584 The Mutant’s Ambition

    "Wait a minute... Alien relic?" said Jiang Fei.

    0541 immediately chimed in to inform Jiang Fei about the sword.

    "I think he is talking about a weapon made with Valium."


    "It is a very rare metal in the universe. Even planet Namak's technology would find it extremely hard to manufacture," said -541.

    "Is there anything special about Valium?"

    "In the hands of the uninformed, the metal poses no threat in particular. In fact, it has almost the same characteristics as Ferrum. However, that metal reacts greatly with Metahumans. Under normal circumstances, the metal will have the same properties as steel. However, introduce blood that contains the energy of Metahumans, it will react in a way that is same as how Anti-Matter reacts with matter. The result would be a surge of energy that would be released like an explosion," said 0541.

    "So. It is the bane of Metahuman?"

    "That is correct. Once the metal penetrates the skin and makes contact with the Metahuman's blood, the metal will consume all the blood of the being and release a powerful energy that would incinerate said being."

    "Wouldn't it be easier to make it into bullets?" said Jiang Fei.

    "No. The metal is so rare that you can't even harvest a handful of them from an entire planetary system. It is so rare that we cannot even find enough of them to forge a proper blade. That one that Desir had mentioned had only traces of valium at the sharp edge of the blade."

    "I see," said Jiang Fei as he nodded.

    "How many were there in Braveheart before the crash?"

    "According to the ship's armory log. There were a total of eighteen counts of weapon that had Valium. However, Valium on its own is weak. During the crash, it was predicted to be destroyed, burnt in the atmosphere during entry. It is improbable to find anymore Valium type weapon."

    "Alright, that answers my questions."

    Even though it was improbable, it was possible. Either way, there would not be more than eighteen weapons, only lesser.

    After he had understood the basics of the Godblade, Jiang Fei spoke to Desir again.

    "So you are proposing that you and I would defeat the Level 5 enemy using the Godblade with Level 5 fighters from both our sides?"

    "That is exactly what I'm proposing," said Desir. Even though Godblade was so powerful against a Level 5 enemy, it would be hard to get into melee range. Hence, to kill a Level 5 enemy, the attacker should be Level 5 as well.

    "I understand," said Jiang Fei. Desir's wants were simple. He wanted Jiang Fei to extend his help to the only two known Level 5 masters in China. The problem was Jiang Fei was no one. He was not in a position to ask the help of a Level 5 master. Zhuge Shanzhen was merely a fictional character that he created. Moreover, he did not want to waste his last lifeline, Phoenix, just to kill another Level 5 monster.

    "What do you think? Mr. Jiang. If we killed the Level 5 beast of Japan, we could easily bring the war onto their own turf. If we won, it would be nice. But if we lost, there would be minimum loss!"

    "I cannot give you an answer. However, I will gladly relay your message to the alliance," said Jiang Fei. Desir's plan was as good as it was convincing. Casualties in war should always be minimal. Fighting in the Japanese land would definitely minimize the damage done to their own country.

    Terrain played an important role here. If the war with the Japanese took place in either China or America, the damage dealt due to stray attacks would be significant even if they won the war. It was like having a fight break out in your own house. If the condition could be set, one would never want to wage a war on one's own turf. Especially if the enemy were the barbaric Japanese. They would unlikely be merciful to the unarmed and innocent.

    "Besides, if we could attack Japan, we could take the chance to find their research lab. If we have spare men and time, we could attack their laboratory. We could immensely put a cork on their development of Bio-Human and even secure data of the experiments. In the future, if the Japanese would rise up again, we would have the means and methods to counter their army of Bio-Humans," Desir added.


    Jiang Fei cocked his eyebrow. From the tone of speech, Jiang Fei could sense greed in his words. It was as if he was looking forward to this war, not because of the higher moral, but to obtain the experimental data to make Bio-Human!

    It was an expected development. If Desir had obtained that data, he could defeat the Bio-Human by exploiting their weaknesses. However, if he cooperated with the state of America, he could build himself an army of Bio-Humans, far stronger than the Japanese could. It was something that was so inhumanly cruel. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    'I can no longer trust this white man anymore,' Jiang Fei thought to himself. At the same time, he bore the same prejudice toward all members of the Mutant Brotherhood. Judging from how Desir had spoken, it seemed that the man's primary goal of the war was to obtain that data, defeating the enemies of the state was only secondary.

    Technically speaking, the specimens of the Japanese Bio-Human army were normal humans, resulting in weaker combat power even after being modified. If that technology was given to the Mutant Brotherhood, they would be able to use their own mutant subjects to experiment! They would be able to create an elite kill-squad filled with superior enhanced mutants. With a powerful army in hand, Jiang Fei feared that his future enemy would be the Mutant Brotherhood.

    While worrying about it, Jiang Fei continued his empty talks with Desir.

    Desir seemed to be very confident in his plan. He had occasionally spat out things like having China and the European Vatican work together with America as their leader. Even though it was weird to suggest such a proposition, Jiang Fei thought it as mere proposition instead of a real future action.

    From the conversation, Jiang Fei had obtained a few important notes. No matter how China Martial Artist Alliances acted, the Mutant Brotherhood had already reached an agreement with the European Vatican to attack Japan, with or without the help of China's two Level 5 fighters. If they won, the loot of the battle would not be shared with China.

    Jiang Fei felt wrong about how Desir thought. Ambition was good but always be humble about it. It seemed that there was nothing that would come in his way of doing what he wanted. The worst-case scenario was that his greed got the better of him, resulting in the Mutant Brotherhood's exploitation of the Bio-Human experiment data.
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