563 Creating a Problem Out of Thin Air

    "0541, stand by to absorb the energy. Do make it as flashy as you can!" said Jiang Fei telepathically. He wanted to make sure that everyone that was in that building could see just how absurd his power was!

    "Ready and waiting, Captain! You have control," 0541 replied and passed the ignition over to Jiang Fei.

    "Please pay attention," said Jiang Fei.

    With a powerful grunt, Jiang Fei placed his hands on the floor.


    A powerful blast of chromatic lights came out of his hands and enveloped all the crates. The rainbow light spread across, swirling and dancing as it flowed all around the crates. Once 0541 had informed Jiang Fei that the absorption cloud had covered all the crates, Jiang Fei started to pull back the light. From the perspective of the bystanders, it looked like Zhuge Shanzhen was pulling the lights like a rope. He then took the light and absorbed it into his palm.

    "Oh my god..."

    Everyone was speechless. What they saw was beyond human understanding. The man named Zhuge Shanzhen had performed far greater than what they had expected.

    "Is he really just a Level 5 master? I have never seen a Level 5 performing such a feat! This is practically god-like!" Kazas muttered to himself while the other men were stunned. Neither one of them had seen a man could blast rainbows and drag them back into his palm!

    "The power of Zhuge Shanzhen has surpassed anything that we had initially thought. I must report this back to my superiors!" said Kazas to himself.

    After 10 minutes into the "light show", Jiang Fei had completely reabsorbed all the light that he had put out. What was left in the crates were just pure carbon without a single speck of radiation.

    "It-it-it-it's done? Sir?" said Kazas still shocked.

    "Oh yes. It is done. Here are the pills that my disciple had promised," said Jiang Fei as he placed four bottles on one of the crates. Kazas was stunned seeing how casually Zhuge Shanzhen had simply placed the greatest pills that ever existed on top of a highly radioactive crate.

    "Sir! There are no radiations left! Not even a speck of it!" said one of the men that was measuring the surrounding radiation.

    Kazas was not listening at this point as he was too overwhelmed by the pills.

    "Did you say that there's no more radiation?" said Kazas as he snapped back to reality.

    The other men had already started to remove their hazmat suits. Kazas quickly removed his and walked to retrieve the bottles.

    "Are these the pills?" said Kazas as he picked up and admire it as it was the most expensive thing in the world.

    "That is correct. There are 50 pills in a bottle. Each pill would fully restore a Level 4 beginning stage's energy in mere seconds," said Jiang Fei with a wide smile.

    "Thank you very much, O Great One!" cried Kazas as he bowed 90 degrees, just like the Japanese. He completely trusted the pills and did not even check for its authenticity. To be fair, he did not need to, to be able to "perform" to that extent would not resort to cheating lower beings...

    "That'd be all. I shall take my leave," said Jiang Fei as he turned around to leave the stuffy building.

    "Please allow me to escort you!" said Kazas as he ran towards Jiang Fei.

    "No need. You lot return to whence you came," said Jiang Fei as he waved his hands. The sword that was latched on his back flew up high in a split second and came down to his feet in the same manner. Jiang Fei leap into the sky and the sword caught him in midair. In a blink of an eye, the legendary Level 4 Zhuge Shanzhen disappeared like the wind.

    "Boss, just how strong is that old fart?" said one of the men to Kazas.

    "Shut your mouth! Show some respect for the great Zhuge Shanzhen!" Kazas roared. The man was practically all-powerful and all-wise. If he heard a foreigner called him an old fart, what do you think he would do to them?

    "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Just how strong is Great One?" the man repeated the question in a different manner.

    "I have no idea. All I know is, nothing he does is logical," said Kazas. He could not even draw a line in the power chart and if Kazas were to roughly gauge Zhuge Shenzhen's true potential, he would pin it at the top of the Level 5.

    Leaving the gaping Kazas and his fellow men, Jiang Fei flew back to China.

    "0541, with the energy that you had just collected, how much Spirit Pill can you make?" said Jiang Fei. Yesterday, Jiang Fei had basically used up all the remaining power reserve to make 200 Spirit Pills.

    "Roughly 4,000 Pills, Captain."

    "That should be enough. After China is armed and loaded, I need to go to North America to talk to Shroder."

    Jiang Fei returned home just like how he headed out. First, he landed somewhere in the outskirt of the city, took a cab, and return back to Manda Square without anyone seeing him change from an old man to a youngster.

    Back at home, he was immediately greeted by Si Tuying, who was sitting quietly on the sofa.

    "Welcome back!"

    "Hey there, I see that you've made yourself at home!"


    When Jiang Fei's parent was at home, she behaves modestly. No one could tell that she was raised in a family of gangsters and crime.

    "Aiyaaa! Little Fei, where have you been? Little Ying had been waiting for you for the entire day!" cried the mother as soon as she heard Jiang Fei was back.

    "Well... You could have called?" said Jiang Fei, trying to make up an excuse.

    "Sigh... what am I going to do with you? Well, you young ones have fun. This auntie is going out to buy groceries for dinner! Little Ying, I'm making dinner for you too!" said the mother as she snickered her way out of the door, leaving Jiang Fei and Si Tuying alone.

    "Now that your mother is out... Tell me the truth! What have you been doing behind my back!" said Si Tuying as she turned her head towards Jiang Fei eerily. A woman's sixth sense was almost always on point.

    "Well... I've been busy with some stuff. Don't ask if you do not want to know the answer," said Jiang Fei as he tried to divert her attention. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Hoho... Are you... perhaps... with someone else? Say... a girl?" said Si Tuying as her eyes widen.

    Jiang Fei felt a shiver down his spine and quickly averted his gaze.

    "Urmmm... I ermm...."

    "Holy f*cking molly! How am I going to tell Si Tuying about the twins that were living right opposite to me! F*cking hell! If I don't tell her now, she will eventually bump into them! If that happens, I'm a dead man!' Jiang Fei cried his eyes out mentally.

    "Come on! Admit it! You're cheating on me!" cried Si Tuying as she jumped on Jiang Fei and pushed him to the ground. Her smooth silky hair was now a mess as they drop down to cover Jiang Fei's face.

    "It's not me... It's their fault. They were the ones that had been harassing me..." said Jiang Fei. What he feared was Si Tuying had misunderstood him and decided to leave. Desperate to find a proper way to explain, Jiang Fei had said what he said vaguely.

    "Huh? You bastard! Tell me what is going on! Tell me!" cried Si Tuying. At first, Si Tuying was merely playing with Jiang Fei. She only wanted to tease him for coming home late. But when Jiang Fei had just said something like that, she could not think straight.

    "I... It's hard to explain..." Jiang Fei turned away from Si Tuying. Knowing what had truly happened, Jiang Fei could not help but thought that he had just created a problem out of thin air.

    There was no proper way to explain the situation to Si Tuying without properly explaining the world of Metahumans and Martial Artist. If he did, he would be dragging Si Tuying into the entire mess like his own parents!
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