541 Not Much Time Lef

    Shroder and Berry left on the small boat that they used on the journey to get there. As Jiang Fei's news was too shocking, Shroder did not even think about asking why Jiang Fei had shown up there and why he had asked about Jenny's whereabouts.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Since Shroder did not ask, Jiang Fei excused himself from explaining. Once they had both left, Jiang Fei turned to look at the Japanese technicians. Jiang Fei looked very troubled. By right, these people were all living proofs of the Japanese's plot. However, Shroder had mistaken them as Jiang Fei's hostages and therefore did not even mention them during their conversation.

    However, now that Shroder was gone, Jiang Fei could not take them away.

    "I have no choice but to get in touch with him now!" Jiang Fei reluctantly contacted Han Tianyu.

    "Brother Yu, I am now on a small island in the West Pacific Ocean. Send a vessel over to pick me up." After finishing his sentence, Jiang Fei added, "Get one of old man Hai's guys over here too. It would be best if the person is good at interrogations."

    "D*mn! Brother, what have you done? Who messed with you?" Han Tianyu was greatly surprised. He thought someone had gotten into trouble with Jiang Fei again.

    "This time, it's an even bigger deal. Try to come over as well if you are able to. It's difficult to explain over the phone!" Jiang Fei said after some contemplation.

    "Alright! Send me your current location. I'll come over as soon as possible!" Han Tianyu said.

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei nodded and hung up.

    He then turned around to look at the Japanese fellows. Jiang Fei had made these people squat down in random places. He was not worried that any of them would try to run away as the only helicopter capable of leaving the island had been destroyed. If any of them attempted to run away, they would only drown in the ocean.

    Not only was Jiang Fei unconcerned with these people running away, he also did not fear that any of them would retaliate. The only Bio-Human guards with battle capabilities had already been killed. The remaining two pilots only had capabilities of special armed forces and could not even be compared to Level One Metahumans. Therefore, they did not pose any real threat to Jiang Fei. Moreover, these fellows were already greatly intimidated by Jiang Fei after they had witnessed how Jiang Fei had killed the Level Four Bio-Humans. If they were to fight against Jiang Fei, they would surely die.

    Jiang Fei spent almost an entire day keeping an eye on these fellows. When the night came, Jiang Fei did not log into the game for fear that these Japanese fellows would take advantage of him when he entered a state of deep sleep by logging into the game.

    At approximately two o'clock in the morning, Han Tianyu's call finally came.

    "Ah Fei, please confirm your location. We have already arrived somewhere nearby. A small vessel has been sent over!" In order to come pick up Jiang Fei, Han Tianyu clearly mobilized the aircraft carrier in the West Pacific Ocean.

    Since Han Tianyu had to arrange for an interrogator from the Martial Art Alliance to come over and also a transport for himself, a fighter jet was the fastest option. Naturally, the only thing that allowed fighter jets to land on the open ocean was an aircraft carrier.

    After Jiang Fei confirmed his location again, a small vessel finally landed on the shores nearby.

    "Ah Fei, where are you?" Han Tianyu had personally come on the small vessel to pick Jiang Fei up.

    "I'm over here. Hold on one second!" Jiang Fei greeted Han Tianyu. He then turned around and spoke in Japanese to order the hostages to load their devices onto the vessel. After all, these devices were all items of proof.

    Through 0541's memory infusion, Jiang Fei could already speak most of the popular languages in the world. Therefore, Jiang Fei did not face any difficulty in commanding the Japanese fellows to get onto the vessel.

    "D*mn! Ah Fei, are you robbing or kidnapping?" Han Tianyu asked jokingly as he looked at the eight people carrying boxes of things under Jiang Fei's surveillance.

    "Geez! Laugh on if you wish. We'll see if you can still laugh in a little while!" Jiang Fei pouted. As he did so, he noticed a stranger standing next to Han Tianyu.

    "Oh! I forgot to introduce you to each other." Han Tianyu laughed when he saw Jiang Fei's expression. "This is my good brother, Jiang Fei. I won't go into details. This is Bai Wanjian from Snow Mountain Sect. He is Bai Zongwei's uncle."

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei and Bai Wanjian greeted each other with a nod. They both had Level Four capabilities. According to the Martial Art Alliance's rules, as long as two people were not related and did not come from the same sect, their ranking would be measured based on their prowess instead of their age. Since the two were at the same level of capability, they both had equal rankings.

    Very soon, Jiang Fei ensured the hostages were all brought onto the aircraft carrier from the small vessel.

    After getting on board the aircraft carrier, a few military men arrested these hostages.

    "Alright, brother Jiang Fei, can you tell us what happened now?" Bai Wanjian asked. He was an elder of the Snow Mountain Sect's criminal court. Not too long ago, he had received a mission from the Martial Art Alliance to accompany Han Tianyu to a small island to meet Jiang Fei. The only request made of him was to assist Jiang Fei to the best of his ability without any further information. Therefore, up until now, he was still very confused.

    "This is what happened..." Jiang Fei repeated the entire story of the Japanese's plan. However, this time, Jiang Fei spoke in even greater detail than when he had explained things to Shroder.

    He included details of how advanced the Japanese Bio-Technology had become, on top of the scale of the Bio-Army they were capable of creating.

    "D*mn! These Japanese people are crazy!" Han Tianyu exclaimed after hearing Jiang Fei out. To a certain extent, he was the representative of the government and was therefore more concerned about the benefits and drawbacks of anything that would affect the government. Therefore, he regarded the Japanese's ambitions with more seriousness.

    "I know why you have asked me to come. Do you want me to interrogate those Japanese fellows?" Bai Wanjian asked while looking at Jiang Fei.

    "Yes! It would be great if you can get them to spill everything they know." Jiang Fei nodded. He felt Bai Wanjian's eyes light up whenever he heard the word 'interrogate'.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, don't worry about it. I will make sure they spill everything!" Bai Wanjian said as he stood up. There was nothing wrong with Bai Wanjian except for the fact that he enjoyed torturing others. However, the Snow Mountain Sect was a righteous sect which meant that he could not torture people as he pleased. That meant his favorite hobby always had to be suppressed. Today, he would have the opportunity to torture the eight Japanese people and have all the fun he could hope for.

    "Little Yu, find me a translator. I do not understand their language!" Bai Wanjian said to Han Tianyu in an authoritative tone.

    "Uncle Bai, that's not an issue. However, those Japanese fellows are living proofs. Please don't kill all of them." Han Tianyu reminded him. Everyone in the Martial Art Alliance knew about this man's hobby of torturing others except for Jiang Fei.

    "Don't worry! I know what to do!" Bai Wanjian laughed.

    "Alright then. Someone will accompany you there!" Han Tianyu waved as two soldiers came over to bring Bai Wanjian to the interrogation room. A translator was already waiting in the room.

    "Ah Fei, is your news accurate?" Although Jiang Fei had described everything in detail, the Japanese's plan sounded too terrifying and crazy. Therefore, Han Tianyu was still having issues with accepting it.

    "You will know once the interrogation results are out..." Jiang Fei shook his head. He too felt it was a difficult situation to overcome. The Japanese's behavior was getting out of hand with their Bio-Modification of mutants. They even dared to target Level Four mutants now. This showed how developed their plan had become since they no longer feared any resistance. It would appear that there was not much time left. If Jiang Fei wanted to stop the Japanese from declaring war against the entire world, he would need to speed up his rate of searching for Braveheart's Fragments.
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