561 Arming

    The entire process did not take too long as there was not much of a conflict between Jiang Fei and the other Sects, to begin with. Jiang Fei himself wanted to arm the Sects since they would need to gain more power to prepare for future battles. If Han Tianyu had not advised him against giving away the pills for free, Jiang Fei might have done so.

    After a quick and decisive discussion, Jiang Fei offered 3,000 Spirit Pills for 24 Martial Skills from the Sects. Depending on the prowess of the Martial Skill, the amount of Spirit Pills that each Sect would receive will differ.

    Even though Jiang Fei could pick up Martial Skills on his own by having 0541 calculate one for him, the Martial Skills that the Sects were offering were heirlooms of several hundred or even a thousand years old. It was the accumulation of hard work and unprecedented evolution of skills. To be fair, 0541, being a hyper-intelligent computer, could further improve the martial skill in a fraction of the time taken to calculate a martial skill out of thin air. Meanwhile, Jiang Fei did not have the luxury of time to become stronger.

    The Spirit Pill and the Grand Restore Pill were different. The Spirit Pill itself was a concentrated form of energy. Hence, creating it would consume quite a considerable amount of power. Almost all the power he had obtained from the European Vatican were used in producing the Spirit Pills. There was little, if any, power left for 0541 to store into its power reserve.

    "I need to contact Shroder and see if the Mutant Brotherhood had some Uranium with them..."

    Jiang Fei did not want to trade with the Vatican again since it would make him appear desperate for Uranium. Besides, he could also arm the Mutant Brotherhood. Although he could not trust the foreigners, he would at least place the responsibility on them to defeat the uprising Japanese scum and their Bio-Human army. Alone, the Chinese Martial Artist Alliance could not stand against an army that was tens or even hundreds of times stronger than them.

    The deal was set and each representative of the Sects returned to their Sect to start picking out their offerings to Jiang Fei. Since they were competing with other Sects, they would have to offer something better than the other Sects yet not something powerful like their own crown jewel.

    Now that he was finally left alone, Jiang Fei decided to return home. However, just as he turned around to leave, Yang Po and Yang Qing were seen standing at the doors, blocking his way out.

    "You're on your own bro!" said Han Tianyu as he quickly made his way back to his own private office.

    "Urgh..." Jiang Fei was at a loss.

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    "You really got yourself a girlfriend?" said Yang Po coldly, with eyes that stared straight into his soul. From Jiang Fei's perspective, Yang Po did not look angry as she was unfeeling of others. However, like a blaring alarm, Jiang Fei could sense Yang Po's silence was just the calm before a storm.

    "...Yes," said Jiang Fei. Although it was too late, Jiang Fei regretted it.

    "So? What about us then?" cried Yang Qing as she put up a sad look. This little rascal was nothing but a girl with a million masks. Not even Jiang Fei could tell whether her emotions were faked or genuine.

    "Hey hey hey... There's nothing going on between us, okay?" said Jiang Fei awkwardly. No matter how it sounds, the situation looked like the girls were being ditched by Jiang Fei.

    "So you say. But know that all members of the alliance, and perhaps even the Metahuman society knows that we are your women. What do you think would happen to us if you don't take us in?" said Yang Qing as she strode herself to Jiang Fei, looking at him with her eyes opened wide like a sad little puppy.


    If he could, he would say: Don't blame me for what your master did to you! To begin with, I'd never demand the two of you!

    However, it would be too harsh to lash out like that. Incidentally, Jiang Fei could not think of anything else to say.

    "We do not blame you. However, since the rice had already become porridge, it's either you marry us, or we could kill you and be off with it. Naturally, we would never resort to the latter since you are too strong for us. Still, being able to die by your hands might not be a bad decision after all," said Yang Po coldly again. Sometimes, Jiang Fei wondered if the girl had any emotions in her... just like a certain Omega level superbeing.

    "What!? Please don't! Why would any of this result in death?!"

    Jiang Fei panicked immediately. The two sisters, one peckish and the other, snow white, had really pushed Jiang Fei to a corner.

    "So, make up your mind! What do you want to do? We're already ruined by you!" said Yang Qing as tears started to collect in the corner of her eyes.

    "What the hell..."

    Jiang Fei was thrown. His shut-in personality would not allow him to say something like: to hell with you then!

    "Don't you think that marriage is something too early for either of us? I mean... all of us are still very young and wild. It's not our time to settle down just yet. Don't you agree?" said Jiang Fei, trying to divert the topic.

    "Perhaps you forgot a certain process one must go through before marriage. Engagement!" said Yang Qing.

    "NO!" cried Jiang Fei almost immediately. Even though he was a little weak when it comes to controlling his emotions, he had a bottom line that he would not cross. If he got engaged to the two sisters, how could he face Si Tuying?

    He had gotten a little aggravated because of Si Tuying but he refrained from being too hostile with the girls. However, his glare had an underlying warning.

    "So it seems that we have no choice," said Yang Po coldly.

    "I understand, but..." said Yang Qing as she nodded her head and walked away from Jiang Fei.

    "At least come and visit us since we are living right opposite your house!"

    "That's... I can make do," said Jiang Fei as he felt a little guilty for not giving the girls a path to walk on.

    Now that Jiang Fei had agreed on something, the girls backed down a little.

    "Oh, the Pills please," said Yang Qing, not forgetting the real reason that they were offered to be Jiang Fei's women.

    "After the ordeal with the other Sect is done, I will give you an extra 200 Spirit Pills for the both of you," said Jiang Fei as he tried to bait the girls to leave him.


    The two had finally backed away for good. That was what they had come for. Now that they had realized that they had pushed too far, it was best to take several steps back to let Jiang Fei some space to move around.

    After giving them what they wanted, Jiang Fei had finally gotten his hands free from the sisters. Even though 200 Spirit Pills were not as important to him since he originally planned to reinforce the martial artist in the alliance, he did felt that it was a burden since the girls were all over him.

    "Tsk! I should go all out to avoid these crazy chicks!" said Jiang Fei as he reached his house.

    Back at home, Jiang Fei gave Shroder a call. Although the two had exchanged phone numbers a while back, Jiang Fei had never once called him.

    "It's the benevolent Jiang! How may I be of service?" said Shroder, a little too intimate after he was rescued by Jiang Fei.

    "Business," said Jiang Fei straightforwardly.

    "What sort of business are we talking about?" said Shroder as he was surprised to hear Jiang Fei being so stoic.

    "The same as I did with the Vatican. One Spirit Pill for ten tonnes of Uranium. However, for you, I'm willing to trade it for 300 to even 500 Spirit Pill for ten tonnes!"

    Jiang Fei was determined to help Shroder as he needed to gain the favor as well as arming the Mutants. Jiang Fei was blatantly giving out his pills just to support his cause.
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