573 Grading Skills

    When Jiang Fei arrived, the rest of the Sect representatives were already ready and waiting.

    "My apologies for being tardy," said Jiang Fei as he sat down.

    "Nonsense, we have only just arrived!" said one of the representatives that Jiang Fei did not bother to remember. He was only one of the many second rated Sects. Naturally, he was only saying that out of courtesy. He was already there in the afternoon, waiting with Han Tianyu in the office for half a day.

    After the exchanges of greetings, Jiang Fei immediately butted in and said, "Let us not waste any more time, I understand that everyone is busy, as so am I."

    "Straightforward as always, I like it," said Bai Liwan. They had already prepared the 24 martial skills.

    To make it fair, the martial skills were collected together and passed to Jiang Fei in the form of a simple USB storage device.

    "Please wait here for a moment," said Jiang Fei as he took the USB drive and headed out of the meeting room. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Even though everything was about martial arts, that did not mean that everyone needed to cling onto the past. Scrolls and books were merely simple tools. In the era of globalization, everyone had already digitized their books.

    Jiang Fei asked Han Tianyu to lend him his office for a while to use his computer.

    "0541, do your thing please!"

    Even though Jiang Fei had been practicing martial arts for a while now, he was still limited to his own circle. Grading skills was not his forte, of which, he leaves it to 0541. As a person, Jiang Fei would have to actually practice the skills before he could judge its prowess whereas 0541 only needed to run a few simulations. Moreover, it would only take a short time for 0541 to come up with an accurate calculation of the said skills' prowess.

    Half an hour later, 0541 returned with a report.

    "Based on 5 point grading, there are 12 skills that are grade 3, 4 skills with grade 3.5, seven books with grade 4, and one skill with 4.5 grade."

    It seems that the Sects had offered many skills in order to garner more pills for themselves.

    "No grade 5?" said Jiang Fei as he clicked his tongue disgruntledly.

    "Considering grade 5 as their ultimate prize, 4.5 would be considered as their final offer. No one would want to give up their own treasure for mere recovery pills."

    If 0541 had a humanoid body, it would roll its eyes so hard at Jiang Fei.

    "That's true! Haha!"

    Jiang Fei opened up the folder and briefly look through the names of the skills.

    "F*ck me," said Jiang Fei as he slapped himself in the forehead.

    He had forgotten to specify the prowess of the skill before asking to trade with the pills. All the 24 skills in his hands now were merely basic skills from the Sects.

    The result of the grading and the pills they would get would be unfairly distributed. If everyone had offered a sword fighting skill, Jiang Fei would naturally prioritize the strongest one. The unlucky Sect with poor mastery of the sword would be drawing the shorter end of the stick.

    The Sects' representative had a discussing amongst themselves. Whoever skill that Jiang Fei had picked as better would get more pills. Little did they know that Jiang Fei's judgment was not as simple as he was straightforward. Jiang Fei had 0541 to pick and grade the skills for him.

    It goes without saying that 0541 grading was perfect... from a certain point of view. 0541 graded the skills by analyzing its moves and calculating the skill's damage output versus the energy input. The better the efficiency, the higher the grade.

    "Oh well. My fault for not telling them that. I should just be fair and distribute the pills fairly based on the skill grade."

    Many of the skills were different from each other. Some of which that were similar could be combined such as punching and palm technique. Spear and sword might be melee weapon skills but the mastery of the weapon itself was different, hence, they could not be combined.

    Even though things had turned out a little different from what Jiang Fei had expected, he was still able to gather many martial skills. And with that, he was satisfied. Right now, he did not have the luxury of time to train each skill to perfection. To save as much time as possible, he had 0541 to combines as many skills as it could.

    After having 0541 to start combining the skills with the 4.5 grade as the main, Jiang Fei returned to the meeting room where everyone was waiting for the result.

    They had long forgotten the patience of waiting, like receiving a test result back from the school teacher!

    "I have finished grading all these tests... Oops... These skills. Here are the results. Please take the pills according to your skills' grading," said Jiang Fei before handing out a paper and bottles of pills on the table.

    "Good man!" cried Bai Liwan as he saw the result.

    Jiang Fei's own judgment and the representative's own judgment of the skills they offer was roughly the same. The Sect had judged the skill's prowess by having their disciple of the same strength to fight each other using the said skill. It would take a long time to judge as the result would vary from time to time. Jiang Fei had merely taken less than an hour to fully understand all 24 skills and come up with an estimate grading. From the perspective of the Sects representatives, Jiang Fei was deemed as a man with good eyes.

    "This one has been over-praised," said Jiang Fei as he laughed awkwardly. He felt guilty since he was not someone others thought he was.

    With no arguments, everyone accepted the grading result and took the pills that were arranged accordingly.

    "Brother Jiang Fei..." said Yang Qing as she posed like a cute girl in front of Jiang Fei.

    "Right." Jiang Fei nodded and took out 200 more pills for the sisters as he had promised them earlier.

    The girl's subtle act was noticed by everyone in the room.

    Everyone else in the room, besides Jiang Fei and the girls, was convinced that Jiang Fei had his eyes on the girls. As a result, they had not brought the prettiest disciple they have in their Sects, as a way of saying they had given up. Besides, the men were old and wise. If it was anything, they had learned that a woman could be beautiful but if a man was not enticed by her, she must be weak in seduction.

    Sadly, the representatives did not know that Jiang Fei was no longer the young little boy. When he first came out, Jiang Fei was unlucky to face the final boss right off the bat. Yang Qing and Yang Po were direct and vicious when it comes to flirting with Jiang Fei. However, after learning that they were selfish and filled with greed, Jiang Fei would never fall for even the most beautiful girl that they could offer. In his eyes, Si Tuying was still the number one girl for him.
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