530 Diverting the Hatred

    As they realized their own strength, Sylphy proceeded only to kill the higher tier officers while King Elric used his AoE magic spells to kill the rest of the weaker soldiers. In less than a few minutes, the entire army of Naga was slaughtered. Dismembered heads, arms, and tails, were drifting in the waters.

    By the time King Elric had done venting his anger, the surrounding waters were dyed red. Dismembered limbs of the Nagas were seen floating on the waters.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    At this point, when there was no threat left to dispose of, King Elric made his way to Sylphy and relayed his thanks.

    "You have my utmost appreciation for saving me. May I have the name of my savior?"

    King Elric might not know the identity of Sylphy but he could at least tell that she was one of the Light Faction members.

    "My name is Sylphy. You do not need to thank me. I'm just following my master's order," said Sylphy. Saving King Elric was nothing but a request by Jiang Fei. To be honest, she had no interest in the Merfolk leader. If Jiang Fei had wanted his head, Sylphy would have immediately complied.

    "Haha. Sylphy, the Disciple of the Moon God! Your strength is as powerful as ever. Can you tell me who had ordered you to save me?" asked King Elric politely even though Sylphy was extremely cold toward him. The lady was holding the famous Luminous Needle in her hand. Even Morgan had been killed with a single stab, King Elric had little to no confidence to escape if she had wanted to kill him.

    "Father! Are you alright?" cried Ariel as Jiang Fei and the merry little party descended to the island.

    "I am now seeing that my precious daughter is safe and sound. Are these people your reinforcements?" asked King Elric.

    "No! Verdure Glider had heard of your capture and decided to come and rescue you on his own accord!" said Ariel to give credit to Jiang Fei. Even though she had made Jiang Fei accept the quest through the Love Contract effect, she had to lie since her father had not yet approved of Jiang Fei.

    "So it seems," said King Elric as he paid attention to Jiang Fei. He had met Jiang Fei once before but it was from a good distance away. Now that Jiang Fei was there, King Elric thought that he should have a good look at the man who stole his daughter's heart.

    When Ariel revealed about the Contract of Devotion and Jiang Fei to her father, King Elric was naturally displeased. He thought that Ariel was being too hasty about the matter. How could she simply choose a lifetime partner without even asking him about it?

    "It is an honor, King Elric," said Jiang Fei as he and Isabella bowed only slightly to King Elric.

    Even though King Elric had named himself the Master of the Seven Sea, he was still the leader of the Merfolk race. Isabella was the princess of the Royal Nephilim. Naturally, she had a higher position and rank. Isabella was only being polite since he was much stronger than her current state. However, politeness was where she would stop since the Merfolk leader had not yet done anything to deserve her respect.

    Jiang Fei and Isabella were a package deal. If one went, so did the other.

    "This one does not deserve your honor, Your Highness," said King Elric as he bowed down lower than Isabella did. Even though both Ariel and Isabella were princesses, Isabella was of a much higher status.

    "And who ...?" said King Elric as he wanted to address Jiang Fei casually. However, to his surprise, the person who had saved him earlier was cowering behind him. Hence, King Elric had thought that the man was something else differently.

    An Explorer was a title a player could obtain to garner the respect of most NPCs. An Overlord tier boss, on the other hand, not so much. However, the man was being embraced by the Royal Nephilim Princess and the Disciple of the Moon god! Just how much power did he have? Was he the son of the Moon God himself?"

    "May I know the name of this respected man?" asked King Elric as he lowered his pride.

    "This man is my fiance. His name is Verdure Glider, the disciple of Ou Yezi," Isabella explained his identity before Jiang Fei could respond.

    "Huh?" Jiang Fei was thrown. Since when did he become Isabella's fiance? When did they get engaged? When did he give her a ring?

    Isabella eyed Jiang Fei and slid her tiny little fingers between his armor to poke his waist. She was clear about her words. If he dared to do anything against her will, she would not hesitate to hurt him!

    "Ah... Haha. Yes. I am Verdure Glider," said Jing Fei awkwardly.

    Jiang Fei was not as dumb as he looked. He understood that she was merely trying to assert her dominance on Jiang Fei, to show Sylphy who's the real boss of the house. When Sylphy had blatantly addressed Jiang Fei as her husband, Isabella was triggered. Naturally, she would not back down from the fight and would gladly take a bold step forward.

    "Ahaha! Hahaha! I understand!" cried King Elric as he somewhat misunderstood the situation. His look was saying "must be nice to be young". He had completely forgotten the fact his daughter's lifelong partner had another girl by the side! The reason was because King Elric was entranced by the name Ou Yezi.

    The name Ou Yezi might escape the ears of lower level NPCs. Perhaps even Ivan, Heinz, and Frizt might not know who Ou Yezi was. However, amongst the higher level NPCs such as King Elric himself, the name Ou Yezi was like a thunder ringing in his ears.

    Ou Yezi was only one of the Four Sages of the Heavens! The position that was higher than any Kings and Queens around!

    'Argh! I was too careless. I knew that my daughter was famous as she was beautiful but I did not know that she has gotten herself someone who was much powerful than I am! Looks like I can take this chance to climb higher than I was before! I might even become the real King of the Sea and not suffer in the far corner of this little Eastern Sea.' thought King Elric. The dissatisfaction he had when he heard about his daughter offering the Contract of Devotion to someone else was immediately purged.

    Jiang Fei could sense King Elric's sudden change of attitude when the name Ou Yezi was dropped. Looked like the mystery about the Divine Blacksmith had only gotten vaguer.

    After Jiang Fei and King Elric exchanged greetings, he pulled King Elric aside and talked to him in private. He warned him not to spread the news about Sylphy's betrayal to the Shadow Faction or being an ally to Jiang Fei. This sort of information was only told to the leader of the Merfolk.

    It was important since he needed the blame to be directed at the Light Faction. He allowed King Elric to inform his fellow Merfolk to know who his savior was but that was it. Jiang Fei wanted the news be about Sylphy coming to help the Master of the Seven Seas on her own accord. That way, he could divert the hatred of the Nagas toward the Light Faction!

    King Elric listened and understood what Jiang Fei wanted. He was, after all, the savior of King Elric and the life long partner of his daughter. Naturally, he would not betray Jiang Fei's trust. From the perspective of outsiders, it was Sylphy who had killed the Tyrant of the Ocean, Morgan, and saved the Master of the Seven Seas. Only the Merfolk race knew that it was all thanks to Jiang Fei that their leader was saved.

    In the end, Jiang Fei was the one who gained the most benefits while the Light Faction had incidentally garnered the hatred and grudge of the Naga!
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