585 Thunder Gale Kick Technique

    After having the unproductive conversation with Desir, Jiang Fei dropped all his desire to talk with the other Mutants of the brotherhood. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    After ending the conversation with Desir, Jiang Fei decided to return to his hotel. He ignored the dance session with all of the guest and with Liona with the excuse of returning to his room to report all that had happened during the meeting.

    Once Jiang Fei was in his room, the first thing Jing Fei did was call Han Tianyu and told him briefly about the meeting. Naturally, he did not care about whether the Level 5 master of the Soaring Cloud Sect would be participating in the war.

    If all went according to Desir's own plans, there would be four to five Level 5 fighters participating from the Mutant Brotherhood and the European Vatican, with the Godblade in hand. Without a doubt, Desir had planned on killing the Level 5 guardian beast that the Japanese had. The participation of the Chinese in this war was irrelevant.

    The reason Desir had extended the invitation to fight the Japanese was merely to show his good will, letting the Chinese participate the war by being the Americans' underlings. In doing so, he had openly declared that the American's Mutant Brotherhood was the "big brother" of the world.

    Jiang Fei was not truly part of the internal members of the China Martial Artist Alliance. Hence, he was unable to make any decision on behalf of the alliance. Now that the message had been delivered, there was nothing to worry about anymore.

    The one thing that made Jiang Fei be on alert was the greed and the Mutant Brotherhood's ambition, specifically, Desir's. It was so worrisome that Jiang Fei was stressed out on forcing himself to search for the other fragments of the ship Braveheart. In a way, he could get stronger to solve the problem of the Japanese Bio-Humans.

    Originally, he wanted to go back to China, to his family after the ordeal in America was over. However, after witnessing the Mutant Brotherhood's ambition, he had decided to skip that idea and instead return to his previous mission to search for Braveheart's fragments.

    After spending the night at the hotel, Jiang Fei bade farewell to Shroder and Liona. He hoped on the giant sword and flew across the continent southward. Currently, if there was a piece of the ship fragments laying around, it would definitely be packed and shipped away. The only option for Jiang Fei to possibly locate undiscovered ship fragments was to find in areas where no human could possible set their foot in.

    To avoid any conflict between any forces of the world, Jiang Fei would not reclaim the ship fragments if they were already discovered by anyone. Right now, his area of search was only limited to those that had not been discovered.

    After flying for half a day, Jiang Fei arrived at the area of the Amazon rainforest. As the name implied, the Amazon was literally an endless bed of fauna and flora. Much like the deep sea region of Challanger's Deep, the Amazon rainforest was not commonly visited by humanity. If there were any fragments here, they would not be touched.

    Jiang Fei surfed through the air on the giant sword and brushed through the thick forest of the Amazon. It was both breathtaking and exhilarating to just breeze through the cool air and beautiful scenery.

    "Captain, I have good news!" cried 0541 out of the blue.

    "Did you find a fragment?"

    "No! Nothing of that sort. I have finished compiling and condensing the martial skills that you have given me some time ago!" said 0541.

    "Good, transfer them to me later," said Jiang Fei. The calculations made by 0541 had been anticipated for a long time.

    However, due to the horrendous after-effects of the imprinting technique, Jiang Fei dared not ask 0541 to start transferring the knowledge as he was flying several hundreds of meters in the air. Instead, he took his time and scoured for a place to land. He found a small area of land by a long river and cleared the air of all dangerous insects and animals. After he was sure that nothing in the area could cause harm to him, he asked 0541 to start the imprinting process.

    The ring beamed a white ray light that changed into a helmet that enveloped Jiang Fei's head. After a few minutes, the imprinting process was completed and Jiang Fei felt like his head was about to explode.

    "Urgh..." Jiang Fei grunted as he rolled on the moss and grass. The first time was terrible as he struggled to even stand up. Right then, he felt slightly better albeit it being still horrendous. His mind was in chaos for a brief moment but after a few minutes, the ill feeling was gone. Half an hour later, Jiang Fei was able to collect himself and start to consolidate the information that 0541 had just beamed into his mind.

    The martial skill that 0541 had just transferred to Jiang Fei consisted of two parts. The first part was a skill which involved mainly his legs. It was the 4.5 star grade martial skill, which 0541 had further enhanced. The second part, which was only one third of the entire martial skill, involved using a sword. It was made by combining and further enhancing two 4 star grade martial skills which was useful to compensate Jiang Fei's lack of weapons mastery.

    However, since he did not have a proper sword to begin with, he had decided to practice the main part of the martial skill. First, he tried to slowly practice the leg skills one time simply by moving in accordance to the skill without exerting any force. After he was done practising one time, he realized that the leg skill was different.

    Compared to the previous learning of the Tornado Kick, the new kick style was truly a work of art. Not only was it as powerful for it was full of moves, it required the user to move in such speed that one could create after images if done correctly. Infusing internal energy with the skill would result in several times more of power output. If Jiang Fei fully mastered the art, Jiang Fei's combat skill would be increased by five times.

    "Nice. What we'll do next is to hunt for the ship fragments and practice the kick!" said Jiang Fei happily. He went off into the forest and started to bulldoze his way around simply by practising the kick.

    Since the skill was directly imprinted onto his mind, Jiang Fei did not require understanding nor guidance. All he needed to do was to repeat his moves over and over again until his body got used to the moves. His method of practice was unconventional but since it was alien technology, Jiang Fei's rate of improvement was so fast that he was basically able to defeat a fighter at the Pinnacle stage of Level 4.

    The result of the training was devastating. Hundreds of acres of forest were destroyed. His kicks were so powerful that he could split a small hill into stones and stones into smithereens. In half a day of practice, Jiang Fei's practice ground looked like ground zero of an atomic blast.

    Feeling physically tired from training, Jiang Fei hopped onto the sword and left to cover more areas of the Amazon rainforest to search for the ship fragments. He kept looking for fragments until he had physically recovered and his energy restored, then he stopped flying and continued his practice. At nightfall, he slept through the night. He was at it for at least fifteen days.

    Half a month's time was enough for Jiang Fei to make huge progress of the kick art though it was only the basics. Even though he had yet to fully master the art, he was basically ready for combat.

    Due to the nature of the art being extremely fast and agile, and its destructive force equal to that of a thunderbolt, Jiang Fei had causally named the kick art as Thunder Gale Kick Technique.

    "0541, why am I not getting any signal for so long after covering basically half of the Amazon rainforest?" asked Jiang Fei after he had lost count of complaining to 0541.

    "Captain. Braveheart might be huge but compared to the size of a planet, it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Consider ourselves extremely lucky for being able to collect so many pieces already."

    "Argh! Let's just hope that we can find one today!" said Jiang Fei. It was basically the same thing Jiang Fei had said for the past few weeks, yet nothing had come up in the end.
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