586 Valium

    Jiang Fei flew across the never-ending green of what was the Amazon rainforest. While Jiang Fei was flying high, 0541 took its time to search for the ever weak signal of the ship fragments. They had been at it for at least two weeks but nothing had come up.

    One fine day, out of the blue, Jiang Fei was blessed by lady luck and managed to locate one of the ship fragments.

    "Captain, located a ship fragment's signal!" cried 0541.

    "What is it? Where is it?" asked Jiang Fei happily. He had been waiting for days just to hear the good news.

    "80 kilometers toward your 11 o'clock. Determining the fragment..."

    "11 o'clock?"

    Immediately, Jiang Fei sped across the sky and when he finally arrived where 0541 had led him, there was nothing but trees. The trees that were growing in that area were so tightly grown together that Jiang Fei could not even find a gap in the canopy to descend. Reluctantly, he had to destroy a few trees in order to land.

    "Hmm... No wonder no one has found it yet. The trees here are so close to each other!"

    A few blasts of energy later, Jiang Fei cleared the area and set his camp.

    "0541, have you determined what is the fragment that you've found?" Jiang Fei asked. It was best not to get his hopes too high. A laboratory and a crew's cabin would differ greatly.

    "Please hold..."

    After ten minutes or so, 0541 finally came back with a result.

    "Congratulations, Captain. The fragment is a weapon's production factory," said 0541.

    "A weapon's factory huh?" Jiang Fei repeated.

    "So, am I able to wield powerful cannons and particle beams now?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Technically, the weapon's production factory does not produce mechanical weapons."

    "So... What does it produce? Swords and spears?"

    "That is correct," said 0541.

    "Oh..." Jiang Fei sighed disappointingly.

    He had wanted something cool, like a highly compressed particle beam cannon. Having swords and spears made from alien technology might be stronger than those made in Earth but it would not make much of a difference.

    "Captain, don't be too disheartened just yet. Even though melee weapons made from planet Namek were only slightly stronger than that of Earth, there are traces of Valium found inside the ship. You can make weapons that are similar to Godblade."

    "Oh! Now you're talking!"

    Valium, the main ingredient to make any sword and spear to be as powerful as Godblade.

    "How much of Valium are you detecting?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "I am uncertain of the amount. At this range, I can only detect and determine the nature of the ship fragment."

    "Alright then, time to claim it back then," said Jiang Fei as he cracked his knuckles.

    "Captain, retrieving the fragment would take some effort."

    "How so? Are there enemies that I need to kill?" asked Jiang Fei, thinking there might be something strong like the Void Manta. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "It is not combat related. To be frank, the ship fragment had been lying dormant for several thousand years. Due to geological changes, the fragment is currently deep in the Earth. I am detecting its location to be at least a hundred meters deep."

    It was then that Jiang Fei realized that the signal strength was so weak because of the amount of dirt blocking the signal of the fragment from reaching the surface.

    "So, what do you suggest?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Nothing much. There's only one way you can gain access to the ship fragment. Dig."


    "Correct. Dig."

    "Are you nuts? Digging a hundred meters deep would take me ages!" cried Jiang Fei angrily.

    "Using traditional methods would take a considerable amount of time. However, I have a plan that would make the digging faster. I require four hours to manufacture an Earthmover for you. Using that machine, you would only need several hours to reach the ship fragment."

    0541 then projected an image of the digger that looked exactly what it sounded like. The front part of the machine had a huge drill that was at least 75% of the entire machine.

    "Four hours? Might as well. Get it going then. I'll take this time to practice," said Jiang Fei.

    Four hours was not long since Jiang Fei pushed himself to the brink of exhaustion. Right after he had enough rest, 0541 finished producing the Earthmover.

    As it was not rocket science, Jiang Fei could easily control the machine simply by pressing a few buttons while 0541 took care of the rest.

    Despite being an alien tech, digging through the earth was no easy task. It took him an hour just to get a few tens of meters deep. The entire process had taken him at least three hours before Jiang Fei reached the fragment. To prevent damage to the fragment, Jiang Fei had to stop at least two meters away from his goal and manually dig through the earth himself.

    Two meters of digging was not much of an effort. In no time at all, Jiang Fei was rewarded with a strong silvery metal plate, which was the entrance to the ship. It was by calculations since 0541 had already obtained information about the fragment and its entrance's position. With a quick link to the ship fragment's control system, 0541 opened the door and Jiang Fei was finally able to enter the ship.

    "Woah. There's a lot of weapons here," said Jiang Fei as he examined all the weapons in the armory. As expected, the weapons in the armory were only slightly stronger than those of Earth.

    "Such a waste," Jiang Fei sighed. Initially, he thought that the weapons could be given to the alliance members since they had good mastery in swords and spears. However, due to the fact that the weapons were made in planet Namek, they looked different. In the end, even though they were stronger and sharper, no one in the martial artist alliance could use them to its full potential.

    "Have you determine the amount of Valium yet?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Yes. There is a total of thirty grams of Valium in this ship."

    "Thirty grams?! That's less than a cup of sugar!" cried Jiang Fei.

    "What can I do with only thirty grams of Valium?"

    "Consider the fact that we only need a trace of Valium to coat a weapon, thirty grams of Valium could be used to make at least four China style long sword. Truth be told, there is a limit to the size of the sword if you wish to maximize the quantity of weapons you want to make with Valium."

    0541's idea was efficient. Technically speaking, to make a weapon lethal against Metahumans, one only needed a minuscule amount of Valium coated on the weapon. Making more than one weapon would be possible.
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