559 Asking for Trouble

    "Haha... Brother Jiang Fei, we are all people from the Alliance. How could you say such a thing? We are only here to catch up with you. You can't treat us like those Vatican business people!" Green Willow Heights' Mao Gongsui laughed as he spoke. As he was Han Tianyu's master, he was considered one of the closer friends of Jiang Fei.

    "That's right! We are all one big family. We did not come for benefits or anything like that!" Zhao Ganming laughed along. These people were able to speak up because of their past relationship with Jiang Fei.

    "Oh? Since you have not come for the pills, why are you here?" Jiang Fei smiled. He knew in his heart that these fellows did not have any treasure to offer. That was why they could only use their relational ties to approach the issue. However, since Mao Gongsui had spoken, and Jiang Fei did not want to create a scene for Han Tianyu to sort out, he could only pretend to be interested in what the old fellows wanted to say.

    "Haha, Brother Jiang, you have no idea. Ever since Zongwei returned, he has been speaking only good things about you. Therefore, many of the younger disciples have all become your admirers. This time, we would like for you to communicate with some of the younger people!" One of the middle-aged martial artists sitting not too far away from Jiang Fei voiced out. According to 0541's scan, the fellow was actually a Pinnacle Level Four martial artist.

    "This is Bai Zongwei's father, Master of the Snow Mountain Sect, Bai Wanli." Han Tianyu knew these people were strangers to Jiang Fei. Therefore, he introduced them to Jiang Fei through whispers.

    "Master Zhang, you praise me too much! I wonder, what did you mean when you said to communicate?" Jiang Fei laughed as he waved his hands. He wanted to find out what these people were up to.

    "Here! This is our most outstanding disciple in the Snow Mountain Sect, Xue Aohan. She would like to learn from you for a period of time." Bai Wanli pointed at a female disciple behind him who looked around seventeen years old.

    "Greetings, Senior Jiang!" The female disciple stepped forward and cupped her fists at Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei took a glance at the young girl before him. She looked very pure and pretty, almost as if she existed in a classic novel.

    "Eh..." Jiang Fei did not understand what Bai Wanli meant. In a short moment, the other sects also started voicing out.

    "That's right! Our disciples would like to learn from you too, Brother Jiang!"

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    "Yeah! Our disciple from Heaven's Spirit Sect as well!"

    "Our disciple from the Ten Thousand Culture Sect thinks the same way too..."


    After Bai Wanli voiced out his thoughts, the entire meeting room became filled with excitement. The elders started promoting their female disciples one at a time. The female disciples lined up to cup their fists at Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei suddenly felt like a deer in headlights.

    "D*mn! What game are they playing at? Even if it is meant to be a meeting between youths, why are they all pretty girls?" Jiang Fei hurriedly looked toward Han Tianyu for help.

    "Hehe, this is all caused by the four pills from before!" Han Tianyu shrugged helplessly. He then explained everything in detail to Jiang Fei.

    Previously, Jiang Fei had given away four of the pills that permanently increases one's energy recovery rate in order to distract the Martial Art Alliance's attention so that he would have enough time to search for Braveheart's Fragments.

    Instead, not only were the Martial Art Alliance's people affected, even other Metahuman organizations were attracted by the pills. The pills had become a treasure longed for by all Pinnacle Level Four martial artists.

    In the end, the decision was made as to how the four pills would be distributed. Apart from the Soaring Cloud Sect, all martial artists from other sects would have to fight for the four pills based on their own capabilities. The Aquamoon Heavenly Palace was the only sect that tried to play with an unfair advantage. Grandmother Yuehua insisted that Jiang Fei had reserved two of the pills for their household's two sisters as engagement gifts. The proof given by her was that the two sisters stayed with Jiang Fei for several days.

    Grandmother Yuehua had asked for half of the total number of pills. The other sects naturally could not agree with her. However, it was proven that the Yang sisters had stayed with Jiang Fei for several days. Moreover, Jiang Fei was still in the deep waters of the ocean. Nobody could locate him to verify if the information was true. As the other sects in the Martial Art Alliance were afraid of angering Jiang Fei, they had agreed with the decision which meant promising Aquamoon Heavenly Palace one of the four pills. However, it was still an unjust outcome. Based on Aquamoon Heavenly Palace's capabilities, they would not be able to even obtain a single pill.

    With the example from the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace, everyone else naturally started thinking of ways to do the same. Since Jiang Fei liked pretty girls, they would each select the prettiest and most qualified female disciples in their own sect to meet with Jiang Fei. They would first inculcate values in these female disciples which induced passion for the respective sects before sending them over to Jiang Fei.

    "D*mn! When did I become a lustful man in the eyes of these sects?" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes after Han Tianyu was done explaining.

    He had a weird feeling earlier when he saw all the young girls being represented by each sect. Originally, he thought that the old fellows had bought the younger generation to train them. Only now did Jiang Fei understand that these old men had brought their female disciples as gifts to Jiang Fei.

    "What do I do?" Jiang Fei turned to Han Tianyu for help.

    "Don't look at me. Didn't you see? My master even brought my junior here. I have no idea how to resolve this. You will have to accept all of them if there's no other alternative!" Han Tianyu rolled his eyes as well. He had been going after this junior for a very long time. However, due to his poor skills, the junior had never once even looked at him. Now, the junior was smiling from ear to ear when she tried to approach Jiang Fei. Han Tianyu was very upset about it.

    "Get lost! I don't want them!" Jiang Fei stared at Han Tianyu angrily. Jiang Fei was already nearly mad from being surrounded by women in the game. If not for 0541's mysterious benefits, he even considered quitting the game. Now that he could finally have some peace, this group of female disciples wanted to surround him. Jiang Fei feared for his life.

    "Think of a solution on your own. I don't know how to help you!" Han Tianyu showed a helpless expression.

    "Thank you for your thoughtfulness, elders! I do think we can communicate further. However, I need to join my master in training for some time. I am afraid I will not have time to train with your female disciples. Moreover, your female disciples are far too pretty. I am afraid my girlfriend might get jealous!" Since Jiang Fei could not get any help from Han Tianyu, he had no choice but to use Si Tuying as his shield.

    "D*mn! You actually have a girlfriend! Not bad, young one. You have made it!" Han Tianyu shoved Jiang Fei sneakily. He knew Jiang Fei far too well.

    "Ah?!" Everyone turned to look at the Yang sisters the moment Jiang Fei finished his sentence. Clearly, everyone thought that they were the girlfriend he mentioned.

    "Don't make unnecessary guesses, everyone. My girlfriend is not a martial artist. She is only a normal person!" Jiang Fei had wanted to clarify the misunderstanding to avoid making things awkward for the Yang sisters. However, after he explained the situation, the Yang sisters looked even more mortified.

    Although the Yang sisters had not wanted to get close to Jiang Fei on their own initiative in the beginning, and they had never developed romantic feelings for Jiang Fei, they still felt greatly affected by Jiang Fei's claim that he had another girlfriend. That was because when Grandmother Yuehua openly claimed that they lived together with Jiang Fei in order to obtain the pills, it meant they had become bound to Jiang Fei to a certain extent.

    "My dumb brother, aren't you asking for trouble by trying to explain things?" Han Tianyu covered his face. From the expressions on the Yang sisters' face and the way other people in the room were smirking, Han Tianyu knew Jiang Fei was in great trouble.
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