519 Not Escaping After All

    "If that's the case, I shall excuse myself!" Seeing that the quest had been completed, Jiang Fei decided to leave immediately. After all, Hua Mulan was 100 Reputation points away from entering the Worship state toward Jiang Fei. If he did not leave soon, he would get himself into trouble.

    After finishing his sentence, Jiang Fei did not wait for Hua Mulan's reply. He instantly hopped onto the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and fled.

    "He is such a kind man. Despite being a Nephilim, he does not have any personal agenda in rescuing these peasants in the Light Faction." Seeing how Jiang Fei had left without even expecting any gratitude after escorting the peasants to safety, Hua Mulan felt very touched.

    "Ding! Your Reputation from Hua Mulan has increased by 1000 points! This is a state of Infatuated!"

    "D*mn! What the hell?" When Jiang Fei heard the system notification, he nearly fell off the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon. Despite his efforts, he still could not escape his fate.

    As he fled away at a faster speed, Jiang Fei turned around to look at her. Indeed, Hua Mulan's eyes were filled with tiny stars as she looked at him longingly as if she was sending her lover off.

    "Damn!" Jiang Fei looked very bitter. Although Isabella had no idea what was going on as she was still inside the Pet Space, she would find out sooner or later. Jiang Fei could already imagine her state of rage once she found out.

    "Ahh!" Jiang Fei sighed. Things were out of his hands now. There was nothing he could do to reverse the situation. Fortunately, Isabella was still completely unaware. He would try to keep it that way for as long as he could.

    Even so, Hua Mulan's state of Worship toward Jiang Fei was not entirely a bad thing. After she had reached a state of Worship, it was as if Hua Mulan and Jiang Fei had signed a Love Contract. Therefore, Jiang Fei's passive skill Infatuated had leveled up again. Jiang Fei, who had already signed four Love Contracts, now obtained an additional 20% Attack Speed and Movement Speed.

    "D*rn... If I were to start collecting female admirers, my speed would be even greater than the gods once I have accumulated thousands of them." Jiang Fei sarcastically commented to himself.

    After leaving the eyeshot of Hua Mulan and the rest, Jiang Fei summoned Isabella to travel with him. Soon, they returned to the Demon Flame Fortress. This time, Jiang Fei was not in a hurry to submit the quest completion. Instead, he went over to the Chief of Logistics. By then, Jiang Fei had already become an extremely wealthy player. Naturally, he would not allow his Fortress to be built according to normal Fortress designs. After robbing seven small towns, Jiang Fei had a significant amount of resources in his possession. More importantly, a lot of these resources were things that the main city zones did not even have.

    Jiang Fei first withdrew 200,000 gold coins from the guild. He then tasked the Chief of Logistics with hiring more workers, on top of using the significant amount of resources he had to upgrade his normal Fortress into a Stronghold Fortress.

    After making the necessary arrangements, Jiang Fei could finally free himself from worrying.

    The workers would build his Fortress according to the new blueprints. Once they were done, Jiang Fei would obtain a Super Fortress that was only second to the Demon Flame Fortress or the Divine Light Fortress.

    Once everything was sorted out, Jiang Fei arrived at the Commander's Hall. Right then, only the Saint and the Frontline Commander Ivan were present. There was not a single clue as to where Frizt and Heinz had gone off to.

    "Lord Commander! I have already completed the quest!" Jiang Fei first went over to Ivan to submit the quest completion.

    "Ah! My brother, you have completed the quest so quickly. The Shadow Keeper will not forget your contribution!" Ivan smiled as he spoke.

    "Ding! You have completed the quest! Obtained 15,000,000 Experience Points. Obtained 2,000 Honor Points!"

    "Ding! Congratulations, Verdure Glider. Your contribution has been recognized by the Dark Faction. Your military ranking has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel!"

