580 The Mutant’s Invitation

    "Haha! Your Highness has praised me too much! I am not worthy!" said Jiang Fei.

    "As the great Ou Yezi's disciple, I am to reward you for your deeds to this realm. However, I fear that my rewards will not be worthy for someone in your stature. But, I am but willing to give you my stepdaughter, Ariel, to be your bride! I shall give you the grandest of all wedding present!" said Poseidon. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Someone in my stature... Emperor, I am but a lowly Nephilim. I would be overly gratified if you would kindly just reward me with something that you see fit. Anything that is given by the Emperor of the Ocean would be treated as a treasure," said Jiang Fei.

    "Young man, being overly humble might be seen as a virtue but it is an annoyance to those who are willing to give. That being said, I am honored to give you my little Ariel, as I see fit."

    The Emperor laughed as he did not back down.

    'F*ck me. Did he summon me from so far away to give me a person? Is he joking?' Jiang Fei thought.

    Although Jiang Fei did not show it, he was annoyed greatly that the Emperor would not just give him something! It was merely words of praises that meant nothing to him.

    However, Jiang Fei had gravely misunderstood the Emperor's intention. If he had rewarded Jiang Fei, it would probably be something like Legendary equipment. However, if he gave Jiang Fei Ariel to be wed, the wedding presents and gifts would not be short of grand! Sadly, Jiang Fei, as a player, could not benefit much from an in-game wedding.

    Even though he was surrounded by world-class beauty and each one of them addressed him as their spouse in various different words, Jiang Fei was not swayed emotionally, much less of having the thought of marrying someone in the game. For better or worse, Jiang Fei did not think the NPCs as proper human.

    After that ordeal, Jiang Fei continued to discuss with the Emperor. He had laid down the agreement that the Merfolk would align themselves with the Nephilim, secretly. It was a hidden alliance that must be kept from the entire world. If the Merfolk had publicly announced their alliance with the Shadow Faction, the Naga would align themselves with the Light Faction even though they hated them for the previous incident. The balance that Jiang Fei had so painstakingly set up would be for nothing.

    Hence, Jiang Fei had insisted that the alliance between the Merfolk must be kept hidden. They could do transaction between the races but they should never do anything that would compromise their secret.

    As such, the Naga would continue to hate the Light Faction and the Shadow Faction would gain the benefit, albeit being from a secret alliance.

    After leaving the Emperor's Palace, Jiang Fei and Isabella returned to the Eastern Seas, the Palace of King Elric.

    Ariel was quiet all the time and even bashfully glanced at Jiang Fei as if she was expecting him to say something.

    Isabella felt something was off and immediately understood that something was going on.

    "You little rascal. I knew something was wrong when the Emperor had willingly given you away! You had already arranged this meeting, didn't you!" said Isabella as she pinched and pulled the ears of the little mermaid. Even so, she did it playfully. It was odd for Jiang Fei. Ariel had some kind of charm that no other female in his harem would show her hostility to! Not even the easily jealous Princess of the Royal Nephilim was jealous of her!

    "Sister Bella! I can always wait for the two of you first!" said Ariel.

    "Hmph. What's the use? See that airhead? Do you think I can wait for him before he wants to do it?" asked Isabella as she blatantly poked Jiang Fei's head with her tiny little fingers. Jiang Fei was pretending to be oblivious to what was happening. He just did not give a f*ck about marriage.

    As they did not have anything else to do, Jiang Fei went to Ariel's room and let the two girls have their fun until it was time to log out.

    "You said that I would be benefiting from the game as long as I play it. What benefits were you talking about?" said Jiang Fei after he had woken up.

    "In time, you would know," said 0541. Even though Jiang Fei had asked before, 0541 refused to reveal that answer to Jiang Fei.

    "Alright then, keep your secret. I will see what sort of surprise that you are trying to keep from me!" said Jiang Fei with a heavy sigh. The reason he played the game was to ease his mental stress. On the other hand, knowing that there would be a surprise for him had only made him more eager to play.

    After a quiet and peaceful breakfast with his parents, Si Tuying came by the house and the two started their little love-dovey moment in Jiang Fei's room. Nothing 18SX of course.

    As he enjoyed the time he spent with Si Tuying, nothing lasts forever. When noon came, Shroder called in to inform Jiang Fei that the Uranium that he had requested was ready to be shipped. Secondly, he had also invited Jiang Fei to be a guest on an expedition to North America.

    After thinking about it, Jiang Fei accepted the invitation on behalf of the Mutant Brotherhood. He needed to go to the exchange ground himself since he needed to take the Uranium as Zhuge Shanzhen. He then could simply change into himself and meet with the people of the Mutant Brotherhood.

    With the threat of the Japanese looming around his back, he knew that he would need to meet with the higher-ups of the Mutants to gain their favor.

    After he hung up the phone, Jiang Fei realized something. Besides finding pieces of the ship's fragment to gain more power for himself, there was another way to fight the Japanese and their army of Bio-Humans. He could build an army himself!

    With the Bio-Laboratory in his possession and the support of the Data Center being connected to 0541, if Jiang Fei wanted to build an army of Bio-Humans, he could do so easily.

    However, modifying a human being into a human-animal hybrid would be morally wrong! Jiang Fei could not bring himself to do this. Only those who were heartless would take humans and changed their entire existence into something inhuman. The Japanese were different as they had willing volunteers to offer themselves to be experimented with!

    There are many ways to hurt someone, morally. In war, killing someone with a gun would be morally ambiguous but using hazardous materials like mustard gas would definitely be wrong.

    Hence, Jiang Fei would rather pour his blood, sweat, and tears into finding the ship fragments instead of using an army of Bio-Humans to fight the Japanese.

    To leave to North America, Jiang Fei would need to leave China for a significant amount of time. In that time, he would be separated from Si Tuying, his family, and the game.

    Due to the time zone differences in the game and in real life, he would need to log into the game during day time and log out during the night. Game aside, he would still need to visit the Mutant Brotherhood headquarter.

    In the end, Jiang Fei told both his parents and Si Tuying that he would not be seeing them for a period of time. After that, he made mental preparation to tell Isabella and the other girls that he would... be missing for a while.
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