513 It’s Sweeping Time!

    Once Jiang Fei assumed the commanding role of the company, Jiang Fei led the 500 men of the Saint's Guards to the Light Faction territory.

    To avoid detection, Jiang Fei hid Isabella before he arrived and merged with the company during the entry into the territory. Since they were all considered as one of their own, the guards would not check each and every one of the company members. They had only just passed the first checkpoint and was the first line of defense from the Shadow Faction. They were literally the furthest away from the center of the Light Faction.

    "Where is the closest town?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Sir, it is only several clicks away to the East," said Mulan.

    "Good. Let's get there first and evacuate all the civilians there," said Jiang Fei. Even though he was not smiling, he was practically laughing his ass off mentally. A quest that allowed him to take advantage of the chaos was hard to come by.

    After traveling several kilometers East, Jiang Fei and the entire company of Saint's Guards arrived at the small town mentioned by Mulan. The town was surrounded by a few Defense Towers but they were unarmed as the company was not an enemy.

    "Take over the command. Remember, time is of the essence. Since there are no enemies attacking yet, divide and conquer!" said Jiang Fei. Even though he was acting as the commander in the name of the Saint, all the other male NPCs were still treating Jiang Fei as the enemy. Hence, Jiang Fei did not bother wasting his time persuading the other NPCs. Instead, he had Hua Mulan to do it as everyone would still listen and obey her command. Currently, the male NPCs' Reputation with Jiang Fei was still Cold.

    "As you command, sir," said Mulan as she saluted and left to the company. After that, she divided the company into smaller squads and left to evacuate the civilians from the town.

    With the war looming close, the civilians were restless. Once a military officer arrived in town, everyone started to panic. No one wanted to stay back when the threat of war was coming closer.

    The Saint was highly revered by the people of the town, which made the evacuation process smooth and fast. Even so, many of them had returned to their homes to start packing their valuables.

    "Pfft. I really can't underestimate the greed in humans," said Jiang Fei to himself. He saw the civilians being told to evacuate as soon as they could but they would not listen to the guards. Instead, they went ahead and started packing as if they were moving houses!

    "Inform commander Hua Mulan to speed up the evacuation process. We cannot delay the process any longer. Tell her that there is a small squad of Demon soldiers coming in. I suspect it's the assault team. If time is on our side, we can still evacuate all the civilians in time!" said Jiang Fei to one of the female guards. He could not bother to even talk to the male NPCs since they would not even look at him without spitting in his face.

    "What? A Demon assault squad?" cried Hua Mulan as soon as the female guard had passed the message to Mulan. Even though the Saint's Guards were strong, there were only 500 men at best. If the Demons had attacked the town, the Saint's Guards would only be able to defend themselves. They would not be able to spare any manpower to safely escort the civilians!

    "Sir envoy, are you sure about the Demons?" asked Hua Mulan as soon as she arrived at his side, demanding confirmation.

    "I cannot say for certain. Even of it's not the Demon assault squad, there's no telling that the Saint's Guards could fend them off on their own. It all comes to you believing in my report. All I can say now is, the lives of the civilians is at the top of my priority list," said Jiang Fei with a stoic face.


    Hua Mulan kept quiet. She did not have to say anything. She had wholeheartedly agreed with Jiang Fei. The lives of the civilians mattered most. Most importantly, a Demon envoy sent by the Saint herself had warned her about the incoming attack. What harm would there be to listen to him?

    "First squadron, go now and gather all civilians at the town square immediately. Tell them that the Demons are coming! There's no time for them to take their belongings!"

    Hua Mulan bit down on her pride and immediately commanded her company to split up and round all the civilians instead of allowing them to leisurely pack their things. Even though it would end up with a great loss, it was still best to stay alive and worry later.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Hua Mulan spared no man behind and mobilized the entire company. As soon as the company spread into town, roars and complaints were heard. The entire town was mad since they were asked to leave all their valuables behind to gather at the center of the town. However, they were not angry at the company, since they were there to save them. Instead, they were angry and mad at the Demons!

    "Haha..." Jiang Fei snickered to himself when he saw the civilians rushing toward the town square empty-handed. Some of them managed to gather a few items that were all crammed into a gunny sack. By the time they all left to safety, all of the leftover valuables would be his!

    Half an hour later, every single civilians were gathered at the center of the town. They were not the only ones there, the town's guards and soldiers were also gathered there to help the Saint's Guard company to maintain order. Sadly, their numbers were very small; only twenty or so. It was like adding salt to the seawater.

    "Please go without me. I will be in the sky to scout for the Demons," said Jiang Fei to Hua Mulan as the entire company started to evacuate the civilians.

    "There's no way I can thank you enough, sir envoy," said Hua Mulan as she bowed down.

    "Ding! Hua Mulan's Reputation Points has increased by 2,000! Current Reputation Level is Approved!"

    'What the hell? That's too much!' thought Jiang Fei to himself.

    Although he knew that he could earn Reputation Points faster than usual with the Romeo title in hand, he had never thought that with only one touching move, he would earn so much Reputation Points!

    In this case, Hua Mulan's Reputation Points with Jiang Fei had increased so much due to his act of selflessness. He belonged to the Nephilim race yet he had ignored his faction's commands and came over to the Light Faction to save innocent civilians. He had even proactively offered to stay behind to ensure the safety of the evacuation process!

    "Don't waste any more time, commander Hua Mulan. Please leave! Please make sure that the civilians and the entire company are safely escorted to somewhere safe. Until then, do not come back for me," said Jiang Fei adamantly. The entire thing about scouting and being on the lookout was a complete lie. There was no Demon Assault Squad! All he wanted to do was to wait until the company and Hua Mulan leave and he would be able to swipe all the treasures in this empty uninhabited town!

    "Bella, come on out," said Jiang Fei as she summoned Isabella out into the world. Hua Mulan had already gone with the civilians and could not see what Jiang Fei was doing then. Isabella was a pure-blooded Royal Nephilim Princess. Even with the keepsake of the Saint in hand, Hua Mulan and the rest of the company would never believe him to be an envoy from the Saint.

    "Hmph! If you dare to put me in that black box again without my consent, I will bite your head off!" Isabella snarled at Jiang Fei.

    "Haha! That's my girl. You'll have to forgive me this time. The quest requires me to do so! Look, you had only stayed in the black box for a little while but thanks to that, we are going to hit the jackpot!" cried Jiang Fei as he pointed at the houses.

    Due to the fear of an incoming demon assault, Hua Mulan and the company of the Saint's Guards had forced the civilians to leave all their belongings behind and escape light-handed. There were many things that they would not take with them such as heavy metals, gold bars, potions, silks and clothes, and a mountain of herbs. All of which were incredibly expensive and precious.

    As an NPC, they would need to get several carts and wagons just to move the items. As a player, however, there was this thing called the interdimensional pocket! No matter how heavy an item was, it only counted the quantity! One slot would take up 200 items! As such, Jiang Fei was able to easily sweep the entire town clean of its leftover treasures! If that was not enough to fill Jiang Fei's inventory, he still had the ring's extra inventory slot!

    "Haha! The coast is clear! Put on your mask and hide your face! It's sweeping time!"
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