557 The Nine Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom

    When they returned to the Tomb of the Prince, Jiang Fei and Isabella went to the deepest part of the secret dungeon directly.

    As the monsters in the secret dungeon did not respawn, the Tomb of the Prince was eerily quiet due to the emptiness.

    Very soon, the two arrived before Prince Wu Geng's coffin.

    "Whew! Bella, I am activating it now!" Jiang Fei took in a deep breath and said to Isabella.

    "Alright!" Isabella nodded.

    Thereafter, Jiang Fei retrieved the Blood God Veigar's broken arm from the spatial ring. As it had been stored in the storage space this whole time, it looked as if it had only just been freshly chopped off.


    As God's blood continued to drip downward, Jiang Fei positioned the broken arm right above Prince Wu Geng's coffin so that the blood would fall onto the coffin instead. The fresh blood was immediately absorbed by the coffin and it started to emit a weird purplish red light which made the surroundings even more mysterious and eerie.

    "What would happen next?" Jiang Fei continued to drip God's blood onto the coffin as he mumbled to himself.

    Buzz! Suddenly, a purple light shone brightly. Veigar's broken arm was suddenly pulled away by a huge force from Jiang Fei's hand. It flew directly toward the coffin.

    Bang! Veigar's arm broke into pieces the moment it collided with the coffin. The flesh and blood were entirely absorbed into the coffin as the purple light on the coffin grew even brighter.

    Crack! As a loud noise was heard, a crack slowly appeared on the coffin. The coffin had been opened.

    Bump! As the coffin's cover fell to the ground, an unfamiliar aura came out from the coffin. Jiang Fei subconsciously took a few steps backward and stood next to Isabella.

    "How many years have passed... I did not think I would awaken one day..."

    "How many years have passed... Father's work did not come into fruition still..."

    "How many years have passed... The old human race! Do you still have your fighting will?"


    An ancient voice came out from the coffin. Jiang Fei and Isabella felt goosebumps all over their bodies. They did not know if the person in the coffin was Wu Geng or if the fellow was a friend or a foe.

    Buzz! Another purple light shone brightly.

    As the purple light faded away, a half-transparent spirit floated out of the coffin. It looked exactly like the state Isabella was in before she was revived.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Prince Wu Geng (Spirit, Ascended Celestial)

    Health Points: 1

    Attack Power: 0

    Remark: Wu Geng's remnant spirit who had lost all powers!

    "So pitiful!" Jiang Fei's eyes widened when he saw Prince Wu Geng's Attributes. Even Isabella's previous spirit state was left with some power. However, Prince Wu Geng was one touch away from being wiped out of existence.

    Despite that, Jiang Fei was still surprised by Prince Wu Geng's Rank, Ascended Celestial. This was the highest Rank Jiang Fei had ever seen. Even Nephilim King Augustus was only at the Lesser Celestial Rank.

    "Oh? Two High Humans with Naga aura?" Prince Wu Geng finally noticed Jiang Fei and Isabella.

    "High Humans? Aren't we Nephilims?" Jiang Fei looked at Isabella confusedly.

    "In the ancient times, the Protoss and the Nephilims were both branches of the human race. The Protosses were to first to conquer the entire human race and were therefore considered as Upper Humans. The Nephilims had retaliated later on to share the world with the Protosses. They then called themselves High Humans. The term Archdemon only came about after the War of the Heavens. Only when the real Archdemons had disappeared did we dare to give ourselves such names," Isabella explained.

    "I see." Jiang Fei nodded.

    "You still remember the War of the Heavens! Does that mean you have the will to challenge the heavens?" Prince Wu Geng could clearly overhear Jiang Fei and Isabella's low whispering.

    "Eh... Prince, please don't joke with us. Based on our capabilities, challenging the heavens? Wouldn't that be asking for trouble?" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. Since Prince Wu Geng was so weak, he had nothing to fear.

    "Yup! You are not wrong. I had overestimated myself in the past. That was what caused my father's work to be completely destroyed. I was at fault!" Prince Wu Geng's remnant spirit sighed.

    "What do you plan to do next, Prince? Do you want us to revive you? Or revive your father, King Zhou of Shang?" Jiang Fei asked. He guessed that was how the main storyline quest would progress.

    "Haih! My father and I can no longer be revived!" Prince Wu Geng's remnant spirit sighed. He then continued speaking, "During the previous battle, my father and I both died. The Gods knew how big a threat my father and I were. Therefore, after we died, they not only destroyed our corpses, but also our spirits. My father was instantly destroyed into nothingness. As for me, I am only left with a tiny strand of my spirit. Now that I have used up all of my remnant spirit's energy, I am about to disappear too!"

    Prince Wu Geng did not sound like he feared death at all. However, his voice was full of disappointment in not being able to win against the heavens.

    "Eh... If you two are unable to be revived, how would we fight against the True Gods?" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. The Gods Prince Wu Geng mentioned was not the Protoss which Jiang Fei was fighting against. Instead, it was a group of True Gods.

    "Although I am no longer here, everything has been set it stone. The Gods are running out of time. It is the Humans' time to rise! As long as you are able to locate the Nine Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom, you will be able to challenge the Gods once again!" Prince Wu Geng said.

    "Ding! You have activated the main storyline quest-Restarting the War of the Heavens!"

    Quest Name: Restarting the War of the Heavens!

    Quest Requirement: Locate and gather all Nine Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom!

    Quest Reward: Obtain the ability to challenge the Heavens, and restart the War of the Heavens!

    "Screw me!" Jiang Fei was stunned. Even the main storyline quest was forcefully accepted.

    "The Nine Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom were the strongest Holy Items in the Human race. Each cauldron represented a type of energy. Five of the cauldrons contain the five basic energies -Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, Agility, and Spirit! The four other cauldrons contain other four types of hidden energies-Commanding, Charm, Luck, and Creation! The Four Sages of the Heavens and myself each have a cauldron with us. I have no idea where the four remaining cauldrons are located. If you can gather all nine cauldrons, you will be able to have the powers that my father and I once did. Challenging the Heavens will no longer be a mere wish!" Wu Geng's remnant spirit said.

    "But I don't even know where these nine cauldrons are..." Jiang Fei shook his head.

    "You only need to obtain one of the nine cauldrons to find the other eight. However, it is not easy to protect your own cauldron while trying to steal cauldrons from others!" Wu Geng's remnant spirit said.

    "This is a gimmick to force players upon each other again!" Jiang Fei's lips curled up. Clearly, the system had created this to encourage PvP battles.

    "My remnant spirit has been thoroughly exhausted. I will give you this Commanding Cauldron. I hope you can accomplish what my father and I attempted!" Wu Geng's remnant spirit disappeared in a cloud of green after finishing his sentence.

    "Ding! Obtained one of the Nine Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom: Commanding Cauldron!"

    "What is this?" Jiang Fei immediately checked his backpack.

    Commanding Cauldron (Special Item, Holy Item)

    Attribute: Increases your Commanding points by 100,000 points!

    Remark 1: You can activate the Commanding Cauldron by placing it in your backpack!

    Remark 2: Once you die, the Commanding Cauldron will definitely be dropped!

    Remark 3: If there are players around with the rest of the Nine Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom, the cauldrons will sense each others' presence.
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