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    "As much as I want to tell you about them... I can't. If I did..." Jiang Fei cringed hard. He wanted to tell Si Tuying about everything but he was truly in love with Si Tuying. The conflict between telling her the truth and the troubles that came along with it was tearing him inside-out.

    If Si Tuying had insisted on knowing about Jiang Fei and his world, Jiang Fei would decisively arm Si Tuying, turning her into a superhuman fighter just like Jiang Fei was. However, that thought was immediately scrapped.

    Even though making Si Tuying be like him was easy since he still had enough materials and human sample leftovers to make Bio-Potion. It would grant Si Tuying a limited amount of power. She might not be a Level 4 fighter like Jiang Fei but she could turn out to be at least an intermediate stage of Level 3.

    Now, here comes the problem. If anyone had done a little investigation, they would know that Si Tuying had not been taught or taken in by any Sect to learn martial arts. How did someone from the streets suddenly gain superhuman strength overnight? They would know that it had something to do with Jiang Fei or his Level 5 master. If that was the case, Jiang Fei would be thrown back into the center of attention.

    Hence, if he gives Si Tuying his powers, Jiang Fei would inevitably create a huge problem for himself. After that, his family would be once more, be a target for problems, along with hers.

    If he did not give Si Tuying any powers and only tell her the truth, she would be like Jiang Fei's parent. Every day, she would be at home, thinking about the dangers of the world and Jiang Fei playing in it, like children in the sandpit. He did not want her to suffer mentally.

    "Sigh... I trust you. If you can't tell me, I'll forget about it," said Si Tuying as she could feel Jiang Fei was torn apart just by a simple question. At the very least, she understood that Jiang Fei would do her no harm.

    Si Tuying might be playful and a little tomboy-ish due to the fact that she was raised in a family of men and gangsters, but she understood how the world works. She was not your average playful little school girl, whose head was filled with dreams and hope. Si Tuying sees and accepts the world as it was; a cruel world - survival of the fittest.

    Additionally, she had learned a good life lesson from her mother. To be a good woman to a gangster lord, she needs to let her partner have some freedom to do whatever he wanted. There's a saying, behind every successful man stands a powerful woman. A woman could handle a man but a man might not accept another woman. Although it goes both ways, for the case of a delinquent, no woman would and could accept him as her partner. Hence, deep down, they know that if a woman could accept for who they are, they would cherish her for the rest of their life.

    Jiang Fei was not young and neither was he old. Si Tuying understood that when a man of his age, performs brilliantly, flocks of hungry girls would surround him. It was only normal. However, be it a truth or a lie, she chose to believe in him. She knew that if Jiang Fei was indeed lying, it would be for her own good.

    "Thank you... For understanding," said Jiang Fei as he immediately stopped frowning worriedly.

    "Hehehe. Well then, do I get something in return?" said Si Tuying as she leaned down and pressed her body to his.

    "But of course!" yelled Jiang Fei happily. With a quick flip, he grabbed Si Tuying's waist and leap onto the sofa from the ground. Jiang Fei was on the sofa and Si Tuying was sitting on his lap. Before she could even respond, Jiang Fei planted a hot passionate kiss on her lips.

    No one wanted to let go. No one wanted it to end. The two were the only people in the house then. There was no one to stop them. Jiang Fei's hands slowly traced its way to the curves of her waist and down to her lower back.


    Si Tuying purred like a kitten as Jiang Fei's slipped his hands underneath her shirt. After that, his hands went upwards and when Jiang Fei touched the tip of her bosom, he could feel her entire body stiffened up but relaxed in the next second.


    She moaned again. Jiang Fei was not sure what he should do, but at least he was certain that Si Tuying had not rejected his touch.

    Just as Jiang Fei wanted to turn her around to face him, the door lock turned.

    Ka Chack!


    Jiang Fei jumped to his feet and immediately carried Si Tuying off his lap and placed her next to him on the sofa before shooting away from her to the corner. He finally understood how Han Tianyu felt when he had walked in on Han Tianyu while he and his secretary were "getting all turned on".

    "Argh! Ah Fei! Give me a hand here. Your mom wanted me to buy back a tonne of seafood for dinner!" cried Jiang Fei's father as he was carrying two large bags that were filled to the brim. Jiang Fei thanked all the gods there were that his father had not noticed what he was doing to Si Tuying.

    "Right away!"

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    Jiang Fei dashed to the door and took the bags away from his father before running to the kitchen.

    "Welcome back, uncle..." said Si Tuying. She could pretend that nothing had happened when the father was out but her blushed face, as well as the sweat on her forehead gave it all away. It was a little too much for her. She could not imagine how embarrassing it would be if the father had caught them red handed.


    Jiang Fei's father was confused for a moment but when he noticed how Si Tuying was reacting, he immediately understood what had happened. The man was once young like Jiang Fei. It was only natural that he could put the pieces together.

    Naturally, he did not want Si Tuying to feel embarrassed about it. He was a man and above all, he was a businessman. He kept a straight face and continued to the kitchen. Before he entered, he turned to Si tuying and said," You're in luck, his mother is going to cook the best seafood dishes in town!"

    "Haha! Dad, there's no need to brag about mom's cooking," said Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei's father entered the kitchen and pulled Jiang Fei to the corner.

    "Son, there are time and places for some things. I won't say much but, you do you. Just keep it in check sometimes. Know the right time and place," said the father before he hurriedly left the kitchen and into his room to change his clothes.

    "Oh damn... He knows," said Jiang Fei to himself.

    After unpacking the seafood, Jiang Fei went to the living room to join Si Tuying.

    "Did your father found out?" said Si Tuying quietly.

    "Well... No. Teehee," said Jiang Fei to ease her.

    "Phew... It's your fault, you meanie! Stupid delinquent!" said Si Tuying as she playfully punches Jiang Fei's side.

    "Hahaha! Sorry, madam! I've learned my lesson! Next time, let's hide in my room! I'd even lock the door so no one could bother us again!" said Jiang Fei as he tried his best not to laugh.

    "Hmph!" the girl snorted yet blushed at the same time.

    The two chatted about their daily lives until his mother came home with bags of cooking materials in her hands.

    "Ah Fei! Did your father come back? Did he remember to get the lobsters and shrimps?" the mother yelled.

    "Yeah! There's all in the kitchen," said Jiang Fei.

    "Auntie! Let me help! I may be small but I'm good in the kitchen!" said Si Tuying as she helped Jiang Fei's mother to ease her load.

    After the two women of the house had entered the kitchen, Jiang Fei contemplated for a bit but decided to help as well. It was a good bonding session for Si Tuying and his mother.

    After the happy dinner session and cleaning up, Jiang Fei walked Si Tuying home. This time, he did not enter her house but left her with a goodnight kiss at the entrance and went back home.

    Jiang Fei had immediately had 0541 started making the Spirit Pills. He may have acquired a large amount of power today but thousands of Spirit Pills would take too long. Leaving 0541 to produce it overnight would be the most efficient way.

    10pm sharp, Jiang Fei logged into the game happily. It was a special day for him for many reasons. First and foremost, he had finally made a move to the girl with mutual feelings for him. Secondly, he had acquired a large amount of power to make 4,000 Spirit Pills. Lastly, the game. Tonight was the night that the new patch was implemented. The new content about the Faction Map will be released to the public. Players would now be able to freely enter the Faction Region without restrictions. Jiang Fei may be the only player with a fortress then but sooner or later, others will catch up to him... After some time... Perhaps a long long time...
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