509 Title: Romeo

    As much as Jiang Fei did not want it, the Mermaid Princess had already finished drawing her blood mark. The blood seeped into Jiang Fei's arm and a powerful pink aura enveloped both Jiang Fei and the Mermaid Princess.

    "Ding! You have reached Friendly reputation level with the Merfolk Race!"

    "Ding! Your reputation points with the Mermaid Princess Ariel has reached Approved!"

    "Ding! Your reputation points with the Mermaid Princess Ariel has reached Respect!"

    "Ding! Your reputation points with the Mermaid Princess Ariel has reached Admire!"

    "Ding! Your reputation points with the Mermaid Princess Ariel has reached Infatuated!"

    "What the hell...? Another contract?!" cried Jiang Fei as he had suddenly gained another chick that was infatuated with him! He then quickly opened his status window and checked his properties.

    Contract of Devotion: Life Share, Increased Water based Magic and Attack, Acknowledgement of the Merfolk Race, Two-Way Teleportation.

    Note: A contract only a Merfolk can use. Once the contract is sealed, both races would have maximum Reputation points. Only a female Merfolk can initiate the contract, devoting her entire being to the one that is being contracted. A form of eternal binding of two souls.

    Jiang Fei frowned when he noticed that there was another line under the previous Dragon's Love Contract. Aside from the Contract properties, there were two additional comments.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    The first was Life Share. Starting at the moment the contract was sealed, both Jiang Fei and the Mermaid Princess now share the same Health Points pool. If Jiang Fei had taken too much damage that it depleted Jiang Fei's entire health pool, he would not die. If he took subsequence damage, the Mermaid Princess would take damage in his stead, no matter where she was in the world. Obviously, this effect went both ways.

    The second was a permanent buff. Jiang Fei's own water based skills and attack would be increased by 100%. However, it was not really a strong buff since Jiang Fei had only one skill that had water attribute, which was the skill on his shield, the Wave Barrier.

    Recognition by the Merfolk Race was just a title. Its effect was only to increase all members of the Merfolk's reputation to Friendly.

    The last line was a skill that allowed both Jiang Fei and the Mermaid Princess to teleport to their sides or to summon one to the other.

    After reading all the description, Jiang Fei understood why the Princess's reputation had suddenly shot up to the max. It was the effects of the contract!

    "Ding! Congratulations to player Verdure Glider. You have contracted three Love Contracts. You have obtained the title: Romeo!"

    Romeo: You will instantly gain Friendly Reputation level with all female NPCs. Reputation Points increasing rate is increased to 300%. Obtained passive skill: Infatuation.

    Infatuation: For each Lover's Contract obtained, you will gain Attack and Movement Speed increase by 5%.

    "Holy adonis of men!"

    Jiang Fei was thrown when he read the properties of the newly obtained title. The first thing he wondered was, when did he collect three Lover's Contracts? Even so, it did not matter as the title was quite powerful on its own. Not only did it increase his reputation gaining speed but it also gave a passive skill that would permanently increase his movements and attack speed. It was a huge buff for Jiang Fei as he could run or chase faster as well as having higher DPS.

    Jiang Fei only knew that out of the three Love Contracts he had, one was from Isabella's Dragon's Love Contract and the Mermaid Princess' Contract of Devotion. The last one was not too clear as he was not sure that if there was a Love Contract with the Holy Church's Assassin, Sylphy.

    It was a hidden system in the game that allowed players to automatically gain a Love Contract whenever a female NPC had reached the Reputation level of Infatuated with a player. Love Contract was nothing special on its own. On the other hand, special Love Contract such as the Dragon's Love Contract by the Dragon Race and the Mermaid's Contract of Devotion would give player buffs and skills. Naturally, Isabella's Dragon's Love Contract was slightly more special since it prevented the player from "flirting" with other females. Contract of Devotion was a slightly more normal contract that did not limit the contractors to search for more partners.

    All in all, Jiang Fei contracted with three female NPCs and gained the title Romeo as well as the passive skill Infatuation to give him extra attack and movement speed. Although he was happy, he quickly felt scared.

    Contract of Devotion was not something that could be done subtly without anyone noticing. The Nagas had taken note of that and knew its effect. They knew that if they wanted to do anything to the Mermaid Princess, they would directly involve the Dragon, which was Jiang Fei.

    That was the least of the problem then. Jiang Fei turned to look at Isabella and was prepared to kneel down and beg for her forgiveness. She was practically fuming with anger. Her eyes was red, her nostril was flaring, and her arms were crossed at her chest.

    "Uhh... This is not my fault... I'm absolutely innocent here..." cried Jiang Fei as if he was just sexually harassed by someone.

    "My lady, what should we do now?" said Zorg to Merinda while Jiang Fei was bowing rapidly to Isabella.

    "There's nothing we could do now, let's retreat."

    With the power of the title Romeo in effect, all female NPCs, which also include Merinda had changed their Reputation level to Friendly toward Jiang Fei. Naturally, she would not and could not attack Jiang Fei any longer. Zorg alone was not strong enough to defeat Jiang Fei now that he had the blessing of the Mermaid Princess.


    Zorg left and followed Merinda into the seas. He did not want to cross swords with a dragon. Even though they were not weak, dragons were famed not for their brute strength but their Dragon magic. Although the Naga race was on par with Dragon race in terms of strength, that did not mean that they could win in a one-on-one fight. The Dragon race was definitely much stronger than the rest of the four races but due to their declining population, they were starting to lose their accumulated strength.

    "Count yourself lucky this time, princess!" said Merinda as she glared at the Mermaid Princess with hatred. Even though she was friendly with Jiang Fei, she still bear enmity toward the Mermaid.

    "So, do tell me. How are you going to deal with this fish?" asked Isabella, still crossing her arms. Now that the enemy's soldier had retreated, it was time to deal with the civil war.

    "My love, you wouldn't chase me away, would you?" said the Mermaid Princess, Ariel, as she hugged Jiang Fei's arm. Her breasts were so huge that she had squeezed Jiang Fei's arm into her cleavage easily.

    "OH GOD. SAVE ME!"

    Jiang Fei understood clearly the power of Infatuated Reputation. He had once experienced it with Sylphy and there was no cure to it!

    "I must tend to the Tidehunter Tribe. They must be greatly frightened!" said Jiang Fei quickly to escape the infernal rage that Isabella was showing toward him.
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