536 The Great Power That Holy Items Bring

    After Jiang Fei led the huge army to victory, the Master of the Seven Seas, Elric, praised him, "As expected, a young talent! You managed to destroy the base of the Naga Sirens so quickly!"

    "Ding! Quest complete! Obtained 22,000,000 Experience Points. Obtained 5000 gold coins. Obtained 3000 Reputation with the Merfolk!"

    Jiang Fei received the Quest Rewards. It was not a lot, but the Quest was simple anyway. This so-called war Quest was just an armed march. Jiang Fei was more than happy that he received this much rewards.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    However, he needed a little more Reputation to reach the level of Worship. So, Jiang Fei obviously had to continue earning more.

    "Master Elric, is there anything else I can do for you?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Err..." Elric did not know what to say because there was really nothing else for Jiang Fei to do. The Naga Sirens were now completely vulnerable. All the military work was basically the generals' jobs. He had already allowed Jiang Fei to complete the military work that belonged to his son. It would be inappropriate if he stopped another general from working, right?

    He could transfer his son's military work to Jiang Fei without his son objecting because they were family. However, if he took away the military work of the generals under him, they would definitely complain about it. Even if they did not say anything, it would still cause some discord, so Elric was in a difficult position.

    "Mmm... how about... you go and help Ariel?" After thinking about it for a moment, Elric had an idea. He could not give Jiang Fei any more of his son's military work, but he still had his precious daughter. Moreover, in this way, the both of them would have a chance to interact with each other.

    "Ding! The Master of the Seven Seas, Elric, has given you a Quest: Reinforce Ariel! Will you you accept?"

    "Okay! I'll go there immediately!" Jiang Fei did not hesitate at all. His goal now was to gain more Reputation, then equip the Merfolk's Vengeance.

    After accepting the Quest, Jiang Fei said goodbye to Elric. Then, he led his tens of thousands of whale warriors to the battlefield where Ariel was at.

    When Jiang Fei and his army arrived at the battlefield, Ariel was already almost done. The hardest part of the battle was already over.

    "Kill! Attack however you want to!" With a command from Jiang Fei, a group of giant whale warriors rushed toward the remaining enemies. These giant whale warriors were not comparable to the Level 60 Fiddler Crabs led by Ariel. Moreover, Ariel's enemies were not the Naga Sirens, but the Makruras. The combat power of the two sides was on a totally different level. One hit from the giant whale warriors was enough to make these Makruras dizzy. Then, the giant whale warriors would kill them!

    "Hehe, why are you here, darling?" Ariel flew to Jiang Fei's side and naturally clung onto Jiang Fei's arm.

    "Your father was worried about you, so he asked me to come here and reinforce you." Jiang Fei laughed.

    "You're so nice!" Ariel smiled sweetly at Jiang Fei.

    If Ariel was a normal general, she would probably hate Jiang Fei to death at this time. She had already finished the difficult part of the battle. The only thing left to do was reap the harvest of the victorious battle. Jiang Fei brought the main army in at the last minute to kill everything and take all the credit. This was way too immoral of him!

    However, Ariel was different. This little girl was crazy about Jiang Fei. When it came to Jiang Fei, she did not care about military work and such. As long as her lover was willing to help her, she was already really happy.

    "Ding! Reinforcement Quest complete! Obtained 11,000,000 Experience Points. Obtained 2000 gold coins. Obtained 2000 Reputation with the Merfolk!"

    "Ding! Your Reputation with the Merfolk has reached Worship!"

    A green light flashed and Jiang Fei's Reputation with the Merfolk had finally reached the maximum.

    "Ha! I can finally wear it!" Jiang Fei rejoiced. Then, he equipped the Merfolk's Vengeance, replacing the Treasure Hunting Ring. Although this Treasure Hunting Ring had a unique function, the chance of it working was way too small.

    Jiang Fei's attributes soared instantly. As he had killed many Naga Sirens previously, the attributes of the Holy Item ring had grown a little. The Attack Power had increased by more than 4,000, and his Strength had increased to more than 3,200. His Vitality had also increased to more than 280. Jiang Fei instantly became invincible!

    His Health Points had exceeded 100,000 and he had more than 12,000 Defense. Jiang Fei was equivalent to a small boss. His Attack Power was even better. The Merfolks' Vengeance was already a piece of Attack-type equipment. After Jiang Fei equipped it, his Attack Power exceeded 30,000. Even without Ruthless Barrage, he was already invincible. If he stacked Ruthless Barrage ten times, his damage of nearly 100,000 was absolutely godly!

    "As expected from a Holy Item ranked equipment!" Jiang Fei said with some excitement. The attributes of this one ring were already better than the attributes of a whole Level 60 Legendary quality equipment set combined! Moreover, this was a ring with Growth!

    "It's a pity that I can't equip that Demon Race's two-handed sword..." Jiang Fei complained. He had just equipped a Holy Item, but he had already started to want more.

    While Jiang Fei was still looking at his own attributes, the battle was already over. After all, as the giant whale warriors were against the Makruras, it was basically bullying. After a horrible round of abuse, the battle was over.

    "Come on! Let's go see my father!" Ariel tugged at Jiang Fei's arm and said happily. It seemed like she did not mind if she did not get any rewards. It was as if she was happier if Jiang Fei took all the credit.

    In actuality, Jiang Fei did not care about the rewards anymore. After all, the greatness of the Holy Item ring had already overshadowed all the other rewards.

    As expected, after they returned, Elric gave Jiang Fei more than 10,000,000 Experience Points and 100 gold coins, which was of little significance to Jiang Fei.

    After leaving Ariel to help her dad take over the Naga Siren territory, Jiang Fei took Isabella and Sylphy back to the Demon Flame Fortress. After a whole day of observation, Jiang Fei realized that Ariel was actually quite capable. He did not know what she did, but she actually managed to make Isabella and Sylphy accept each other!

    Even though he did not know why, Jiang Fei was glad that these two girls were not quarreling with each other anymore. They were so annoying when they fought all the time! However, while these two girls tortured him, Jiang Fei had also gained a lot of experience in picking girls up. If he continued to interact with these two girls, his girl pick-up level would increase for sure.

    "Sister Rose, is my stuff ready?" After returning to the Demon Flame Fortress, Jiang Fei sent Rosette Rose a message. After all, one day had passed. Since there were so many Engineer players in the guild, they should have been able to finish with the Highly Explosive Potions by now, right?

    "Mmm, it's already done. I didn't expect that the trouble you created to actually turned into a big help. Almost all the Engineer players in the guild have leveled up and one Rare Profession Engineer player had actually increased his Profession Level by two levels. If there are similar opportunities in the future, think more about the guild!" Rosette Rose laughed.

    "That's good, I still need them in the future!" Jiang Fei nodded. After the release of the expansion pack, the fortress war would become the norm. However, as the defense towers had godly attributes, it was not something that players could destroy easily at all. Therefore, it was necessary to use the siege weapons designed and made by Engineer players!

    After returning to Dawnlight City, Jiang Fei took the 20,000 Highly Explosive Potions that were required by his quest. As for the rest, he left them with the guild. It could be used to make siege weapons later on.
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