553 You Crazy Young Man!

    Due to Si Tuying's identity as a normal human being, she was easily accepted by Jiang Fei's parents. Very soon, the group was having an enjoyable conversation in the house.

    Not long after, Jiang Fei's mother was done preparing a sumptuous meal for dinner. Although Si Tuying was still a little shy in the beginning, she eventually opened up due to Jiang Fei's mother's welcoming behavior. Jiang Fei's mother was beyond delighted with her.

    Over the course of the meal, Jiang Fei could affirm that his mother liked girls far more than boys. From Sun Mengmeng to the Yang sisters, and now finally to Si Tuying, his mother would always treat the girls better than her own son.

    However, ever since Jiang Fei's mother found out about the Yang sisters' identities, she rarely mentioned their names. It seemed that his parents were still guarded against Metahumans. This was a stark contrast to the time when his mother even treated the Yang sisters as her adopted daughters.

    The meal ended on a happy note. As it was the first time they met, Jiang Fei's mother did not insist on Si Tuying staying overnight. As the sky was turning dark, she urged Jiang Fei to send Si Tuying home.

    "Indeed, it's getting pretty late. Let me send you home!" Jiang Fei took a look at the time. It was already nine o'clock.

    "Alright," Si Tuying blushed as she replied in a soft voice.

    "Be careful on the roads!" Jiang Fei's mother urged when the two were about to leave.

    "Don't worry..." Jiang Fei laughed. Based on his current capabilities, there are not many people who could threaten him.

    When Jiang Fei and Si Tuying were leaving the Manda Square, they walked shoulder to shoulder.

    "Oh right, you have not told me where you lived." While walking, Jiang Fei suddenly realized that he did not know where to walk her to.

    "I'm not telling you!" Si Tuying said as she blushed.

    "It's okay if you won't tell me. I will find out after I send you home anyway." Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Hmph! I didn't ask you to follow me home!" Si Tuying said.

    "Oh? Don't you want me to send you off? Fine then. I'll leave now. Bye!" Jiang Fei said as he pretended to turn around.

    "Hey... come back! Why are you like that..." Si Tuying was about to continue speaking when she suddenly realized Jiang Fei was laughing at her. Clearly, the fellow was teasing her.

    "Hmph! Get lost! I don't want you to send me home anymore! B*stard. I knew you would bully me!" Si Tuying turned around and started stamping on the flowers by the road. Since she could not beat Jiang Fei, she could only torture the plants by the road.

    "Hehe, don't you like being bullied by me?" Jiang Fei said as he looped his arms around the girl and whispered into her ears.

    "B*stard..." Although Si Tuying resisted him with her words, her body did not. Instead, she sank further into Jiang Fei's embrace.

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei laughed goofily. His heart was beating wildly. This was the first time he had ever initiated a hug with a girl.

    All of a sudden, things turned quiet between the two. Si Tuying seemed to be immersed in this pleasant atmosphere. Jiang Fei, on the other hand, was not sure what to say. Although he had gained a lot of romantic experience recently, he still had not reached the point where he could flirt with a girl smoothly. Therefore, he did not know what else to do apart from hugging the girl before him.

    Although the both of them did not have any romantic experience with the opposite gender, some things simply happen naturally.

    Sensing the fastening heartbeat from the man behind her, Si Tuying suddenly acquired the courage to turn her face around. She slowly closed her eyes shut and opened her mouth ever so slightly as if she was extending some kind of invitation.

    Although Jiang Fei had never learned anything like it, his instincts were urging him to respond to her invitation.

    As he lowered his head, Jiang Fei's lips met hers.

    "Uhm..." Si Tuying's body trembled slightly. Although she was mentally prepared for the moment, Si Tuying's first kiss still made her heart pound like crazy.

    'Should I put my tongue in? Will she think I'm a bad kisser?' All of a sudden, a multitude of ridiculous thoughts passed through Jiang Fei's mind.

    However, just as Jiang Fei was in the midst of hesitating, a soft tongue suddenly reached into Jiang Fei's mouth, albeit only for a brief moment before pulling back. How could Jiang Fei resist such temptation?

    A first kiss was always the sweetest. It was something that both young men and women alike could get lost in uncontrollably. The two experimented with each other as if it was a game they would never get tired of. The kiss lasted for a very long time until the girl finally pushed Jiang Fei away as she began to feel tired.

    "Ehh..." Jiang Fei licked the corners of his mouth. He seemed to want more.

    "B*stard... What are you looking at?" Si Tuying was so embarrassed that she did not dare to even look at Jiang Fei in the eyes.

    "You are very adorable!" Jiang Fei still had not learned the ways of an experienced flirt. However, his genuine praise made Si Tuying happy from the bottom of her heart.

    "You're a flirt!" Although Si Tuying was happy, she would not admit it.

    "Let me send you home!" Jiang Fei naturally held the girl's hand.

    "Alright." The girl struggled momentarily with her hand. It was a natural reaction. After all, no one had ever held her hand before. However, after a while, the two's hands were interlocked comfortably.

    As they walked on, one started to chase after the other. Si Tuying would run further in front while Jiang Fei tried to catch her from behind. Naturally, Si Tuying could not outrun Jiang Fei. Then again, she did not truly want to run away from him. Therefore, Jiang Fei easily caught her and punished her with sweet hugs and kisses.

    Si Tuying's house was not too far away from the Manda Square. It was only three streets away. That was why she had always ambushed Jiang Fei so easily. However, they took an entire hour to cross the three streets.

    Regardless of how the two tried to extend their walk, they eventually arrived at her house. Si Tuying's house was in one of the corner shops. From the sign, Jiang Fei could see that the shop sold miscellaneous goods and military goods.

    "I'm here," Si Tuying said unwillingly.

    "Oh." Jiang Fei nodded. However, he did not let go of her hand.

    "I have to go home." Si Tuying continued.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Oh," Jiang Fei nodded again, yet his hand was still holding on to hers.

    "Are you planning to have us stand out here all night?" Si Tuying burst out laughing. She knew that the boy was reluctant to let her go.

    "Let me kiss you again and I'll let you go," Jiang Fei said as he laughed.

    "No! If my dad sees us, he'll kill me!" Si Tuying shook her head decidedly.

    "I won't let go then!" Jiang Fei countered.

    Si Tuying looked around to make sure nobody was around before replying, "Just for a bit then."

    "Alright." Jiang Fei nodded.

    The two started kissing again. Although it was meant to be a short kiss, the two could not control themselves. Jiang Fei pushed Si Tuying to the door behind her as they started kissing deeply.

    The two were still kissing when a window suddenly opened next to them. "Little b*stard! Let go of my daughter!"

    "Ah! Dad..." Si Tuying received the shock of her life. She immediately pushed Jiang Fei away.

    "Eh... Hi, uncle!" Jiang Fei was also lost for words in that moment. Although he was now very capable, he still did not know how to deal with meeting his girlfriend's father.

    "D*mn! I have been hustling for years now. This is the first time I have met someone as crazy as you! Not only did you seduce my daughter, you even dared to press on my doorbell while I was sleeping!" Si Tuying's gangster father pointed at Jiang Fei's nose with his tattoo-filled hand.
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