526 High Explosive Gunpowder

    "What can I do you for?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "As you know, the war between the Light Faction is drawing close. To reduce the burden and casualties of our men and women, we need more powerful fire support. Magic Cannons alone are not enough. However, it is difficult to build more at the given time. Hence, it is best to resort to the most traditional cannons. Those are easier to build. The main materials required that are currently lacking is Arcane Depurate Gold," said Demolition General Frizt.

    "Ding! Demolition General Frizt has a quest for you: Materials for War 4! Will you accept it?"

    "I will do my best," said Jiang Fei. As he turned around, ready to leave, he checked the quest requirement and smiled. He had the necessary amount of Arcane Depurate Gold required to complete the quest right then and there! It was amongst the haul that he obtained from sweeping the towns in the Light Faction.

    "General, I have a few Arcane Depurate Gold here. Are they sufficient for your needs?" asked Jiang Fei as he quickly turned around and talked to Frizt.

    "Ah! Verdure Glider! You are a blessing to the Nephilim's cause! This is wonderful! Thank you!" cried Frizt happily as he had just fulfilled his request on the spot.

    "Ding! You have obtained 25,000,000 Experience Points, 1,300 Gold Coins, 6,000 Honor Points!"

    Jiang Fei was naturally delighted to see his experience point gauge was bumped up a little further.

    "Is there anything else that I could be of service?" asked Jiang Fei to trigger subsequence quests.

    "Ah? Ah!"

    Frizt was too excited that he had forgotten that Jiang Fei was still there, ready to offer additional help. He nodded happily and said, "I must thank you. With all the necessary materials, we could make more cannons at this moment! Thanks to your speedy help, we can produce more cannons than we can mount! Victory shall be of the Shadow Faction!"

    After praising Jiang Fei, Frizt issued another quest.

    "Verdure Glider, as you understand, cannons alone would not work without Highly Explosive Gunpowder."

    "Hmm..." Jiang Fei was stunned. He knew what he had taken from the Light Faction and Highly Explosive Gunpowder was not amongst them. To make gunpowder, one would require Moonstone. Even though he had a decent number of them in his inventory, he could not make them himself.

    "Ding! Demolition General Frizt has a quest for you: Materials for War 5! Will you accept it?"

    "Alright. Although it pains me that I am unable to fulfill your request right this instant, I will try my best!!" said Jiang Fei to accept the quest.

    "Ding! Quest Updated!"

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    Quest Description: Demolition General Frizt requires you to collect 20,000 High Explosive Gunpowder!

    Quest Reward: 80,000,000 Experience Points, 3,000 Gold Coins, 15,000 Honor Points, Shadow Faction Reputation Points 500!

    Jiang Fei was surprised to see the number of experience points and the other rewards of the quest. As expected, this quest was harder to complete, that was the reason why the reward was that high.

    Gold coins and Honor Points was not something that Jiang Fei had cared for. However, the Reputation Points was a decent amount that Jiang Fei felt happy about.

    Reputation Points were extremely hard to obtain as a normal player would take too much time only to gather a few tens or a hundred points. NPCs were extremely stingy when it came to Reputation Points as depicted by this very quest itself. Jiang Fei had already reached the fifth quest line and yet the reward was only 500 Reputation Points. Although it was considered to be a large number, Jiang Fei had already been spoiled by how easy it was to gain Reputation Points from the ladies.

    Since the three big shots of the Demon Flame Fortress were dudes, Jiang Fei was able to farm his Reputation Points just as fast as regular players. If they had any women in their ranks, Jiang Fei's Romeo title's effect would kick in and Isabella would start to be jealous and might do something that made Jiang Fei regret.

    More fetching or collecting quests were so boring that players would regularly skip them entirely. Only rich players would do them since it was free experience points at the cost of buying the materials needed. Jiang Fei had the luck for it since he had collected a large amount of "stuff" from the Light Faction. If he had not, Jiang Fei would have skipped the quest as well. Using his own money to buy his way through quests was something only Han Tianyu would do. Although he was rich, he did not want to end up like Han Tianyu.

    It was a good thing that Jiang Fei had a large quantity of Moonstones in his possession. All he needed to do right then was to find someone to do the meticulous work of refining it into gunpowder. Even the entire refining process had its failing and success rate, Jiang Fei was sure that he had enough Moonstones to compensate for the low success rate to produce 20,000 counts of gunpowder.

    As such, Jiang Fei had decided to have the Empyreal Dragon complete his request. He might even help the players with the Engineer profession to level up! He then made his way back to the Dawnlight City as almost all of the Profession players were living and working there.

    Jiang Fei went to his territory and find Rosa Rosette to discuss about the request he had. She was the best person to talk to since she had single handedly managed all of the matters regarding Profession. Having her arrange the players to refine the Moonstones into gunpowder was the fastest.

    "You know... When you're gone, you're like a ghost. No one knows where you are. Total radio silence. And when you make your appearance again, you would do something so drastic that no one could not notice you!" said Rosa Rosette as soon as Jiang Fei pitched his request to her.

    To be fair, Jiang Fei had the utmost trust in Rosa Rosette. That was one of the reasons why Jiang Fei had entrusted her with the guild's treasury. Additional, she was talented in management. With Empyreal Dragon under her care, the entire guild had not only became much grander, it had also made her famous!

    It was nothing but expected. The girl or... the lady was good in human relations. She could fish you off of your own guild and before you realized what you had done, you had already signed the binding contract to Empyreal Dragon! Besides giving face to the allied guild such as The Aristocrats, she would not hesitate on fishing other players from other guilds, no matter what the guild was.

    To be fair, Empyreal Dragon was a rising star in Dawnlight City as well as other cities. With the great and talented manager like Rosa Rosette, as well as the spirited leader Jiang Fei, stronger players or even regular ones would naturally be attracted to the guild. The worst that Rosa Rosette did to other guild was to offer something to both the guilds as well as the player that she was aiming for that neither of them could deny.

    Even though Jiang Fei had not seen much growth of the guild lately, he was still satisfied since the guild had grown much stronger than before. Empyreal Dragon had basically surpassed The Aristocrats and became the strongest guild in the city in all aspects! They had the strongest fighting force as well as the best of Profession players! There might be other better Profession players out there, swimming in an unknown guild, waiting to bite into Rosa Rosette's tempting bait!

    "Don't say that... I really needed the help of the entire guild for this! It's an important request!" cried Jiang Fei as he pleaded Rosa Rosette.

    "Please take these, I need them to be refined into Highly Explosive Gunpowder. 20,000 of them!" said Jiang Fei as he dumped all the Moonstones he had in his inventory.

    "Sigh... Fine. Just so happen that most of the Profession players in the guild have nothing important to do! I'll get them to work right away," said Rosa Rosette.

    Once the order was made, Rosa Rosette contacted all the Engineers of the guild and have them produce the Gunpowder. Jiang Fei returned to the Demon Flame Fortress later. Before heading there, Jiang Fei stopped at the fortress that he had claimed from before and checked on its construction. The NPC builders were working as hard as they could but it looked like they would need more time to finish building up the fortress. From the looks of it, the basic construct of the fortress was completed but there were still many of the crucial parts of the fortress that was still incomplete. By the time the new patch arrived, the fortress would have some form of defense.
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