529 The Powerful Holy Church Assassin

    After obtaining Isabella's approval, Jiang Fei took out the piece of jade that Sylphy had given to him.

    "AH! When did you own such a thing!?" cried Isabella when she spotted the communicator. Annoyed and jealous, Isabella started pounding Jiang Fei's back like a little kid.

    "Come on! This is not important now!" Jiang Fei said bitterly as the situation with King Elric was getting desperate. There was no time to play with Isabella.

    "Hmph! You're right. This is not important now. But don't think that I'll let you go once this is all over!" Isabella snorted and went to Ariel to calm her down.

    "Sylphy..." Jiang Fei whispered the name into the Jade Plate.

    "You've finally called for me..." Sylphy's voice come came out of the Jade Plate. Her voice sounded both happy, melancholic, as well as bitter-sweet.

    "Leave the Light Faction, I want you to stay by my side..." said Jiang Fei, picking his words carefully.

    "Are you sure!?" cried Sylphy. She sounded extremely delighted as her pitch went up several octaves higher than normal.

    "Yes. Meet me at XXX, XXX. I'll be waiting," said Jiang Fei.

    "I'll be there right away!" Sylphy announced. The lovestruck Sylphy was waiting for an eternity for Jiang Fei to accept her. Hence, right after she had ended the call, she instantly morphed into a pillar of golden light and teleported to Jiang Fei's location. In less than ten minutes, Sylphy appeared next to Jiang Fei. As expected of an Overlord tier NPC, having such speed was nothing to be surprised of. To be honest, it was the bottled-up feeling of longing that Sylphy had kept to herself. Since Jiang Fei had asked Sylphy to be by his side, there was no need to hold back anymore.

    "Husband..." said Sylphy instead of calling Jiang Fei by his in-game name.

    "What did you say!?" roared Isabella when Sylphy addressed Jiang Fei as her husband. Naturally, Isabella would not stand by it. How could she let someone else take the position of the wife before her! She should have just waited for her turn! Like anyone else! Did she think that just because she had betrayed the Light Faction to be with Jiang Fei gave her the highest priority to become Jiang Fei's official spouse ? Over her dead body!

    "Calm down! Calm down!" said Jiang Fei at the verge of crying. He knew that the two would not stop bickering with each other, or rather, Isabella would not stop hammering Sylphy, but he had never thought that Isabella would actually charge at her, ready to fight.

    "Calm down! There are more important things at hand! Anything else can be settled later!" said Jiang Fei as he stood in front of Sylphy, protecting her.

    "Sister Bella, my father is not going to last any longer!" said Ariel as tears started to roll down her cheeks.

    "Sylphy, I need your help," said Jiang Fei to the legendary Holy Church Assassin.

    "Anything for you. Your wish is my command," said Sylphy. To her, even if Jiang Fei asked her to die, if it made him happy, she would gladly obey his command.

    "I need your help to rescue that Merfolk over there," said Jiang Fei as he pointed directly at King Elric.

    "The Merfolk that is being surrounded by the Nagas?" said Sylphy as she affirmed Jiang Fei's request.

    "That's correct. If it's possible, kill that strongest looking Naga and the rest of the Naga soldiers as well. However, your first priority is to save King Elric before the others," said Jiang Fei. He did not want to be greedy. As long as Sylphy could save King Elric, the rest of the objective was secondary.

    "My beloved husband, I will do as you asked of me," said Sylphy before vanishing from his very eyes.

    Jiang Fei drew in a deep breath and said, "Please work..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    At the instant Sylphy turned invisible, she made her way toward the barrier's magic circle. As expected of the Holy Church Assassin, Sylphy stealth skill was superb. Even after crossing the barrier, she had not leave a single detectable trace that would alert the Naga of an intruder.

    Even though Jiang Fei had said saving King Elric was of priority, she treated everything that Jiang Fei said as a priority. She would do whatever it took to complete all of Jiang Fei's request.

    Even though all three main characters were Lesser Overlord tier, King Elric was a Magician, Morgan was a Warrior, and Sylphy was a Thief. That gave her the highest advantage to take out Morgan. On the other hand, the weapon in Sylphy's hand was the real game changer. It was the Luminous Needle that was not returned to the Cardinal but was given back to Sylphy.

    That weapon was the perfect armament for the perfect assassin. An instant-kill, 100% Defense Ignore effect would literally end Morgan's life with a single stab!

    At this point, Morgan and her other High Lord NPCs had surrounded King Elric and attacked him. All of the personal guards of King Elric had already long perished.

    "Hahaha! Elric, how was my surprise ambush? Did you really think that you could continue to rule the Seven Seas when I am still here?!" Morgan roared delightedly as she thought her plan was perfect. She had tricked the most elite soldiers of the Merfolk to fight in a battle that was faked, putting Elric's kingdom in a weakened state.

    "That only thing that I was surprised was your complete lack of empathy. Nevertheless, I am but disappointed about not killing you earlier. I should be been merciless against you lot," said King Elric as he understood that his life was coming to an end.



    "My husband sends his regards," said Sylphy as she leaned forward and whispered into Morgan's ears.

    Morgan looked down at her chest and saw a sharp blade piercing through.

    Panicked, Morgan tried to pull herself from the blade but it was already too late. Even though she tried to erect a magic barrier, the Luminous Needles ignored all magic barrier and defense. In the next second, the blade glowed with a faint blue light.

    "ARGH!" cried Morgan as the Instant Kill effect of the blade was activated.

    There was no resistance. Only death. An Overlord tier boss had instantly been killed by another. There was no surviving if you were on Sylphy's hit list. Technically, you could if you had the Shadow Armor to negate death itself.

    "Lady Morgan!" cried the rest of the Naga bosses.

    "What's going on...?" King Elric was thrown. Just as he thought that he was about to die, a beautiful female appeared out of thin air and killed Morgan, his all-time nemesis.

    "I'll explain the situation later. For now, we need to kill every single one of the Nagas here," said Sylphy.

    "Alright," said King Elric decisively. Even though he did not understand why would someone from the Light Faction help him, it mattered most that he lived to tell the tale. The two cooperated with each other and started to turn the tables around.

    Sylphy was only doing what she was requested of. She did not care about the little things about King Elric and his squabbles with the Naga. The lovestruck woman had only one thing in her mind, to complete the request and gain the approval of Jiang Fei. King Elric, on the other hand, was genuinely angry at the Naga. Although he had hated the Naga as they were constantly at war with the Merfolk, King Elric was "royally" pissed off for being held captive!

    When two Overlord bosses were agitated for bloodshed, no one besides those with similar power could stop them. The Nagas had just lost their strongest fighter. There was no hope for them anymore.

    Sylphy, being the Holy Church's Assassin flashed around, killing almost every single soldiers with a single stab. Not even the Higher Lord tier bosses were able to fight back. Be it an ant of an angel, all that was stabbed by the Luminous Needle shall perish!

    King Elric was a killing machine once he was free. Powerful devastating spells were unleashed one after the other, killing more than Sylphy could since he had AoE attacks. In less than three minutes, King Elric had unleashed two Forbidden Spells. The death count on his name was so high that Sylphy could only stand out for killing Morgan.

    "Ding! Legendary Hidden Quest Completed! Difficulty - Mission Impossible!"

    Fifteen minutes later, Jiang Fei received the quest pop-up. After looking at the reward, Jiang Fei was stunned.
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