562 Learning from the Great One

    "Brother Jiang Fei, I've been waiting for you to call me. If you hadn't, I would have called you instead!," said Shroder. The deal he made with the Vatican was not a kept secret and almost all who were interested in Jiang Fei knew about it. Naturally, the Mutant Brotherhood knew.

    Most importantly, if Jiang Fei was willing to trade with the Vatican, it means that Jiang Fei was willing to trade with anyone as long as they had what Jiang Fei wanted. Hence, by the time news about Jiang Fei reached the Brotherhood, Shroder himself would have gone to Jiang Fei if he had not come to him.

    "My bad. We are friends. I should have contacted you earlier!" Jiang Fei laughed, "So, how much do you want?"

    "Sorry, I'm not in the position to make any decision. See, the higher-ups are the ones that do that. However, knowing my boss, I think they would want as much as they could afford. It's a life-saving pill, after all. No one would be stingy on that!" said Shroder.

    Whether is it the Metahuman Society, China Martial Artist Alliance, or the world governments, no one would let anything that could be made into thermonuclear arsenals be traded around like fruits. However, if the Japanese were to come attack with their army of Bio-Humans, anyone would counter them with Metahumans or Mutants. It would not be feasible to use nuclear weapons to fight with them. In the end, all the Uranium were treated as a security liability, whereas Jiang Fei's pills were far more valuable.

    That was why when Jiang Fei was trading large quantities of nuclear materials, the government of China did not stop him.

    "Alright, do what you must. I'll be waiting for your call," said Jiang Fei before hanging up.

    When he was at home, Jiang Fei was calm and relaxed. He put up a face like that was nothing wrong in the world even though the threat of the Japanese was right around the corner. The reason was simple; he did not want to worry his parents.

    Everyone was happy during dinner and Jiang Fei even spent some time with his parents watching a random comedy show on television. After that, he went to bed. Instead of sleeping straight away liked he always did, he called Si Tuying and the two of them chatted happily till Si Tuying was too tired to even say goodbye. Jiang Fei hung up and slept.

    By the time Jiang Fei logged into the game, it was already 12 midnight. There was still one more day until the new patch arrives and there was practically nothing for him to do in the game. He, Isabella, and Sylphy decided to roam around the Faction Area. Half a day later, he was joined by Ariel. After helping her father in cleaning up the Naga's nest, Ariel had nothing else important to do. Hence, she came over to Jiang Fei and joined him in his merry little ride around the Faction area.

    The next day, when Jiang Fei logged out, the server started patching its content for the newly released information.

    When Jiang Fei was done with his breakfast, he received a call from Han Tianyu when he was helping his mother to wash the dishes. Every single time Jiang Fei received a call from Han Tianyu, he could feel his heart sink a little, hoping to not hear bad news. Luckily, Han Tianyu was in a good mood when he greeted Jiang Fei. He informed Jiang Fei that the nuclear materials that Jiang Fei had asked from Celine Trish had been prepared and were waiting to be picked up. As fast as he could, Jiang Fei finished up the dishes and headed out of his house after informing his parents.

    Jiang Fei took a cab to the outskirts of the city and when there was nobody in sight, he materialized the hoverboard and flew into the sky. As soon as he was in Europe, Jiang Fei changed his appearance to that of Zhuge Shanzhen. With a flash of light, Jiang Fei had turned into an elegant, smart-looking old man. At the speed of sound, Jiang Fei headed straight to the coordinates that he had obtained from Han Tianyu.

    It was past noon by the time Jiang Fei arrived at the arranged destination. It was located far North of Europe, in a port by the sea. There, he saw a huge storage house. Just as he approached the storage unit, there were several people waiting at the entrance. Of all the people then, he only recognized one man.

    The man was the high ranking Inquisitor of the Church, Kazas. He had met him once when Jiang Fei, pretending to be Zhuge Shanzhen, stole all the Uranium that was the mines that Kazas guarded. It seems that Celine Trish had purposely arranged a man that "Zhuge Shanzhen" was familiar with.

    "Sir! Sir! Over here!" cried Kazas in Mandarin albeit it was not really good.

    "Hm? The Spiritual Man!" Jiang Fei replied and descended to him.

    As he landed, Jiang Fei merely kicked the sword away and it miraculously floated to his back and latched itself there.

    "As expected of the great Level 5 master!"

    Kazas was frightened to the core. Although it was not the first time he had met the legendary Zhuge Shanzhen, he could not help but be fearful of him.

    Jiang Fei was dressed differently from his previous appearance as Zhuge Shanzhen. This time, he made himself to appear wearing a Taoist crown with nine golden stripes and a golden peacock feathers robe. He had also changed the appearance of the sword to look like a treasure sword, complete with precious jewels embedded in it. All in all, his entire appearance was made to not look like any common person. It was made to give him a mysterious vibe.

    "Spirited One, where is the Uranium?" said Jiang Fei as he lifted his head up, like a man of higher status.

    This time, Kazas was prepared. He had brought along a translator with him to avoid offending him.

    "O Great One, please follow this lowly man," said Kazas as humbly as he could. The man he was talking to was none other than the legendary Zhuge Shanzhen after all!

    After following Kazas, as well as the other few men around, Jiang Fei was lead into the storage unit. It was meticulously protected by many layers of lead walls. As soon as Jiang Fei had reached the entrance, Kazas and the rest started to change their outfit into hazmat suits. They were entering a storage unit that was filled with several thousand tonnes of Uranium. The radiation alone would immediately kill any Level 4 Metahumans!

    "This one I shan't need," said Jiang Fei as he rejected a hazmat suit that was offered to him.

    "Ahh! The Great One is already strong enough!" cried Kazas as he praised Jiang Fei, trying to get to his good side.

    The true storage was not on the surface but hidden underneath many layers of thick concrete, laced with lead. Seven doors later, the group finally arrived in a room that was filled with countless of containers filled with Uranium.

    "O Great One, please count them as you please," said Kazas as he bowed down and left.

    "0541, how much are there?"

    "Calculating... Captain, the Uranium ores that are in this room is not as refined as the previous ones. However, the exact weight of the Uraniums are 2,521.34 tonnes," 0541 replied.

    "Hohoho. You compensated quality with quantity! I am pleased nonetheless!" said Jiang Fei to himself but was translated for Kazas.

    "It is my pleasure to serve the Great One," said Kazas as he bowed once more. Due to the sheer number of Uranium that was to be traded, the Vatican had ordered almost all of the Uranium to be extracted out of the mines. Since there was not much time to prepare, the quality of the Uranium ores was not pure. To compensate, they had added half a thousand tonne.

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    "Hmm? What are you still doing here? Ahh! You want to see how I transport the ores!" said Jiang Fei when he noticed that Kazas as his men were waiting for him to do something.

    "If it does not offend the Great One, we merely wish to learn!" said Kazas. If the Great One was not pleased with them being there, Kazas would naturally scram off as far as he could.

    "Hmm. Good man. Learn as you please... If you can," said Jiang Fei as he laughed like an old man. Technically speaking, Jiang Fei was not transporting the ores, he was merely absorbing all the radiation that was in the Uranium. Jiang Fei would want to take this chance to display the prowess of the great Zhuge Shanzhen! After all, it does not require him to fight!
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