549 Nephilim King’s Plan

    As Jiang Fei voiced out his orders, the female soldiers charged toward the male soldiers and tied them up. Although the male soldiers were slightly stronger than them, the imbalance in numbers between the two was far too great. This was especially the case after the Saint's Guard's members were released. The 200 male soldiers did not stand a chance against the over 1,000 opponents.

    Although there was a Level 80 Intermediate Lord in charge of the expedition, Hua Mulan was already released and the magic seal on her body had also been removed. After recovering her capabilities, Hua Mulan and her reputation as being more powerful than anything below the Overlord level was far too intimidating for the Intermediate Lord to take any action.

    "What shall we do with them? Do we kill them?" Isabella asked.

    "Forget it. Let's not care about them. We'll leave!" Although the male soldiers could all be killed as long as Jiang Fei commanded it, they were all ally soldiers to the female soldiers. Jiang Fei did not want to put the female soldiers in a difficult position.

    "That's fine too!" Isabella nodded and did not say anything else.

    "Hua Mulan, you are in charge of these soldiers now. Let's leave immediately!" Jiang Fei knew instructing armies was not his forte. Therefore, he gave the right to command over to Hua Mulan who was a professional commander.

    "Alright!" Although Hua Mulan was very touched by Jiang Fei who came to rescue her, and she was also very emotional when she saw the person she admired, she still had a military background and was much better at controlling her emotions than Sylphy and Ariel. She knew this was not the right time to talk about romance. If they did not retreat immediately, none of them would make it out alive.

    Very soon, Hua Mulan completed the organization of the entire army as they hurried out of the mountainous valley.

    "I knew you would come to save me!" After everything was going smoothly as planned, Hua Mulan came over to Jiang Fei during the journey and expressed her thoughts to Jiang Fei.

    "Hmph!" Isabella tugged at Jiang Fei's waist. She was clearly jealous of the fact that the female commander had also fallen for Jiang Fei.

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei did not know how to explain the situation and could only laugh awkwardly.

    When they passed by the small castle's gate, the soldiers in the castle discovered Jiang Fei and the rest. After all, they were a group of over a thousand people. It was impossible not to notice them.

    However, nothing could be done even if they were discovered. The soldiers in the castle could only send magic letters to request for backup. They did not have the guts to intercept the horde.

    As there were originally only 2,000 guards in the castle, and 800 of them had already left previously, there were only 1,200 soldiers left. Moreover, some of them were in charge of criminals in the castle and they could not all leave together to join the battle.

    If only a few hundred of them went out, they could not possibly defeat Jiang Fei and the rest. Naturally, they would not choose to join a losing battle.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei and the rest were able to escape the small mountainous valley. Although they were still in the Light Faction's territory, they were much safer after they moved away from the dangerous zone. Despite the fact that the backup troops would soon arrive, it would be difficult for them to find Jiang Fei and the rest after they had left the mountainous valley.

    Jiang Fei and the rest found a safe area in the small forest. He then said to the female soldiers and Saint's Guard's members, "Everyone should know the situation at hand. There is no way you can return to the Light Faction. You have two options now. The first is to follow me to the Dark Faction, and the second is to find a way to escape to the Neutral Faction.

    "We will follow you!" The female soldiers answered almost instantly. After all, they had all attacked their comrades and were now viewed as betrayers. Their Reputation with the Light Faction had become Hostile. Moreover, their Reputation toward Jiang Fei had become Respect. Therefore, they naturally chose to follow Jiang Fei.

    However, Jiang Fei realized that not everyone wanted to follow him to the Dark Faction. The Saint's Guard's male soldiers were rescued by him but as they were not affected by his Romeo Title, they retained a Cold Reputation toward Jiang Fei. Therefore, they naturally did not want to accept Jiang Fei's offer.

    "Alright then! I respect your choices. Those who are willing to come with me, step through the portal. Those who are not, I would like to wish you well on your journey!" Jiang Fei said as he activated the Abyssal Gate.

    It was almost an impossible mission to transport over a thousand people from the heart of the Light Faction back to the Demon Flame Fortress. If Jiang Fei only had to rescue Hua Mulan, he could ride the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon back. However, with such a large number of people, he had to use an alternate shortcut.

    Jiang Fei did not directly activate the Abyssal Gate in the mountainous valley because the portal only allowed one person through at a time. Moreover, it only lasted five minutes upon each activation. The ladies would have to go through it one at a time. Five minutes would not be sufficient for them to all go through. Moreover, he would have to wait for the Abyssal Gate's cooldown. For all the ladies to head over to the Abyss, it would take a long time. Therefore, Jiang Fei had to look for a safe spot before he could activate the portal.

    After activating the Abyssal Gate, Jiang Fei walked through to the Abyss first. He had to inform the Nephilims before everyone went through the portal. Otherwise, they might be mistaken as a horde of enemy charging at the Nephilims and they would be killed.

    Due to Jiang Fei's relationship with Isabella, he was highly influential in the Nephilim race. The Nephilim commander in charge of the portal's position only requested that Jiang Fei's female troops stay where they were supposed to.

    After both sides were properly informed, the ladies who had followed Jiang Fei to the Dark Faction started walking through the Abyssal Gate into the Abyss.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    The Abyssal Gate had a 30-minute cooldown after being activated for five minutes. In three separate groups, the ladies finally all made it through the Abyssal Gate into the Abyss. As for the Saint's Guard's male soldiers, Jiang Fei felt a sense of helplessness. As none of them were willing to join the Dark Faction which they all once hated, Jiang Fei had no choice but to leave them alone.

    "Let's camp here tonight!" As it was almost time for Jiang Fei to log out of the game, he did not immediately bring them to the Demon Flame Fortress.

    After arranging for the ladies to camp in the Abyss, Jiang Fei made sure Hua Mulan could control the female soldiers so that they would not wander around. After all, this was the core of the Nephilim's territory. Even most of the other members of the Dark Faction could not enter that place. If any misunderstanding were to happen, even Jiang Fei would not be able to resolve it.

    Thereafter, Jiang Fei brought Isabella to the Nephilim King's Palace. He would have to create identities for these ladies in the Dark Faction. Otherwise, the ladies would all be treated with Cold Reputation. Sylphy was the prime example as she held a very awkward position in the Demon Flame Fortress.

    "Hehe, I can't believe it. You managed to bring Hua Mulan here! Young fellow, I truly believe that you can woo the Saint over now!" Nephilim King Augustus started laughing when he heard about Jiang Fei's reason for coming over.

    Although Isabella had previously mentioned confidently that Jiang Fei could woo the Saint over from the Light Faction, Augustus did not believe her at all. He had given the quest only to please his beloved daughter. However, Jiang Fei was able to lure a famed commander from the Light Faction over. That meant there was a possibility that he could also woo the Saint over. The Nephilim King was beginning to take this plan seriously. At the same time, he was also plotting in his heart how he could use the Saint's betrayal as a tool to attack the Luminous Vatican.
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