574 Yeti

    Jiang Fei did not linger around. After he placed the pills on the table and distributed them, he left like the wind.

    Yang Po and Yang Qing immediately gave chase after Jiang Fei. Before he could enter the elevator, the girls managed to catch up. Jiang Fei did not say anything at all. He took out several larger bottles of pills and gave them. Without saying a word, he entered the elevator and left.

    Even though they had obtained the pills, Yang Qing and Yang Po sulked hard after Jiang Fei was gone. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "What's next?" said Yang Qing.

    "I don't know. I think it goes without saying that we might have pushed him too far. Clearly, he is not happy," said Yang Po, sighing heavily.

    When Jiang Fei was still fresh out of his shell, he did not have any resistance to the girls, allowing himself to be manipulated to an extent. However, they had misjudged his character severely. He was no longer the same man that would bow down to a girl's plea. He was no longer the same man that could not reject a girl's request.

    "Hmph. I do not believe that he could escape my grasp," said Yang Qing as she gripped her fist tight.

    "Calm yourself. Remember, even the smallest of mice would fight back viciously once cornered," said Yang Po.

    "Oh. Don't worry about me. I know just how to push men around. However, this time, I need your help," Yang Qing smiled sinisterly.

    "Anything for the sect. We need to have him in our grasp!"

    Yang Po had felt that having Jiang Fei behind their back was good. Even though all they did was for the good of their sect. To be fair, Jiang Fei was one of the good-looking men amongst all the alliance. There was no one that could stand out more than he did. Hence, if they really had to marry, Jiang Fei would be the perfect candidate.

    Yang Po was selected as the successor of the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace. She had already steeled her decision to do everything she could to further the cause of the sect. For this, she would even consider her sister and herself as a bargaining chip.

    Jiang Fei had no clue as to what the girls wanted with him, but he felt extremely relaxed after he had rejected Yang Qing and Yang Po from entering the elevator. That was his first time directly expressing his rejection to girls. Even though using the elevator was nothing much, it was the first step that Jiang Fei had taken. Now that he had taken the leap of faith, he had more confidence in himself to make sure that he would no longer be bullied.

    Back at home, Jiang Fei joined his parents for dinner and spent the night with them watching television. Since he left the meeting room, 0541 had not been talking as it was busy calculating and combining the skills that Jiang Fei had asked it to.

    Before he hit the hay, Jiang Fei called Si Tuying and talked with her until his eyes were all wet and sweaty. Only when Si Tuying herself had wanted to sleep, Jiang Fei went to bed and logged into the game.

    Jiang Fei reappeared in the auction house where he left off.

    "Let's go! Time to finish the Title Quest Challenge," said Jiang Fei after he had browsed through the auction lists and left without finding anything good.

    "Alright," said Isabella. Naturally, she did not have any opinion of the auction house.

    The two left the City of Sinners and flew on the Skygliding Dragon towards the direction of the Snow Mountains.

    The Snow Mountains was still within the region of the Neutral Faction, hence, Jiang Fei did not take that long to reach his destination. Even so, he took almost 2 hours before he could feel the sudden temperature change in the air.

    The Snow Mountain region was the natural habitat of the Yetis. There were not many of them; Jiang Fei could only estimate there were more than a hundred of them. The Yetis were huge giant Humanoid monsters with arms and feet. They stood at least 2 meters tall. The weird thing about them that made them scary was the fact that they had no head. Their eyes, nose, mouth, and ears were on their chest. It was horrifying to look at.

    There were other monsters in the region that were all enemies, but the Yetis were considered as an intelligent species. They were of a Neutral stance with players. Typically, players would come here to farm Reputation points with them to earn quests rewards.

    Even though they were part of the Neutral Faction, the NPCs here were different from the NPCs in the City of Sinners. The NPCs in the City of Sinners would not change their Reputation level no matter what players do. Players could farm Reputation Points and could increase them gradually.

    Once Jiang Fei had entered the habitat of the Yetis, one of the closest Yeti had changed to Friendly status. It then rushed over to Jiang Fei and started to jump around.

    "Huh ah! Huh Huh! Ah Ah"

    Jiang Fei could not understand the language of the Yeti. All he heard was something similar to an ape call. Even though he could not understand anything, judging from the status change, the Yeti that was jumping around happily was surely a female.

    "Urgh... Looks like beauty really does lie in the eyes of the beholder. Oh well, I need to farm the Yeti's Reputation Points, might as well give it a chance," said Jiang Fei to himself as he continued walking. The Yeti followed behind Jiang Fei consistently, dancing and jumping around as she did.

    Jiang Fei continued to ignore the Yeti and make his way to the highlands of the Snow Mountains. After a little hike through the thick snow, he found the place where there were many Yeti gathered together, like a small village. As soon as he got closer to the village, out of roughly 60 of them, 20 had changed their status to Friendly while the rest remained in Neutral.

    Instead of approaching him, the Neutral status Yeti merely glanced at him.

    "Oh crap. If I summon their King and kill him, would the Yeti turn against me?" said Jiang Fei to himself. He quickly checked on the Yeti's stats to see if they could dangerous.

    Most of them were between Level 70 to Level 75 Elite tier monsters. Only a few of them were Advanced Elite tier. In the far corner of the village, there was an elder looking Yeti that was a Lord tier mini-boss.

    "Hmm. Looks fine, I can take them all out even if all of them attack," said Jiang Fei.

    He decided to continue the quest since he was sure that he could kill them with ease. He then took out Drake's meat and made his way to the Snow Totem that was the boss summoning site.

    "Ding! You do not have the authorization to use the Snow Totem!"

    As soon as he placed Drake's Meat on the ground below the totem pole, the system pinged back, denying his access.

    "Huh? Is the system forcing me to farm the Yeti's Reputation Level before I could summon the boss? F*ck this," Jiang Fei roared, frustrated.

    It seems that the proper methodological steps for the quest were to help the Elf, Dhamos to kill the Drake and then help the Yetis with their quest to increase their Reputation Level. Only after obtaining the trust of the Yeti would he be allowed to use the totem pole.

    Unfortunately, due to his circumstances, Dhamos had deemed him as an enemy. Jiang Fei ended up killing him as well as the Drake. Even though he should be able to take quests from the Yetis, he feared the repercussions that come with the result. He was Romeo! He would not want the female Yeti to suddenly fall in love with him and...

    Jiang Fei could not even fathom the thought of it.

    Thankfully, the elder Yeti was a male. If Jiang Fei wanted to get his permission to use the totem, he might need to push the Reputation Level to at least a Respect level. It might sound troublesome, but it was possible. The thing is... by the time he had reached only Friendly level, all the other female Yetis might already be sticking next to him.
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