544 Flirting by Decree

    After greeting his parents, Jiang Fei entered the kitchen and started eating as soon as he sat down. His parents had already finished eating and his mother was cleaning up when he got home. However, Jiang Fei had not eaten a proper meal for several days. All this while, he had been surviving on biscuits and bread which were not exactly the most delicious food in the world. Therefore, when he saw that the table was full of sumptuous dishes, he nearly started drooling.

    "Mother, your cooking has gotten better!" Jiang Fei praised his mother while still chewing his food.

    "Listen to this, our son is such a clever boy! He is nothing like you. You never help out and yet you complain about my cooking all the time." Jiang Fei's mother said happily as she rolled her eyes at Jiang Fei's father.

    "I only complain so that you can improve." Jiang Fei's father said as he laughed.

    "Hehe..." When Jiang Fei saw his parents in such a good mood, he felt much more relaxed. It seemed like they were no longer affected by the previous kidnapping incident.

    "Little Fei, can you tell me about the things that happened outside?" Jiang Fei's mother asked curiously.

    "If it's not convenient for you to do so, it's fine." Jiang Fei's father, who was the more thoughtful one, had his own reservations.

    "I have been learning martial arts from my master. If I don't do well, he won't give me food. It's pretty tough, but there isn't much danger to speak of." Jiang Fei made a story up so that his parents would not know how dangerous it was for him out there.

    "Oh! Although I do not understand what you people are up to, I have read about the difficulties of learning the martial arts. Don't worry. I may not be able to look after you when you are with your master, but when you are home, I will always cook for you no matter how lazy you are!" Jiang Fei's mother became less worried when she found out that Jiang Fei was not in any danger. However, when she heard about Jiang Fei's difficult life in learning the martial arts, she felt somewhat pained.

    "Yeah! You must overcome obstacles to become a better person! Although we are not like you, we completely understand that. Please express our gratitude to your master!" Jiang Fei's father nodded and said.

    "Oh, okay!" Jiang Fei played along. However, in his heart, he truly wished he had a master like that.

    After dinner, Jiang Fei chatted with his parents for a while before returning to his room later in the night.

    As he laid down on his bed, he felt extremely relaxed. He could finally feel a bit of peace in his heart. When he checked the time, it was already eleven o'clock in the evening.

    Although he had missed the game's starting time, he still logged into the game.

    "Fei, did you get into trouble again?" Isabella asked as soon as Jiang Fei logged into the game.

    "Yeah! But it has already been resolved!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    Jiang Fei looked around and noticed that Sylphy was missing.

    "You did not show up yesterday. She must have gone to find the Saint." Isabella said.

    If Jiang Fei did not log into the game, Isabella would be trapped in the little black house in the Pet Space. However, Sylphy was not restricted in that way. When Jiang Fei did not show up the day before, the game still proceeded as usual.

    Without Jiang Fei, Isabella would be stuck in the Pet Space. However, Sylphy was all alone in the Demon Flame Fortress without any ally. Although she had run away to the Dark Faction for Jiang Fei, her Reputation among members of the Dark Faction was still Indifferent. Therefore, nobody bothered to even talk to her. The only person she could chat with was the Saint who was captured in battle.

    "Shuffle!" As soon as Jiang Fei mentioned Sylphy, a golden light flashed as the lady herself appeared next to Jiang Fei.

    "Husband. You have finally come. I sensed your aura all of a sudden earlier. I thought it was only a hallucination!" Sylphy said as she tugged at Jiang Fei's hand.

    "Husband, where shall we go today?" Isabella naturally tugged at Jiang Fei's other hand.

    Although the two women had stopped fighting with each other, they did not stop trying to get Jiang Fei's attention.

    "Here we go again..." Jiang Fei looked bitter. He had survived the past few days with the ongoing pleasure and agony from these two women. If not for these two and their determination, Jiang Fei would not have gained so much romantic experience.

    "Husband, the Saint would like to see you." Sylphy suddenly said as Jiang Fei was mumbling to himself.

    "Eh..." In all honesty, Jiang Fei did not want to see the Saint because he knew the Saint would want to give him another quest.

    Although the rewards from the Saint's quest were not bad and gave him a lot of Experience points, her Reputation toward Jiang Fei was already at the Respect level. If Jiang Fei continued to complete quests for her, she might end up in the Infatuation state toward Jiang Fei. After all, the women seemed to reward Jiang Fei with Reputation points as if they were free.

    "Let's go and have a look. I think the Saint is a pretty kind person!" Oddly enough, Isabella did not disagree with Sylphy.

    In Isabella's mind, the Saint of the Light was a rather good person. Although they had different beliefs, the Saint of the Light was fully devoted to the safety of her people. This garnered a lot of respect from Isabella toward her.

    "I still think that we shouldn't. If we get too close to her, she might fall for me? What would we do then?" Jiang Fei purposefully teased Isabella. He knew that Isabella was the jealous type.

    "Hmph! Stop blowing your own trumpet. We only fell for you because we were foolish enough. Don't be too full of yourself!" Isabella said as she pouted.

    "That's right! The Saint is fully devoted to serving the Divine Light God. She could never fall in love with a man!" Sylphy chipped in.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "D*mn! The Reputation system does not care whether she is allowed to fall in love or not. Once her Reputation reaches the Infatuated state, she would still fall for me!" Jiang Fei looked helpless. However, he was not able to explain his thoughts to the two women before him. If he did, he would have to tell them upfront that they were not real and were merely created to entertain the players in the game. That would be too hurtful.

    "Go ahead! If you are truly able to attract the Saint, I will approve of it!" Isabella said with her princess-like stature.

    "Won't you get jealous?" Jiang Fei still thought Isabella was kidding.

    "Hehe, if you are truly able to woo the Saint, that would greatly affect the Luminous Vatican. For the Saint to betray her religion and elope with another man, and a Nephilim man at that, surely the entire Light Faction would crumble. In order to see something like that happen, I wouldn't mind sharing you with a few other sisters. After all, there are already so many of them. An additional one would not make a difference!" Isabella said.

    At the end of the day, Isabella was still a Nephilim princess. She had grown up with the value of sacrificing oneself for the greater good. Therefore, although she felt jealous, she would still be willing to share Jiang Fei with other women if she could bring about such a huge impact to the Light Faction.

    "In that case, have I been given the royal decree to flirt with another woman?" Jiang Fei asked jokingly.

    "Hey! It's good that you mentioned it! Let's go! We'll meet my father. Perhaps he may even reward you for it!" Isabella said all of a sudden.

    This was how an extroverted lady behaved. Although Isabella was not married to Jiang Fei yet, she was already thinking of ways to extract treasures from her father's treasure trove.

    Sylphy returned to accompany the Saint while Jiang Fei was dragged by Isabella to the Abyss. When they arrived at the Nephilim King's Palace, the two met with the Nephilim King. Isabella told him her plan and, surprisingly, the Nephilim King agreed.

    Although he was not willing to see his son-in-law acquiring multiple wives, the Demon King was fully supportive of their plot to bring the Luminous Vatican down with such an embarrassing incident.
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