578 The Invitation From the Ocean Emperor

    Isabella was not the only one at the limit of her jealousy, even Jiang Fei himself was not feeling too good at that point. To put it out there, Jiang Fei was a completely normal guy with normal preferences to his sexuality. The thing that got him was the unworldly reaction of the Snow Elves. They were all just normal NPCs with only a limited amount of intelligence programmed into them. It was the same kind that programmers like to copy-paste all over the game.

    Due to the laziness of the programmers and designers, the Snow Elves had no restraints when it came to expressing their "love" to Jiang Fei. He thought that if he lingered for too long, he would actually be raped! It was a scary thought.

    "Uhrm... You guys keep doing whatever you were doing. Be good to each other and erhm... yeah. Stay good! Bye bye!"

    Jiang Fei quickly pulled Isabella with him and flew away with the Skygliding Dragon.

    "O King! Please don't leave us!"

    "My king! At least have one of us to have your offspring!"

    "My king! Please have us as your concubines!"

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    Jiang Fei shuddered at the thought of staying behind at the Snow Mountain.

    "You are not allowed to go back there!" said Isabella as she poked Jiang Fei's back.

    "You didn't have to say that. I'd never go back there even if I was forced to!" cried Jiang Fei. He had already made that decision when the system had announced him as the king of the Yeti, which was now known as the Snow Elves.

    After escaping the tribes of Elves, Jiang Fei landed somewhere near. He got down to a flat ground for the Dragon to land and opened the Abyss Door.

    Once he arrived in the Nephilim's Royal Chambers, Jiang Fei used the teleportation circle there to travel to the Demon Flame Fortress. This method of traveling was very much faster than flying around.

    Back in the Demon Flame Fortress, where most of the NPCs were guys, Jiang Fei felt relaxed as there would not be any female come to him like magnets. Even though there were other NPC girls that were Infatuated with him, they were not as stupid as the lower tier NPCs. They would still behave like a normal girl even if their "love meter" was bursting at max. At the very least, no one would openly confess to him in public and want to have kids with him.

    After he relaxed, he found a spot to sit and examine the newly obtained title.

    Elite Explorer: NPC will trust you better, allowing you to accept higher tier quests. At the same time, you have unlocked the requirement for certain Title Requirement equipment. High Tier Tools drop rate has been increased by 10%.

    From the third title onward, players would start seeing stats upgrade with the title. Although it was not combat-related, it was beneficial for the player since farming anything from a monster was easier.

    The best thing that came from being smothered by female Elves was the effect of Infatuation. After he had become the king, he had at least twenty female NPCs reaching Infatuated level of Reputation. Just like that, his attack speed and movement speed had increased by more than a hundred percent. Currently, his attack speed was faster and among the fastest Bandit class player, his movement speed was faster than the most agile Ranger player!

    "Huhu. What class am I now? Can I call myself the Flash Juggernaut? Quicksilver Hulk? Hahaha."

    Although the title Romeo has brought Jiang Fei a tremendous amount of annoyance, it did increase Jiang Fei's overall combat power. Infatuation was not that powerful on its own but when combined with Romeo and the blessing of the Dragon God, Jiang Fei would be able to toy with female NPCs like taking candy from a baby. The more females he courted, the stronger he became.

    Jiang Fei checked his own stats and figured out that he was already at the state where he could attack four times in just a second. With Lifesteal Demon form, he would be able to attack six times in a second. Without the restrictions in the Lifesteal Demon form, Jiang Fei would be able to throw out his hammer like machine gun!

    "If I complete the quest and get 10,000 females to fall in love with me, will I be so strong that I can basically kill a Celestial tier boss in a few seconds?"

    In his Demon Form, his attacks would be imbued with Chaos attributes, meaning his attack would ignore all Defense. With 10,000 Love Contracts, Infatuation would grant him 500 times the attack speed. With Jiang Fei current attack power, Jiang Fei would then be able to deal over 200,000,000 damage per second! Not even a Celestial tier boss would be able to tank that rate of attack!

    Jiang Fei snapped back to reality. 10,000 Love Contract was a number that would scar him for life. Even thinking about it gave Jiang Fei goosebumps. Hence, Jiang Fei did not pay much attention to the quest that the dragon had given him.

    While he was checking his attributes, a bright aqua-colored pillar of light came down from the sky and Ariel walked out of it.

    By any means, having the Love Contract with Ariel was actually convenient for Jiang Fei. Both Ariel and Jiang Fei would be able to teleport to each other sides at any given time. One could even forcefully teleport the other person to his ir her side.

    "My dear, Sister Bella, what are you guys doing?" Asked Ariel as she casually walked toward Jiang Fei and sat beside him.

    "Hmph! I'm thinking of a way to punish this lecherous beetroot!" said Isabella as she told everything that had happened with the Yetis and the Snow Elves.

    "Ah! My dear, you are clearly at fault here! You are not allowed to do that again!" said Ariel as she tried to sound angry but failed at doing so. She was just that cute and innocent. Unlike Isabella, Ariel was understanding and would not simply be jealous. Naturally, Isabella was disappointed as she had hoped for Ariel to scold him more harshly.

    Ariel was forgiving because of her own culture. Amongst the Merfolk, there were more females than males around, roughly at 5:1 ratio. Ariel's father, the Master of the Seven Seas was technically a king, he had more concubines than Jiang Fei could ever think of. Hence, Ariel had no qualms with Jiang Fei having more than a single partner for life. In fact, if he had more partners, it only proved that the man she chose was more than capable of becoming someone prominent.

    "Hmph! How could you just let him go like that?" said Isabella as she clicked her tongue. She was obviously not happy about Jiang Fei expanding his harem. Isabella's father had a wife and Isabella was raised in that kind of culture, completely opposite of the likes of the Merfolk. On the other hand, she did have the Dragon genes in her body, which amplified the "power of jealousy" in her.

    "Dear, if you're free, I would like to take you somewhere!" said Ariel as she did not want to linger on the same topic.

    "Where to?" AskedIsabella.

    "The Emperor of the Ocean's Palace! The Emperor wishes to talk to you!" said Ariel.

    "The Emperor of the Ocean?" cried Isabella. The existence of the Emperor of the Ocean was on par with Isabella's father, the Nephilim King. The two had never been seen coexisting together yet Ariel had just informed them that the Emperor had invited Jiang Fei to talk to him! Could it be that the Emperor of the Ocean had decided to take a stance in the war between the Light and the Shadow?
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