514 Too Much Reputation Is Troublesome

    About twenty minutes later, Jiang Fei finished looting all the supplies in the entire town!

    "Damn! You really can't get rich without receiving unexpected wealth!" Jiang Fei really wanted to laugh out loud.

    After he looted all the resources in one small town, he had already gotten enough of Felsteel Bars to complete his Quest! Moreover, Jiang Fei also obtained countless other Metal Ingots, various types of Cloths, and a large number of Herbs from the town.

    "No wonder everyone wants to be a Bandit. It's pretty good business!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Stop being so proud of yourself. This time, you're just lucky that you managed to fool these civilians into evacuating. If you really tried to rob them forcefully, you would be dead. The arrow towers around the town can easily get rid of most Bandits!" Isabella threw a wet blanket over his gloat.

    "Hehe, I'm already content with this one opportunity! Let's tidy things up and go to the next town!" Jiang Fei smiled smugly. It was hard for such an opportunity to come by. Of course, he planned to "escort" the evacuation of the civilians of several more towns.

    "Tidy up what?" Isabella asked, confused. After all, Jiang Fei had taken away all the valuable things in the town.

    "Create a fake scene, of course! It's a pretty nice town, what a pity..." As he spoke, Jiang Fei started to set fire everywhere in the town. He did this for a very simple reason. That was, to destroy evidence, so that other people would not discover his act of stealing in the future.

    In just a short time, flames devoured the entire town. Jiang Fei then summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and left the town.

    As they knew which direction Hua Mulan and the others who were evacuating went, and Jiang Fei could fly as he had the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon, he quickly found the team.

    "Bella, you'll have to suffer for a little while more!"Jiang Fei turned back and smiled at Isabella.

    "Hmph! You big bully!" Isabella pouted, but still returned into the Pet Space obediently.

    Jiang Fei tugged the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon's reins and made the Mount descend.

    "Master Inquisitor, how are things?" Hua Mulan asked.

    "Fortunately, we evacuated in time. Not long after you all left the town, the Nephilim's Assault Unit arrived!" Jiang Fei said, his face showing great fear.

    "What?! The Nephilims really have an Assault Unit?" Hua Mulan was shocked.

    "Yeah. As we had already evacuated, the Nephilims got so angry that they set the whole town on fire!" Jiang Fei said with a look of pity.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Sure enough, after hearing what Jiang Fei said, the civilians who had been forced to evacuate were dumbstruck. Some of them felt fortunate. After all, they escaped death. Some of them were sad because their homes had been destroyed. They were all far away from home now and they did not know what would happen in the future.

    "Thank you!" Hua Mulan sincerely bowed to Jiang Fei. After all, in her eyes, even though this adventurer in front of her was a Nephilim, he was resolutely involved in the action of saving the Light believers. If it were not for him, these civilians would have probably been killed!

    "Ding! Your Reputation with Hua Mulan has increased by 1000 Points!"

    As Hua Mulan was grateful to Jiang Fei, the Reputation between the two of them had increased once again.

    "The f*ck! It's so easy to gain Reputation!" Jiang Fei secretly thought to himself.

    "Master Inquisitor, what do we do next?" Hua Mulan asked.

    "What are you planning to do?" Jiang Fei did not answer her immediately.

    "I want to escort these civilians to the rear areas first!" Hua Mulan replied.

    "No! If we do that, by the time we get back here, the surrounding towns would have been destroyed by the Nephilim's Assault Unit!" Jiang Fei immediately shook his head and objected.

    "Master Inquisitor, what do you plan to do then?" Hua Mulan asked.

    "We lead these civilians and stop by all of the surrounding towns. Gather all the civilians from these towns, then leave together!" Jiang Fei said. He only said this because he wanted to save himself some trouble. It was too troublesome if he had to transfer these civilians several times.

    "But, this way, if we encountered the Nephilim's Assault Unit, we won't be able to protect all the civilians!" Hua Mulan hesitated.

    "Don't worry! I'll continue to keep watch in the sky. If the Nephilim's Assault Unit is close by, I'll warn you guys in advance!" Jiang Fei assured them.

    "If so, then I thank you for your hard work from the bottom of my heart, Master Inquisitor!" Hua Mulan was very touched when she saw that Jiang Fei was so enthusiastic about taking on the difficult task of escorting them.

    "Ding! Your Reputation with Hua Mulan has increased by 2000 Points! The current Reputation Level is Respect!"

    "Swoosh!" A green light flashed above Jiang Fei's head. His Reputation with Hua Mulan had leveled up once again!

    "F*ck! If this went on, this chick was going to become Infatuated with me soon!" Jiang Fei suddenly had a bad feeling.

    Jiang Fei was feeling fortunate that Isabella was not there when he met Hua Mulan. Otherwise, she would definitely be jealous and annoy him!

    "Okay! Let's go!" Jiang Fei shook his head. His plan was to quickly save ten thousand people. Then, he could complete the Quest and save himself from seeing this Hua Mulan ever again.

    "Yes! Master!" At this time, Hua Mulan already had stars in her eyes when she looked at Jiang Fei. After all, respect was also a powerful positive feeling.

    This time, although Jiang Fei did not walk with Hua Mulan and the others, he monitored them from above. The so-called Nephilim's Assault Unit did not exist anyway. Jiang Fei just had to trail behind the team.

    Sure enough, when Hua Mulan and the others arrived at the second town, they immediately asked the people there to relocate. This time, the process was smoother. This was because there were many civilians around to persuade the others. These civilians brought up how their homes had been destroyed by the Nephilims and what the Nephilims did to their town. Anyway, they described it as if they had seen it with their own eyes.

    So, there was no way that the residents in this town would dare to continue staying there. As soon as they heard that the Nephilims could catch up and come to their town any time, the residents of this town did not even waste any of Hua Mulan's time. They abandoned everything that was inconvenient to carry with them and immediately requested to evacuate!

    After Hua Mulan and the others had left, Jiang Fei went down to harvest everything and kept all the valuable materials into his backpack.

    "Bella, what do you think? Great business, right?" Jiang Fei smiled smugly. As he did not have to deal with Hua Mulan and the others anymore, he released Isabella.

    "Hmph!" Isabella snorted. Although she was not particularly happy with Jiang Fei making money through such devious ways, he was the man that she had feelings for. So, she could not really say anything.

    The next thing to do was way easier. After Jiang Fei harvested all the supplies, he burned the whole town down in big flames, then hid Isabella. He looked for Hua Mulan and the others to scare them once again, then continued to "keep watch".

    After a whole day of going around like this, Jiang Fei earned so much money he almost could not believe it!

    "Damn! Even if I failed the Quest, all this money is worth it!" Jiang Fei laughed as he rode on the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon in the sky.
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