    "Hehe, thank you, Lord Commander!" Jiang Fei smiled. He did not care much about Honor Points. However, players like Billy Boy fought in the battlefields every day to earn Honor Points. By then, Billy Boy had already acquired the title of Major General Rank and was wearing the Major General Medal.

    "My brother, I am a bit occupied at the moment. Can you take a look in the stable at the back? Heinz might need your help!" Ivan said as he looked back at the sand table. He seemed to be deep in his thoughts.

    "Yes! Master!" Jiang Fei nodded. He knew that this was a quest guide. The later step of allocating battle resources would probably fall under the Knights Commander Heinz's jurisdiction.

    However, Jiang Fei was in no hurry to go to the stable. Instead, he turned around and walked over to the Saint.

    "Saint, Your Highness. Fortunately, I have been able to bring the peasants to safety!" Jiang Fei said to the Saint.

    "I knew I could count on you. Although you are a Nephilim, you have a righteous heart. The battles should not affect peasants at all. I thank you on behalf of the peasants, kind Explorer!" The Saint from the Light Faction smiled at Jiang Fei.

    "Ding! You have completed the quest! Obtained 50,000,000 Experience Points! Obtained 2,000 gold coins! Obtained a set equipment-Righteous Hand!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Awesome! It's a set equipment!" Jiang Fei was greatly surprised. The 50,000,000 Experience Points nearly allowed him to level up. Moreover, the mysterious equipment reward was actually a set equipment. It was a pleasant surprise.

    "Ding! The Saint's Reputation toward you has increased by 5,000 points! The level of Reputation is now Respect!"

    "D*mn! Again?" Jiang Fei was initially happy with the new set of equipment. However, the system notification that came right after shocked him.

    When Jiang Fei noticed that the Saint had the intention to give him another quest, he immediately turned and ran away. He did not want to charm this lady too.

    After getting out of the Commander's Hall, Jiang Fei shifted his attention to the newly acquired set of equipment.

    Righteous Hand (Chainmail Set 7/7, Legendary)

    Set equipment, Physical Defense +4,175

    Set equipment, Magic Defense +3,250

    Set equipment, Strength: +655

    Set equipment, Vitality: +355

    Set equipment, Skill 1: Increases your Attack Power by 20%.

    Set equipment, Skill 2: Your attacks have a 5% chance to stun the opponent for one second.

    Set equipment, Skill 3: Your attacks deal an additional 10% Light Damage, and lower the target's Movement Speed by 50%.

    Set equipment, Skill 4: Obtain skill-Judgement. Instantly attacks the target and deals 10x your Attack Power as damage. If the enemy's Health Points is lower than 20% of the maximum Health Points, Judgement will deal a Critical Hit. Cooldown time is two minutes.

    Set equipment, Skill 5: Obtain skill-Righteous Fury. Instantly deals 20% of your maximum Health Points as damage to enemies in a 20-meter radius. In the next ten seconds, you will be immune to all Disabling skills. Cooldown time is five minutes.

    Set equipment, Skill 6: Obtain skill-Judgement. Instantly deals 5x your Attack Power as damage to an enemy. If the enemy is in a state of decreased speed, it will be a Critical Hit. If the enemy is not in a state of decreased speed, it will be immobilized for two seconds. Cooldown time is one minute.

    Set equipment, Skill 7: Obtain passive skill-Triumphant Pursuit. For every enemy you kill, you recover 20% of your Health Points and Mana Points.

    Level Requirement: 60

    Set equipment effect (3/7): Suppressive Halo-Enemies in a 30-meter radius will have 10% decreased Attack Speed and Attack Power.

    Set equipment effect (5/7): Painful Suppression-Lowers the damage you receive by 80% for ten seconds.

    Set equipment effect (7/7): Luminous Judgement-Summons the Saintlight to attack all enemies in a 500-meter radius. Deals 50% of your Health Points as damage per second for ten seconds. Cooldown time is six hours. (Guided skill. It cannot be used in a state of Invincibility).
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