520 Skill as Strong as a Forbidden Spell

    Jiang Fei was extremely pleased when he obtained the Righteous Hand. The armor he was wearing was a Level 40 Set Equipment. Even though the attribute and stats were strong as hell, it was about time to change his equipment.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Dawn Break player's customizability was high, allowing players such as Jiang Fei, to put on equipment that was gained from the opposite faction. Besides a few other pieces of equipment with limited requirements, players would be able to put on any kind of equipment that suited them. It would not make sense for a Faction war if the victor was not able to wear the loser's drop.

    As long as players fulfilled the requirement, they would be able to use the armor or weapon. Naturally, there were certain limitations for example a thief's dagger could not be used by a magician. However, there were side effects such as Jiang Fei's Crimson Reaper's cape. Once he put it on, all NPCs from the Light Faction would be affected immediately. Even though the player could wear it, they would not be able to stop the side effect from affecting them. Hence, it was best not to let any NPC from the Light Faction see him wearing it.

    The Righteous Hand was a set equipment with seven articles. Its Strength and Vitality points were far more superior than the Lightbringer Armament. The only downside of the Righteous Hand set equipment was that it was a Chain Armor instead of Plate Armor. Even though both sets had a twenty-level gap, the Defense of the two were almost similar. However, being a Chain Armor, its movement speed reduction was neglected.

    With the new equipment obtained, Jiang Fei immediately swapped out the Lightbringer Armament for the Righteous Hand. He would then give the Lightbringer Armament to Billy Boy. That man had spent way too much time on the PvP map leading players into the Battlefield. With the Lightbringer Armament, he would buff all the players with the Mythical Beast set equipment. It was better to give it to Billy Boy than let it gather dust inside his inventory.

    After swapping the equipment set, the skill sets that came with the previous equipment were replaced with the new ones. Besides his Defense stat, the rest of Jiang Fei's attributes were greatly increased.

    The first being Jiang Fei's health points. He now had over 82,000 health points. His Attack Power had also increased since the Righteous Hand was also attack-oriented type equipment.

    His current Attack Power had reached 8,400. After stacking Ruthless Barrage, his attack would reach 25,000. With the newly obtained skill, Jiang Fei had the same attack as a Lord tier boss. Blood would be shed with every sword slash, in his case, hammer.

    Judgment and Retribution were two skills with a long cooldown. However, comparing with its long cooldown duration, its firepower was ridiculously strong. Both skills combined would deal over 100,000 damage to 200,000 damage max. Now, any boss with over a million health points would not be a problem to Jiang Fei.

    Lastly, the Righteous Hand's set equipment set effect was the bomb. Dealing 50% health points as damage per second for ten seconds would mean that Jiang Fei would be able to deal over 40,000 damage per second in an area of 500 meters. The set equipment had granted Jiang Fei a mini-Forbidden Spell! Not even Little Rain's un-upgraded Forbidden Spell was comparable to Jiang Fei in terms of both range and damage. However, Jiang Fei's skill did not have powerful growth potential. Even though the damage scaled directly with Jiang Fei's maximum health pool, it would still have its limits which could not reach as far as a real Forbidden Spell could.

    Even so, the Righteous Hand was still strong. The only thing that Jiang Fei felt really doubtful about was the Lightbringer Armament's double range effect. With the new set equipment, Jiang Fei's attack range was only thirty meters. He had, at best, a range that was slightly shorter than a magician.

    However, as a whole, Jiang Fei was willing to sacrifice the double range effect for a powerful overall upgrade of his attribute. To be fair, nothing could defeat Jiang Fei besides Lord tier boss Level 80 and higher.

    Jiang Fei came to the Demon Flame Fortress' stable and met with Heinz the Knight's Commander.

    "Commander Heinz, have you been calling for me?" said Jiang Fei as he confronted Heinz.

    "Ah, you're here. Good. Have you completed the Lord Commander's request?"

    "Yes, I have delivered the Felsteel Bars as requested of me," said Jiang Fei.

    "That's great news. The Great Demon Lord had good eyes for you," said Heinz. Even though Heinz and Ivan were good friends, they were still in the council and ranks played an important role in the Demon faction. Jiang Fei had repeatedly proved that his loyalty was to the Demon Lord, Isabella's father, and both Ivan and Heinz were treating him as one of them.

    "Your praise is but too much for me," said Jiang Fei humbly.

    "Nonsense. You have been nothing but loyal to the cause. Although you must be tired from the previous request, I have a predicament that requires your assistance once more. I wouldn't ask if it was not an urgent matter," said Heinz.

    "Commander, please do not hesitate to utilize me as you see fit," said Jiang Fei. It was time for another quest!

    "The situation is dire. Our horses have been infected by a viral disease and must be treated as soon as possible. We need a large number of herbs called Fadeleaf to make the proper medicine to treat the horses. As we are short on hands, I need you to help me," said Heinz.

    "Ding! Knight's Commander Heinz has a quest for you: Materials for War 3! Will you accept it?"

    "Thank you for entrusting me with this important mission," said Jiang Fei. Once Jiang Fei had received the quest, he opened the quest window to see its content and smiled immediately. Not long ago during the civilians' rescue mission, he had swept six to seven towns of all the valuable materials. Not only did he collect a large amount of Felsteel Bar, he had also collected many other items, including the aforementioned Fadeleaf.

    Based on the quest requirement, Jiang Fei needed to collect 20,000 counts of Fadeleaf. Any normal player would need to spend loads of money to buy them from other players. As of then, it was impossible since Fadeleaf was a herb that could only be found in Faction Map. For Jiang Fei however, it was a quest that did not require him to move a muscle since he had already collected a crap load of Fadeleaf, to begin with!

    "Commander, just so happen I have a few Fadeleaf in my possession. I can give them to you right now," said Jiang Fei as he turned around to talk to Heinz again.

    "Is that right?! Ah! That's great news indeed! Thanks to you, no horses would perish from the disease!" cried Heinz happily. He was the Knight's Commander after all. Without horses, his army of Knights would lose their means of fighting!

    "Ding! Quest completed! You have obtained 20,000,000 Experience Points, 1,200 Gold Coins, 4,000 Honor Points!"

    "Ding! Congratulations to player Verdure Glider for reaching Level 62! All Attributes +1! Obtained 5 Attribute Points!"

    "Ding! You have been recognized by a commander for your deeds in the military. You have gained the rank of Colonel!"

    When he had completed the quest by the Saint of the Light, Jiang Fei was only a few hundred thousand experience points away from leveling up. Now that he had received twelve million experience points at one go, not only had he reached Level 62, he had also gained 15% experience points in his experience gauge! 15% was a lot for his level!

    The 4,000 Honor Points had enabled Jiang Fei to shoot up in the ranking. On the Faction map, completing quests related to the war would earn you more Honor Points than fighting players or NPCs of the opposite Faction. However, once a player had reached the rank of Senior Colonel, they would have to start killing players and NPCs to gather more Honor Points since there would not be any more quests given.
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