568 Humiliating the Divine Light God

    "What the hell? I've only just entered the new map and was hammered by this f*cking debuff?"

    "It's that guy! Verdure Glider's fault! Damn him! Why would he do something like this!?"

    "Don't let me see him in public or I'll gouge his eyes out!"

    "Get over it. I wonder who would be the one gouging their eyes out..."

    "That guy is kinda strong to actually flirt with the woman of the Divine Light God."


    While all the players were venting their anger at Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei was venting his anger at Isabella.

    "Tell me the truth! You must have known about this and kept it a secret from me!" Jiang Fei roared as he pinches Isabella's soft cheeks.


    Isabella slapped Jiang Fei hands off and laughed about it.

    "I see nothing wrong here. You are part of the Nephilim race. If the Divine Light God wanted to get you, he would have to go through my father first!"

    Isabella had indeed known the truth. She understood the fact that helping the Saint of the Light to betray her own faith will come with huge consequences. Even though the Saint was someone in the middle rank of the Church with little to no power in her hands, she was still at the same position as the Pope himself in the eyes of the follower. If the Pope is the messenger of God, the Saint would be the secretary of God. Technically speaking, she was his woman.

    Naturally, when Jiang Fei "kidnapped" her away, it was a move to humiliate the Divine God to the public. Naturally, the all-powerful God would retaliate.

    Both Isabella and the King knew about it but decided to keep it to themselves. They knew that Jiang Fei was the disciple of Ou Yezi, one of the Four Heavenly Sages. If they could coax Jiang Fei to rattle the Light Faction, Ou Yezi might not be joining the Shadow Faction but at least he would have build enmity towards the Light Faction.

    "Tsk. If you dare to do something like this again, I'll smack your bum so hard that it would jiggle for days!" Jiang Fei roared angrily. Even though the Kill-Order for Jiang Fei was not all that intrusive to his life, for better or worse, he might not be able to venture into the Light Faction territory, but all that matters was he did not like the feeling of being lied to.

    "Ehehehe... Sorry. It won't happen again!" said Isabella as she smothered herself into Jiang Fei's chest.

    After understanding why the Divine Light God had so much hatred towards him, Jiang Fei had come to terms about his future in the Faction map. Now that he had sorted his feelings about being punished, it was time to review his rewards!

    Firstly, when Nina had finally reach Infatuated level of Reputation, she had unconditionally created a Love Contract with Jiang Fei. That would permanently increase his Attack and Movement Speed by 5%.

    At the same time, Nina herself had joined the merry little harem. Likewise, she was in the same status as Ariel and Sylphy. Neither of them could join Jiang Fei if he enters a dungeon or Secret Dungeon. However, in the open world map, she would be an invaluable partner to fight.

    Jiang Fei opened up Nina's status window and got a shock to see the frail little girl had such a powerful stat.

    Nina (The Traitor of the Light) (Human, Intermediate Overlord)

    Level: 95

    Health Points: 100%

    Note: Verdure Glider's Lover. A wanted criminal of the Light Faction. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Since she was an ally NPC now, Jiang Fei was not able to obtain the battle stat of Nina. However, just with the title itself, Jiang Fei understood that an Intermediate Overlord had proved that the frail little Nina was the strongest member in his harem. She was even stronger than Sylphy! Jiang Fei could not understand how someone like her got herself captured in the first place. Could it be that she was a class that could only heal and not attack?

    Jiang Fei glanced down and could not help but click his tongue disgruntledly when he saw the footnote saying "Verdure Glider's Lover". That tag will always be in the footnote every time an NPC had contracted with Jiang Fei. Although Sylphy had also betrayed the Light Faction, Nina was the only one that had the tag "Wanted Criminal". After all, her sin was too grave since she held a high position in the Church. Although Jiang Fei had received the penalty from "God" himself, he was only the second most wanted criminal of the Church!

    When Jiang Fei completed the quest by Nina, he had only seen the notification before it got masked over by other notifications. Moreover, he was on the run and had no time to check. Jiang Fei opened up his inventory and examined the reward.

    Mountain of the Light (Gemstone, Legendary)

    Attribute: Increase 10% Vitality Points. Reduces all incoming damage by 10%.

    Socket Equipment: Defensive equipment, Cape.

    The reward for rescuing Nina was a high tier Gemstone. The effect was quite strong for Jiang Fei since he had a high base of Vitality points. The Damage Reduction effect plays an important role for him as well. More importantly, the effect of Damage Reduction was an extremely rare stat.

    Even though he was excited to receive the Gemstone, he chose to keep it for later since once the Gemstone is used, it could not be removed. Jiang Fei's current equipment was the Level 60 Legendary Set Equipment. Even though its stats were very strong, it would become obsolete once Jiang Fei reached a certain level. Hence, high tier Gemstones are priceless. Jiang Fei's cape, the Crimson Reaper, has Lifesteal and Lifesteal Demon Form that was very useful but Jiang Fei still hesitated to use it then.

    Besides the quest reward from Nina, Jiang Fei had received a Title Challenge Quest. While everyone else was still an Adventurer, the lowest tier, Jiang Fei was already an Explorer, the second tier. The Title Challenge Quest that Jiang Fei had received was for the title Elite Explorer.

    Right then, he still had one more quest reward to claim!

    "Let's see your father! I have a bone to pick with him as well!" said Jiang Fei as he held Isabella's hand and went to the Nephilim's King castle. The clueless Nina who had nowhere to go, followed Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei and Isabella were not strangers to the NPCs in the Royal Chamber. Even though they had brought along a person with a strong Light aura, they dared not stop them. While no one could simply just walk into the Royal Chamber freely, Jiang Fei and Isabella could since they were not just anyone.

    "Your Highness, I brought someone," said Jiang Fei as he invites Nina to the front.

    "Your Highness," said Nina as she bowed a little while blushing madly since Jiang Fei was holding her hands. Even so, she did not forget to respect anyone that was stronger.

    "Good one!" bellowed the King as he gave Jiang Fei a thumbs up.

    When the Divine Light God had roared and his voice echoed to every corner of the world, the Nephilim King knew that Jiang Fei had succeeded the impossible mission that he had given to Jiang Fei. When he saw how the ex-Saint of the Light was madly in love with Jiang Fei, he could not help but feel proud and impressed by his action.

    "Hahaha! How long since I have seen anyone who could do what you did! As long as I can remember, there was someone... A dragon... it was more than 10,000 years ago, I remember... But I could recall that the dragon has more charm that you had!" said the Nephilim King.

    "Urgh... that lustful dragon..."

    Jiang Fei cringed madly when he recalled about that perverted dragon...
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