg might have failed to recognize that the Skygliding Dragon was nothing but a weak beast since he had mingled in the sea for far too long.

    "No wonder the Fishmen dared to oppose the Nagas!" said Zorg to himself. He started to frown worriedly. He had only wanted to retrieve the injured Mermaid Princess and be done with it. Little did he know that there was a Dragon Knight tending to her!

    "Hmph!?" Jiang Fei noticed Zorg's sudden reaction to the dragon and immediately understood that he was an NPC with higher artificial intelligence! At that moment, Jiang Fei knew what he could do to get the best out of the situation! It was time for Jiang Fei's special treatment!

    "Bella, show me something Dragon aura!" said Jiang Fei as he snickered. He quickly equipped the Black Dragon Scale.

    "Sure thing," said Isabella happily and purposefully leaked her dragon aura.

    "W-What? There are two dragons!"

    Two different auras started to fill the sea like a powerful blast of hot air. Zorg was so surprised that he took a few steps back.

    "How am I so unlucky today! Ahh... I should have consulted the witch before coming out! At least, she could have forecasted something..."

    Zorg started to regret his decision. Even though he wanted to retreat, he could not disobey his master. How would he face the wrath of Morgan!?

    "Naga... You have disturbed my rest. Explain yourself," said Jiang Fei with such a dominating aura that Zorg flinched a little.

    "Well... You see..."

    In the game of Dawn Break, Celestials, Nephilim, Dragon, Merfolk, and Naga were the strongest races that stood almost the same, in terms of power and strength. Although the Nagas were not weaker than the Dragons, no one would want to mess with the Dragon. The Celestials and Nephilims had their war on land, the Merfolk and the Nagas had their war in the oceans. The Dragons had no enemies as they ruled the sky. As such, it was known that the Dragon races were proud beings with no natural enemies, making them a race that was known for creating chaos for no reason. A truly ruthless race.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    With that knowledge in mind, Zorg was about to face off with two Dragons as they were interfering with his mission. Zorg was conflicted. As much as he wanted to retreat, he could not do so since he would be disobeying his master's order.
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