528 Again, Two Birds One Stone

    With Heinz unable to send out help, Jiang Fei was alone with Ariel and Isabella to save the Master of the Seven Seas, King Elric.

    All three of them were sitting on the Skygliding Dragon as they made their way toward the Eastern seas where King Elric was supposedly imprisoned. The Skygliding Dragon was large enough to fit one more passenger without a problem.

    "Thank you very much for supporting me, big sis Bella," said Ariel as she hugged Isabella.

    "Don't worry about it. All of your problems are mine as well," said Isabella. The two girls were exceptionally close to each other. To this day, Jiang Fei had no idea what sort of magic move Isabella had done to Ariel. The Isabella that Jiang Fei knew would not get along with a love rival, much less treating her like her own sister!

    Along the route, Jiang Fei had asked for details of the situation and as Ariel explained, Jiang Fei could not help but sigh heavily.

    King Elric was not in a good situation. The Naga had planned for the kidnapping for a long time. They had first dealt with the Merfolk army, leaving King Elric and a few personal guards alive. They then brought in their own army to surround King Elric and erected the barrier to prevent him from escaping. Ariel was only able to escape due to the Love Contract skill.

    "You best live up to your title as the Master of the Seven Seas! Don't die before I save you! Or you will be answering to me in the afterlife!" muttered Jiang Fei to himself. He could not fathom the thought of losing two billion experience points.

    "Thank god that the quest requires me to attack directly. I only need to break the barrier and the King could teleport away!" said Jiang Fei as he strategized the rescue mission. At his current strength, Jiang Fei would likely be unable to complete the harder tier of the Hidden Quest. The only thing that Jiang Fei had in mind was to safely extract King Elric from his shackles and finish the quest at the bare minimum requirement.

    As long as the barrier was broken, the Overlord tier King Elric should be able to instantly teleport himself away to safety. After that, he should be safe. Jiang Fei could do nothing to save the other personal guards.

    After he had finalized his plans, Jiang Fei proceeded calmly toward the island where King Elric was held captive.

    "What sort of f*ckery is this?" shouted Jiang Fei as he saw the true situation with his own eyes.

    Ariel had failed to mention that his father was held captive and was surrounded by more than a few hundreds of thousands of Naga Brutes and Sirens! That was not all as the deeper the army was into the island, the stronger they were. Most of the soldiers that were on the front were Level 70 Elite tier. After that, Advanced Elite Level 75, and so on...

    There were only two things that the soldiers were guarding tightly. One, King Elric that was being held captive at the center of the island, and two, the barrier magic circle. Alas, even if Jiang Fei dared to dive from the sky, he predicted that he would be dead before he could even destroy the barrier's magic.

    "Bella, what say you?" asked Jiang Fei. Perhaps Isabella could use her Forbidden Spell to do something about the soldiers.

    Jiang Fei was out of options. Even though he had a skill that was similar to a Forbidden Spell, he had to be constantly channeling the magic spell. Moreover, it was a skill that activated with him being at the center of it. That meant, if the skill failed to kill the soldiers within its active period, more would come pouring in after the other and kill Jiang Fei before he could do anything.

    "I'm sorry. There are too many of them. I can't possibly eliminate them all..." said Isabella as she shook her head. Her Dragon form was strong but channeling the Forbidden Spell required time. Before the spell could be unleashed, the soldiers and the other higher tier bosses on the island would definitely do something to prevent Isabella from casting the spell.

    "F*ck me... What am I supposed to do then..." said Jiang Fei to himself.

    Jiang Fei was high in the sky. The Nagas were all concentrating their attention at the seas in case the Merfolk sent their army to stop them. Hence, no one was paying any attention to the sky above.

    "How about I have my brother come here. Keep in mind that that would make the Naga hate the Nephilim and the Shadow Faction. My father would not be happy about this," Isabella suggested an idea as well as gave a warning.


    If the Intermediate Overlord tier Otis lent a helping hand, the Naga soldiers would not be a problem. However, Isabella was right about one thing. The Demon King would definitely be upset about Otis attacking the Naga as it would upset the balance of the neutral stance Merfolk and Naga. Isabella was prepared to accept the wrath of her father for the sake of Ariel.

    "Ah! I have an idea!" cried Jiang Fei as he thought of something.

    If Jiang Fei sent an army, the Naga soldiers would retaliate. However, if he sent an Overlord tier boss to fight, he or she alone would be able to wipe out the entire army with ease. An Overlord tier boss would be like a titan fighting against NPC monsters.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    If Otis were to attack, the Nagas would bear a grudge against the Nephilim race as well as the Shadow Faction. But what if he could direct that grudge to someone from the Light Faction instead? It would be a two birds one stone chance again! Just so happen that Jiang Fei had someone in mind to help him out!

    "Bella, I have an idea but you are not going to like it," said Jiang Fei as he confronted Isabella about his plan. If he got Sylphy to help him, Isabella might not like it as she definitely hated that assassin. It was better to ask for permission like a good husband.

    "What is your idea? Do tell!" said Isabella. The little cute Nephilim princess cared for Ariel like she was her own little sister. If Jiang Fei had an idea, she would definitely want to hear about it.

    "Ehrm... I can ask Sylphy to attack the Nagas. That way, not only could we save Ariel's father, the Naga would also withdraw their neutrality toward the Shadow Faction!" said Jiang Fei, hoping that Isabella would not bite him again.

    "Oh! Please do so! Sister Sylphy sounds really strong!" cried the little mermaid. She had never met Sylphy before but she was more than capable of saving Ariel's father, Ariel would gladly accept anyone's help.

    "Tsk... Hm.... V-Very well," said Isabella after hesitating. She never liked Sylphy. One of the reasons was jealousy and the other being Faction affiliations. On the other hand, she was the Princess of the Nephilim! How could she approve someone who was the Beloved Disciple of the Moon God!?

    "Know this. If she helps us, Sylphy would not be able to return to the Light Faction. From then on, she would always be on our side!" said Jiang Fei as he reminded Isabella of the consequences.

    The reason was simple. If Sylphy attacked the Naga, the Naga would declare war on the Light Faction. With a little research, the Light Faction or the Luminous Church would be able to trace Sylphy and her affiliation with Jiang Fei and the Shadow Faction. Not only would she be kicked out of the Light Faction, she would also be hunted by the Light Faction! That was why he could not ignore Sylphy after she helped Ariel save her father.

    "F-Fine!" cried Isabella again. She was the Nephilim Princess. Even though she did not like the idea of Sylphy becoming the hero of the day, she understood just how much of an impact Sylphy's action of betraying the Light Faction was. Hence, after considering about it, Isabella agreed to let Jiang Fei summon Sylphy.
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