551 No Bargains

    "I do not have raw uranium, but I do have enriched uranium," Han Tianyu said.

    "A few tonnes..." Jiang Fei smirked. The amount of nuclear material was enough to raze Japan to the ground. However, it would hardly satisfy 0541's energy requirements.

    "Captain, if the enriched nuclear energy is highly concentrated, it should be able to recover my energy levels to 20% or even 30%!" 0541 answered after doing the calculations.

    "That's not enough either... Forget it. Brother Yu, can you contact the European Vatican for me?" Jiang Fei finally decided to give up on Han Tianyu's small amount of resources.

    Enriched uranium was not a normal item. Although Han Tianyu had a bit of the resource, it did not belong to him. Jiang Fei did not want to cause trouble for Han Tianyu for such a small matter. Moreover, Jiang Fei had rejected the government superior's invitation to meet up. If he were to use their resources now, it would be unjustifiable.

    "European Vatican? Ah Fei, is there something going on with you?" Han Tianyu was surprised.

    "I want to discuss a deal with them," Jiang Fei replied.

    "For uranium?" Han Tianyu probed.

    "Yeah." Jiang Fei nodded. He did not want to hide it from Han Tianyu. After all, he would need Han Tianyu to bargain for him during the trade talks.

    "Hehe. Ah Fei, I think you are getting too far ahead of yourself." Han Tianyu laughed as he continued speaking. "If I don't have it guessed wrongly, the amount of uranium you need is so great that you don't even think what I have is enough. Isn't that the case?"

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei laughed, embarrassed.

    "Haih, I knew it! However, uranium is such a rare battle resource. Why would they give you that much? Some things cannot be bought with money!" Han Tianyu sighed as he said. From his facial expression, Jiang Fei knew that Han Tianyu must have been rejected before.

    "Who said I wanted to use money? I'll use potions! The potions will allow them to recover Inner Qi and other energy swiftly!" Jiang Fei said.

    The potions Jiang Fei mentioned were the concentrated version of the Mana Potions in the game. They were similar to the concentrated Health Potions-Grand Restore Pill.

    Previously, Jiang Fei did not produce the potions because he did not have any use for them. In the beginning, all of Jiang Fei's powers came from his equipment and therefore he did not require any energy recovery. Later on, although he acquired his own energy, he did not experience energy depletion due to the quick energy recovery from the energy vortex in his body. Therefore, he never thought of producing the potions.

    However, now that he needed to acquire energy for 0541, he had to think of such ways.

    "What?! You actually have this kind of potion?" Han Tianyu was surprised. Although Jiang Fei had previously provided them with a potion which permanently increased one's energy recovery rate, there were only four of them. They had already been consumed by the powerful individuals in the Martial Art Alliance.

    However, the potion which Jiang Fei now spoke of was clearly an item to be used on-the-go. Although its level was incomparable to the previous type of potion, its price was even higher. It was a life-saving potion which was more valuable than the Grand Restore Pill.

    For a high level Metahuman, the Grand Restore Pill only helped with faster wound recoveries. Against a strong opponent, getting hurt meant that the person was much weaker in general. It meant one was inferior either because the opponent was too strong or the person was in poor physical condition. With depleted energy, all the more one could not defeat his or her opponent even with fully recovered injuries.

    However, if one could quickly recover used energy, then it would be possible to spam skills against the opponent. One would even be able to use ultimate skills without worrying about running out of energy. This would pressure the opponent despite the difference in strength.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Therefore, for most low level Metahumans, they still used physical energy as their primary method of battle. In that case, the Grand Restore Pill was still more effective for them. As for high level Metahumans, they would completely rely on energy for battles. Therefore, the potion which provided faster energy recovery would save their lives and even give them a better fighting chance to win against their opponents.

    "Yeah, I plan to trade these potions for a large amount of uranium!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Only uranium?" Han Tianyu asked. He wanted to help the China Martial Art Alliance out if he could. After all, it would be a waste if such a good item fell into the hands of foreigners.

    "Other minerals of high radioactivity would work too," Jiang Fei said.

    "This..." Han Tianyu was speechless. China did not have a lot of nuclear energy in storage. Their production levels were even lower. Moreover, the China Martial Art Alliance was unlike the European Vatican which was very involved with worldly affairs. Therefore, they did not have a lot of these resources.

    "Help me contact them, please. I need the resources urgently!" Jiang Fei pressed on.

    "Alright!" Han Tianyu nodded. Although he wished to help the Martial Art Alliance out, there was nothing the Alliance had which Jiang Fei wanted. Therefore, he would have to give up his personal agenda.

    Han Tianyu was highly efficient. After some communication, a golden-haired European beauty landed on his doorsteps. Jiang Fei met the representative from the European Vatican in Han Tianyu's office.

    "Nice to meet you. I am the European Vatican's Chinese Ambassador, High Priestess Celine Trish." The golden-haired beauty introduced herself to Jiang Fei.

    "Nice to meet you. I am Jiang Fei. I am sure you are very clear on why I had reached out to you people." Jiang Fei did not have much experience in negotiations. Therefore, he behaved as bluntly as he usually did.

    "Hehe, Mr. Jiang, you truly are straightforward." Celine Trish smiled at Jiang Fei. As the external representative, she naturally knew how to deal with awkward situations like this. Moreover, facing someone inexperienced in negotiations like Jiang Fei, she was rather pleased. After all, that meant she would be able to obtain the greatest amount of benefits for the Vatican.

    "I do not have much experience in negotiations. Therefore, let me lay out my rules first." Jiang Fei knew he was not good with words and could not rival against this European beauty. Therefore, he decided to draw the line right away.

    "Please speak," Celine Trish said politely.

    "Firstly, let me introduce my potion. A single pill will allow a Low-Tier Level 4 Metahuman to recover 50% of his energy in five seconds." Jiang Fei first introduced his product. The information on the effects of the potion were provided by 0541. Jiang Fei came up with the potion's name on his own.

    "Alright." Celine Trish nodded lightly. Although she was quite surprised by the effects of Jiang Fei's potion, her facial expression did not show a tinge of change.

    "Price-wise, a single pill costs ten tonnes of raw materials. The price is fixed with no bargains available. The minimum amount you can purchase is a hundred pills, while the maximum amount is 200 pills. You can decide on the amount with him," Jiang Fei said as he pointed at Han Tianyu. He then walked over to the sofa, sat down, and shut his eyes to rest.

    "Ah?" Celine Trish was dumbfounded. She had never met anyone who negotiated in such a manner. If the price was fixed, then her only decision lied in whether or not she would accept the deal. There was no way she could negotiate a deal which would benefit her side.

    This was the strategy which Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu had agreed on. Jiang Fei was not skilled in negotiations after all. Hence, they decided the deal would either work for them or not work at all. There would be no space for negotiations.

    Seeing that Jiang Fei had closed his eyes and would not engage in any further conversation, Celine Trish was clueless. Even if she was skilled in negotiations, she could not do anything if Jiang Fei did not even wish to speak.

    Most importantly, the initiation did not come from her. The pills belonged to Jiang Fei alone which meant he had the absolute advantage. However, the European Vatican was not the sole uranium producer. If she did not agree on the deal with Jiang Fei, he could easily go to the Mutants Brotherhood. Therefore, she could not pass on the opportunity. This made Celine Trish, who was all pumped up to negotiate, suddenly feel deflated and uncomfortable.
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