542 Ambush

    The next step was to wait for the interrogation results. During this time, Jiang Fei could do nothing. As Han Tianyu was right next to him, he did not log into the game as he did not want to expose the mysterious ring. Instead, he allowed Han Tianyu to arrange a room for him to sleep in.

    As it was already five o'clock in the morning when Jiang Fei went to bed, he only woke up at around eleven o'clock. When Jiang Fei saw Han Tianyu again, he noticed Han Tianyu's bloodshot eyes. Clearly, he had not slept at all.

    Han Tianyu was not able to sleep because the news he received from Jiang Fei was too shocking. If the news was proven to be true, he would have to immediately report it to his superiors. That included not only the Martial Art Alliance but the government as well. He would have to get his superiors to take the matter seriously and act upon it immediately.

    If things were as bad as Jiang Fei had described, the Japanese's plan would already have reached an uncontrollable stage. The only way to deal with it was to go against the Japanese head on. If China did not prepare accordingly, they would definitely become the Japanese's primary target.

    At approximately one o'clock in the afternoon, Bai Wanjian finally appeared before Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu.

    "Uncle Bai, how did it go?" Although Han Tianyu knew that Jiang Fei would not lie, he still hoped that the news was a mistake.

    "Hmph! The fellows were quite resistant at first, but they have given in now! What brother Jiang Fei said was true. In fact, things are even more severe than we have thought..." Bai Wanjian told Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu everything he had learned from the interrogation.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    He found out a great deal of information from the technicians, especially the person who controlled the Level Four Bio-Human. By then, the Japanese had apparently already created 500,000 Bio-Humans for their army. 2,000,000 soldiers from the military defense had participated in the experiments. Although the success rate of the experiments was only 25%, the army of 500,000 Bio-Humans with Level Two capabilities was even greater than 2,000,000 normal military troops.

    The Japanese had created nearly fifty Level Four and above Bio-Humans in the High-Tier range. Such a large number could already rival normal metahuman groups and would only be second to the Mutants Brotherhood and the China Martial Art Alliance.

    Moreover, at the High-Tier level, the strongest Bio-Humans the Japanese have created were not only of the Middle-Tier Level Four, but instead of the Pinnacle Level Four. They even had more High-Tier Level Four Bio-Humans than China Martial Art Alliance's High-Tier martial artists.

    "F*ck!" Han Tianyu crushed a teapot with a single punch.

    "Haih!" Jiang Fei sighed. He was not surprised by the Japanese's ability to create Pinnacle Level Four Bio-Humans. They had already managed to create a Level Five Bio-Human like Phoenix. The only problem they encountered was that a Level Four metahuman was too powerful. When they were trying to rid Jenny of her consciousness, they only managed to remove her memory and willpower. However, Phoenix's willpower miraculously appeared.

    Due to the uncontrollable state of a Level Five metahuman, the Japanese had no choice but to stop the experiments on creating Level Five Bio-Humans. They would at the very least have to solve the issue with Phoenix first. After all, Phoenix was now on a rampage to destroy the Japanese's bases.

    Phoenix was the bane of the Japanese's life. She was destroying whatever they had created all over the place and yet they could not do anything about it. Most people would not be able to stop Phoenix's destructive behaviour. However, if they tried to mobilize a Level Five metahuman to get rid of Phoenix, the consequences might be even more severe.

    As it was impossible to kill a Level Five metahuman, the only thing a stronger Level Five metahuman could achieve was to scare her off. However, if the two got into a fight, the Japanese's bases would not be the only thing destroyed. The entire city might even be razed to the ground. That would definitely make things worse.

    "Even Tokyo has a Level Five backup..." This was the only useful information Jiang Fei acquired from the results of the interrogation.

    "Yeah! I have heard of this. However, that fellow is not a human. It is some kind of godly beast!" Bai Wanjian said.

    "Screw me! Godly beast?" Jiang Fei was surprised. He quickly recollected his thoughts. It seemed like this godly beast might actually be one of the Bio-Samples Braveheart had lost. Of course, it could also be the offspring of the Level Five Alien Beast.

    "I must immediately report this to my superiors! Ah Fei, do you need a lift?" Han Tianyu asked as he stood up.

    "Take me with you!" Jiang Fei wanted to return home as well.

    "Uncle Bai, I will need to trouble you to sort things out here. I will arrange for transport to return to the aircraft carrier. Please continue interrogating those hostages and see if you can find any other useful information." Han Tianyu said as he turned to Bai Wanjian.

    "Alright!" Bai Wanjian finally understood the severity of the situation and nodded in agreement.

    By the time the arrangements were made for Jiang Fei to return to the aircraft carrier, it was already three o'clock in the afternoon. Han Tianyu steered the aircraft into the air with Jiang Fei on board as they headed back to China.

    After arriving in China, Han Tianyu dropped Jiang Fei off at the military airport.

    "Ah Fei, I do not have time to send you back to Manda Square. It isn't too far away from the city. Go home on your own!" Han Tianyu said as he rushed off.

    Jiang Fei shrugged. He was only thirty kilometers away from the city. Even without summoning his Gigantic Sword, Jiang Fei would be able to get home on foot within half an hour.

    After activating his Origin Force, coupled with his Gliding Saint Step, Jiang Fei's reached his maximum Movement Speed. It was as if he was gliding on land. He managed to reach the city in only twenty minutes.

    As there were more people in the city, Jiang Fei naturally stopped using his special abilities. He took a bus back to somewhere near the Manda Square and swiftly walked toward Manda Square. By then, the sky had already turned completely dark.

    Jiang Fei was rather familiar with the roads here. After all, he used to take the same route to school. When he thought of his school, Jiang Fei realized he had not visited the school for a very long time. Jiang Fei used to go to school to prevent his parents from finding out about his true identity. It was no longer necessary now that his parents already knew that he was a metahuman. Therefore, Jiang Fei naturally stopped going to school.

    Jiang Fei could not help but feel melancholic as he continued walking swiftly. A few months ago, he was still a high school student without any worries or concerns. All of a sudden, he got himself warped into a world of danger.

    However, Jiang Fei had never regretted discovering the mysterious ring. Without the encounter, he would be killed by an army of freaks once the Japanese's plan came into fruition.

    With the mysterious ring, Jiang Fei had a fighting chance and the power to retaliate against the Japanese. As long as he could locate the key components of Braveheart, the Japanese's plan would certainly fail.

    Jiang Fei suddenly froze when he was still walking back to Manda Square. The corners of his mouth lifted.

    "This young girl is so stubborn!" Jiang Fei glanced at the shadowy figure behind the fountain. There was a girl hiding in the dark. It seemed as if she was planning to ambush someone.
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