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    Jiang Fei pretended as if he had not noticed anything and started walking forward. He was curious as to what Si Tuying had in mind and what kind of tricks she wanted to play this time.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "I will kill you!" Indeed, the moment Jiang Fei approached the fountain, Si Tuying jumped out and tried to kick Jiang Fei with her leg.

    "Hehe." Jiang Fei smiled. Si Tuying had improved quite a lot since they last met. However, the young lady was still a normal human. Her current capabilities could not compare to elite grade special armed forces. She was a complete joke to Jiang Fei.


    Jiang Fei did not even turn his head around as he grabbed Si Tuying's leg with his hand.

    In a swift motion, Jiang Fei tugged her toward himself. The young lady lost her balance immediately and fell into his arms. Thereafter, Jiang Fei turned around to sit next to the fountain as he pulled Si Tuying onto his lap.


    Jiang Fei started smacking the young lady's butt. The sound of his palm against her butt could be heard very clearly in the quiet alley.

    "Ughh..." The young lady's face had turned red. However, from the sound of her moaning, she seemed to be enjoying it somewhat and might even be excited about being slapped.

    "Holy sh*t... Has this girl become addicted to being slapped on her butt?" Although Jiang Fei contemplated it, he did not stop slapping her. He had not felt the sensation of slapping her butt for a very long time and was therefore enjoying the moment.

    After a while, the young lady stopped making any sound. Jiang Fei finally stopped. He then helped her to get up. As the young lady was extremely embarrassed, her face was red all over. She looked extraordinarily cute with her blushed cheeks.

    "B*stard, where have you been?" After being pulled up by Jiang Fei this time, Si Tuying did not run away as she did in the past. Instead, she rested one hand on her waist while pointing at Jiang Fei's nose with the other.

    "Eh?!" Jiang Fei was stunned. He was now worried that the young lady had fallen in love with him.

    Although Jiang Fei was inexperienced, he still knew a few things about romance. Although he was not bothered the first few times, he eventually got the hang of it after being trained by Isabella and Sylphy. Despite not being as great at flirting as Han Tianyu, he still knew how to read the ladies' mind to a certain degree.

    "I am asking you something! Are you mute?" Si Tuying shouted at Jiang Fei with one hand on her waist and her nose perked. However, the redness in her face had not gone away. Therefore, she still looked adorable to Jiang Fei.

    "What's the matter? Did you miss me?" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Who would miss you, b*stard?" Although she tried to deny it, her face turned even redder.

    Even Si Tuying herself did not know when she had fallen in love with Jiang Fei.

    In the beginning, she had only wanted to prove herself before her father. That was why she wanted to teach Jiang Fei a lesson by defeating him before her brother could.

    However, she did not expect Jiang Fei to be so tough. In the end, she was the one who became defeated and even had her butt slapped by Jiang Fei. There was no way a spoilt child like her could accept being bullied that way. It just so happened that she got to know a good female friend who was an expert in martial arts. Therefore, Si Tuying worked really hard to learn from her so that she could get her revenge against Jiang Fei.

    However, something unexpected happened. When she first tried to ambush Jiang Fei, Si Tuying thought that she would be able to defeat him once she got a bit stronger. However, after the second attempt, she realized that the gap of the prowess between herself and Jiang Fei was increasingly bigger. In fact, she got her butt slapped by Jiang Fei every single time.

    The slaps were what got Jiang Fei into trouble. Every young lady would eventually fall in love, after all. Jiang Fei was a young man of a similar age to Si Tuying. Moreover, he looked rather handsome and was always able to defeat her. In the end, she did not even stand a chance against him. Each time she tried, Jiang Fei would end up slapping her butt. Eventually, the young lady's feelings toward Jiang Fei changed from frustration to admiration.

    Si Tuying did not realize that in the beginning. However, whenever she prepared to ambush Jiang Fei and when Jiang Fei was not around, she would always miss him greatly. She would miss Jiang Fei's strength and the masculinity he displayed when he overpowered her. Of course, she also missed the odd feeling of embarrassment when he punished her.

    All in all, the young lady was not even sure when she started falling for Jiang Fei. However, Jiang Fei disappeared for a very long period this time around. She had been lying in wait on the small road the whole time just to see him again. Instead of trying to ambush him, one could say she wanted to be captured by him so that she could be punished by the person she admired.

    "Hehe, you don't need to go through so much trouble just because you miss me. You can always come directly to my house!" Jiang Fei laughed and told her the address to his home.

    After being trained by Isabella and Sylphy, Jiang Fei knew that women tended to not say what they meant. Moreover, in the depths of his heart, Jiang Fei felt that he did actually like Si Tuying despite the fact that she was an annoying brat. Although the young lady was slightly annoying, Jiang Fei still liked her more for her naivety as compared to the Yang sisters.

    Although Jiang Fei was caught up with a few girls in the game, they were all merely system codes in the virtual world. Therefore, in Jiang Fei's heart, if he truly wanted to get into a relationship, he would choose Si Tuying.

    "Who would want to visit you?" Si Tuying rolled her eyes at Jiang Fei. Although she had said those words out loud, she tried to memorize Jiang Fei's home address by repeating it several times under her breath so that she would not forget it.

    "If you don't come, I will slap your butt if I catch you next time!" Jiang Fei teased her. After many days of training, Jiang Fei finally learned how to flirt with girls.

    "Hmph! Slap me if you want! I'm not afraid of you!" Si Tuying subconsciously responded to Jiang Fei's threat. However, she regretted it as soon as she finished her sentence. Her words meant that she was asking for Jiang Fei to slap her butt.

    "B*stard, you are horrible!" The young lady's face turned red all over again. After shouting at Jiang Fei, she finally could not handle the embarrassment as she turned around and ran away.

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei giggled as he looked at Si Tuying running away. He quite liked this annoying girl. Moreover, Si Tuying was a normal human. That was why Jiang Fei did not mind her coming over to his house.

    Jiang Fei shook his head forcefully as he started walking toward his house. Although he liked Si Tuying, he was not in the right frame of mind to think about romance. The Japanese's threat were looming over him. There was a tremendous pressure on Jiang Fei to resolve the issue at hand. How could he even think about a romantic relationship with a girl?

    "Mom, I'm home!" Jiang Fei called out after he opened to the door to his house.

    "Little Fei? Are you back?!" His mother was still tidying up the kitchen when Jiang Fei returned. Right then, Jiang Fei's parents had only just finished eating. When Jiang Fei's mother heard her dear son's voice, she ran out of the kitchen.


    At the same time, the door to the study opened as Jiang Fei's dad walked out from it.

    Although Jiang Fei said he was not facing any danger, his parents were still worried after having witnessed the shocking powers of metahumans themselves. How could they feel safe with Jiang Fei going out alone? However, since Jiang Fei had chosen his own path and they did not want to hold him back, they kept their worries to themselves. Now that their son had returned safely, they felt an indescribable feeling of joy and relief in their hearts.
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