572 Good News

    With the remaining time, Jiang Fei wasted it all in the auction house, scrolling through the endless list of trash, until it was time to leave. In the end, he could not even find one good item!

    After he woke up, he helped his mother to prepare a wholesome breakfast and spent the entire morning with them. By the time it was noon, Shroder called in.

    "Dear Jiang! The higher-ups have made their decision. We would want all 500 pills! If you have more pills to sell, we would gladly buy more of them!" said Shroder happily. He himself was a higher level Mutant that could make good use of the Spirit Pills.

    "Alright. It's a deal. Please get the goods ready. I'll inform my master to retrieve them whenever you are ready," said Jiang Fei. It was dangerous to get close to the highly radioactive materials. Even though it was dangerous, Jiang Fei was going to go with the Zhuge Shanzhen's identity to retrieve the Uranium, like he always did.

    "Gotcha! I will do my best to prepare them as fast as possible. I'll be in touch soon," said Shroder. 500 Spirit Pills was equal to 5,000 tonnes of Uranium. Preparing them would take some time.

    After hanging up the phone, Jiang Fei asked 0541 telepathically, "How're the pills coming along?"

    "They are all ready, Captain. A total of 4,000."

    "Nice," Jiang Fei said to himself. Even though the process was meticulous, 0541 was up for the job.

    "Captain. With all the power reserves used to make the pills, the remaining power left would only last for a few days. It is advisable to quickly finish the trade."

    0541 current power reserve level was lower than the time when Jiang Fei had resurfaced from Challenger's Deep. If Jiang Fei could not get a new power source within a week, 0541 will be forced to set itself in low power hibernation mode.

    "Calm down. The Mutants are more stress out than us. They won't take too long to get the Uranium ready."

    Jiang Fei laughed to himself. The Japanese may have already mass-produced Level 2 and Level 3 Bio-Humans, but they had gravely underestimated the effort Jiang Fei had invested into arming the rest of the Metahuman Society!

    Today was a rather pleasant day as good news kept streaming in. After Shroder, Han Tianyu called on a little after midday to tell him that alliance had prepared all 24 martial skill books for him to trade with.

    "Good. I'll be over there at night."

    The sooner he could get his hands on the books, the faster 0541 could craft more powerful martial skills for him.

    By lunchtime, Si Tuying came over to his house with a handful of containers filled with store-bought meals. The cheeky little girl did not know how to cook. She always thought that Jiang Fei did not get enough to eat at home so she thought it would be a good idea to get some takeaway for him.

    When Si Tuying had arrived, Jiang Fei's mother welcomed her happily. She cooked a few dishes and paired them with the food that Si Tuying had brought in.

    "Auntie, where's uncle?" Si Tuying asked.

    "Your uncle is working in the office now. He will only be back for dinner," said the mother. Even though Jiang Fei had already asked Han Tianyu to arrange him an off-desk job, Jiang Fei's father himself had demanded to work in the office. He did not want to take advantage of his son's relationship with Han Tianyu and slack off. To be truthful, he was an honorable man as he did not care about the money. He only felt guilty since the money was not truly his.

    Jiang Fei spent the entire afternoon with Si Tuying at home. Albeit it was a good time, he did not want Si Tuying to stay over for dinner as he was needed somewhere else later at night.

    After he had returned from her house, the door opposite his house opened.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, is the girl you sent home your girlfriend?" said Yang Qing with a glare.

    Jiang Fei turned around and glared back.

    "You dare..." Jiang Fei snarled with maximum hostility. His killing intent burst out like a megaton nuclear bomb.

    "Do you really hate us that much?" said Yang Qing abruptly before Jiang Fei could finish his sentence.

    As soon as he realized that he had gone overboard, he quickly calmed down.

    "Not to the point of hate..." said Jiang Fei. What he really wanted to say was: I can't read your f*cking minds! How should I know if you were just asking out of curiosity or plotting something against me?! You're the one the blame! You and your sister's schemes!

    "Alright then!" Yang Qing smiled.

    "In that case, why didn't you come over and hang out with us? It's been a while since we actually talked," said Yang Qing. As expected of the little devil. This girl had masks of emotion ready and could immediately change her mood depending on the situation. Jiang Fei got tired of trying to read her.

    Before he could answer, Yang Qing leaped to him and grabbed his arm and pressed them against her chest.

    "It's about time. I will talk to my parents a little bit. I'll see you in Han Tianyu's office!" cried Jiang Fei before Yang Qing could say anything. He quickly wriggled his arms off her and barged into his own house.

    Even though he did not have the nerve to directly reject a girl's invitation, Jiang Fei was still able to remove himself from the temptation of another woman after he had officially become Si Tuying's man.

    After Jiang Fei left Yang Qing alone, Yang Po came out of their house.

    "You did what you could. Come back," said Yang Po.


    Yang Qing's expression was relaxed as if the previous sad expression and the happy-go-lucky girl was all faked. The two entered their own home.

    "He's changed," said Yang Po, worriedly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "That true. It was getting apparent that he was rejecting me!"

    "He had become more mature now compared when we first met him. If you continue to flirt with him, you would not get anything in return. Perhaps, in time, he would even reject you directly in your face," said Yang Po.

    "Was it because of that girlfriend of his? Shall we do-"

    "NO!" Yang Po yelled out suddenly.

    "What wrong? I was only suggesting we do something about the girl," said Yang Qing, looking a little puzzled.

    "That's the thing. Just now, when you merely asked about the girl, I could feel Jiang Fei's killing intent. If he could hear us talking about doing something to the girl, I'm sure that we would be killed instantly. That man is serious about her."

    "Well, we can make things vague and blame it on the Soaring Cloud Sect!" said Yang Qing.

    "Enough of this nonsense. We are living in the mouth of the tiger. We should already be glad that he had accepted us. Don't forget. His master is a Level 5 martial artist. Who knows what he could do? If he had found anything that could link to us, the entire Aquamoon Heavenly Place would cease to exist!"

    "Meh. I understand. Too risky. Got it. Might as well try to get more out of him before it's too late, am I right?" said Yang Qing as she winked. Like a mask, she puts on a happy face and smiled to her own sister, "Let's go now. We can't let Big Brother Jiang Fei waiting!"

    "Alright," said Yang Po. The two left their house and made their way to the 108th floor of Manda Square where Han Tianyu's office was.
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