532 Destroy the Naga’s Nes

    Jiang Fei had made the right call. Ariel had a natural talent to solve conflicts. When she had made a contract with Jiang Fei, she was left alone with Isabella for only half an hour and yet, she had managed to solve Isabella's impasses and they both emerged as sisters. Jiang Fei left the three girls on their own and after some time, the three returned. Even though the atmosphere was not as intimate as Isabella and Ariel, Sylphy and Isabella were no longer going at each other throats.

    "Darling! I've handled it!" cried the little mermaid. Even Ariel had changed the way she addressed Jiang Fei.

    "Urgh..." To be honest, Jiang Fei was not comfortable with being called "darling, husband," or any terms that were too intimate.

    "If there's nothing else for me to do, I shall take my leave now. I need to help my father," said Ariel as she turned around and left.

    "Wait!" cried Jiang Fei as he chased after Ariel. He did not want the little mermaid to leave just yet. If Isabella and Sylphy started to fight again, he would need her to mediate them again.

    "Is there anything else I can do for you? Darling?" asked Ariel.

    "Urhm... Actually, I don't feel right, having you to help your father alone. Please let me share that burden," said Jiang Fei. What he failed to tell her was that he wanted Ariel to be around when the princess and the assassin started to make noise. Secondly, he wanted Ariel to issue some quests to him, allowing Jiang Fei to farm some Merfolk Reputation Points.

    "You're so considerate, darling!" cried Ariel as she leaped forward to hug Jiang Fei. She even kissed him on his cheek.

    "Let's go! My father would be pleased to see you again!"

    "That's good to hear," said Jiang Fei. When his father was captured, Jiang Fei could not interfere for he was too weak and he did not want the Naga to hate the wrong faction. However, now that things had changed, Jiang Fei needed to wear the ring as soon as possible. On the plus side, Jiang Fei could even further strengthen the ring by killing the Nagas.

    Jiang Fei summoned the Skygliding Dragon and everyone got on it. With three girls and Jiang Fei riding, the gigantic Dragon could no longer fly as fast as it could. Sylphy, who could fly on her own, did not want to leave Jiang Fei's side. She could ease the load on the dragon but she had chosen to stay with Jiang Fei.

    'Oh man... there's four of us now... What would happen if Hua Mulan suddenly decided to jump on the bandwagon...' wondered Jiang Fei to himself. He had also forgotten about the Saint of the Light.

    Jiang Fei had seriously underestimated the power of Romeo. As he completed more and more quests, there would surely be more and more women that would be "Infatuated" with him! The numbers would no longer be a single digit! Even if Jiang Fei had chosen the hermit way and avoid all communications with females, there would be forces in play that would send him a bunch of female NPCs for him to court!

    Jiang Fei did not realize that he was being used as an experimental guinea pig! Before he had realized about the side effects of having too many girls, someone else had already begun the unstoppable train of event. When the female NPCs had improved their programming, it would be the researchers who would be reaping the benefits. There would be someone who might even laugh at Jiang Fei in the end...


    Although it took some time, the dragon had finally landed on a small island with King Elric commanding his troops personally.

    There were two forces on the same island. On one side, King Elric was arranging his troops, consolidating every available troop while sending off injured soldiers. On the other side of the island were the Nagas. They were not as lucky as the Merfolk, they had sustained a heavy blow from the Merfolk and were trying their best to survive.

    "Father! I bring you good news! Verdure Glider wants to help you kill the Eastern Sea Nagas!" cried Ariel as she jumped off the dragon and rushed to her father's side.

    "Is that right?! Ahh good lad! In that case, take charge of the Giant Whale and attack the Main Camp of the Naga!" said King Elric proudly. From his perspective, Jiang Fei was the disciple of the Four Heaven Sages. To reel in Jiang Fei to his side, King Elric had decided to offer him a high ranking position in his military rank.

    The Eastern Sea Naga army had already lost their will to fight, the Merfolk could easily win the war with their eyes closed. To be fair, it did not matter who led the soldiers as the enemies had practically dropped their swords. Attacking Morgan's nest would be such an accomplishment that King Elric had decided to let Jiang Fei take the honor instead of his son. It was a huge price to bear but Jiang Fei was worth the honor.

    "Ding! The Master of the Seven Seas, King Elric has a quest for you: Destroy the remains of the Naga! Will you accept it?"

    "I shall do my best to live up to your expectations, King Elric," said Jiang Fei. Knowing that King Elric had already done so much to gain his favor, Jiang Fei decided to play along. To him, quests and rewards were more important to him than honor or accomplishment. As the quests got harder, the reward got higher too. He saw it as an absolute win! The sooner, he gained more reputation points, the sooner he could put on the ring.

    When he was still in the sky, he had noticed that there were still a good number of Naga soldiers about, though they were all beaten up. For now, Jiang Fei had only seen them as upgrade materials for the Merfolk's Vengeance. The more he killed, the better the ring got.

    Once Jiang Fei accepted the quest from King Elric, he noticed that he had gained the Commander role. It was only limited to the Giant Whale troop, which granted him the authority where whenever any one of the Giant Whale troop made a kill, it would be counted in Jiang Fei's name. However, the experience points gained would be reduced. However, what mattered most was the kill count because of the ring.

    "All hands, follow my lead!" cried Jiang Fei as he commanded the Giant Whale troop to the Naga's nest.

    The Master of the Seven Seas had placed the strongest troop he had under Jiang Fei's command. Since he did not know how strong Jiang Fei was, it was best to give him his strongest troop to ensure Jiang Fei's victory.

    The Giant Whale troop were whale warriors that were at least seven meters tall. All of them wielded a five meters long Iron Spear that had a spiral end. Anyone who was pierced by would have their bones and muscles shredded to pieces. Jiang Fei had a quick look at the warrior and noted that they were all Level 75 Advanced Elite NPCs. Their combat capabilities were only about the same as the Naga Brutes. If that was the strongest troop that King Elric could spare for Jiang Fei, it only showed that Jiang Fei was someone capable of winning the war.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    After leading tens of thousands of Giant Whale Warriors to kill the remaining Naga soldiers, he moved on to the final objective; the Naga's Nest. Naturally, Sylphy and Isabella were beside Jiang Fei all the time, attacking alongside the Giant Whale Warriors. Ariel was not with Jiang Fei as she was still with the King, consolidating the remaining soldiers to their respected troops.

    "Let's show them hell!" cried Jiang Fei as he issued the attack order to attack the Naga's Nest.

    The war was not as brutal nor as exciting as Jiang Fei had expected. The Naga soldiers did not put up a good fight as they were already tattered and beaten down. With the loss of their main powerhouse, Morgan, they were left with only a few thousands of Advanced Elite Naga soldiers. The rest of the militia were only old Naga that were enlisted at the very last minute. Naturally, with such a huge difference in military power, the Naga was defeated by a crushing defeat of ten to one. They did not even have a shred of chance of winning.

    Jiang Fei made his way toward the Naga's Nest and started the slaughtering of the Nagas. In less than half an hour, there were no more Nagas in sight. The Giant Whale troops left the Naga's Nest without a single casualty. Since Jiang Fei was the Commander, he had gained nearly a million experience points in total and had also increased the stat of the Holy Item, Merfolk's Vengeance.
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