591 Meeting the Dragon God Again

    "Is there a problem here?" As Jiang Fei was not a Magician, he was very slow when it came to feeling magical fluctuations.

    "It seems like there's a barrier here. The barrier is hiding the true appearance of this place!" Isabella explained.

    "Is there a way to crack it?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "That's easy!" Isabella gestured for Jiang Fei to step back, then said a few words in simple Draconian. A light flashed in her hands and the view in front of Jiang Fei began to change.


    After a faint magical wave, the big tree began to distort. Soon, the big tree disappeared into thin air and was replaced by an underground entrance.

    "Ah! Is this the entrance to the Pope's Tomb? It's really well-hidden!" Jiang Fei exclaimed. One had to know that both Isabella and Ariel were the cream of the crop amongst Magicians, but they only managed to discover the barrier to this shielded entrance at such a close distance. If other players who did not know the location of the entrance wanted to find the Pope's Tomb on the entire holy mountain, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    But then again, nobody would even think of doing such a thing if they did not obtain the Pope's Tomb Treasure Map. After all, something like digging the Pope's Tomb was not something that ordinary people could do.

    "Will there be traps inside?" Jiang Fei did not dare to rush into the underground tomb.

    "That's easy!" Alice jumped to Jiang Fei's side, then waved her small hand. A waterman appeared in front of Jiang Fei, then the waterman walked into the entrance.

    At the same time, Ariel projected a water screen before Jiang Fei. The screen showed what the waterman saw.

    As the waterman continued to move forward, Jiang Fei and the others could clearly see what was beyond the entrance to the tomb through the images on the screen.

    "Being a Magician is so convenient! It would have been nice if I became Magician at the beginning!" Jiang Fei exclaimed. Due to the openness of the game "Dawn Break", players could in principle learn all the magic that NPCs could use, but whether they could obtain the skill books was a different matter.

    "There should be no danger!" Ariel controlled the waterman until it arrived in front of a stone door in the tomb. As the summoning of the waterman was only Detection Magic, the waterman could not open the stone door. So, its path was blocked.

    "Let's go in!" Although the waterman could not completely rule out the possibility of traps, Jiang Fei knew the no risk no reward principle. If they did not dare to enter the tomb, they would definitely not get anything.

    The three of them stepped into the tomb. As the waterman had already walked through it once, Jiang Fei and the two girls were familiar with the insides of the tomb. It was safe all the way and they soon arrived before the stone door.

    "This should be the official entrance into the tomb, everyone be careful!" Jiang Fei said this to the two girls. He was ready to push the stone door.

    "Husband, you be careful too!" Ariel controlled the waterman and made it stand beside Jiang Fei. If there was any danger, the waterman could help Jiang Fei block the attack.


    The stone door was extremely heavy. Fortunately, Jiang Fei had a lot of Strength, so he could still push it, though barely.

    "Thump!" The stone door could only be opened halfway. It was as if it was blocked by something. It did not budge even when Jiang Fei tried to push it again. However, there was already a gap big enough for one person to pass through.


    A gust of cold wind blew out from the gap, immediately giving Jiang Fei goosebumps.

    "Ariel, let the waterman go in and have a look!" Jiang Fei was very cautious this time.

    "Mmm!" Ariel nodded, then made the waterman walk into the tomb.

    After the waterman passed through the door, the scene in front of the waterman was projected before the three of them.

    It was a hall of white marble. There were a total of a hundred and eight night luminous pearls, which lit up the stone room, making it bright as if it was broad daylight! At the center of the stone room, there was a pure gold sculpture. It was a golden man with emerald eyes. The sculptor's workmanship was very fine. The golden man's eyes were slightly closed, it looked as if it was alive but sleeping.

    The golden man was at the center and thirty-two coffins were placed neatly around it. These coffins were all made of Mithril and were all inlaid with countless gems. There was even a cross made of Adamant in front of each coffin.

    "Damn... the people from the Luminous Church are really extravagant!" Jiang Fei could not help but gasp. These Mithrils and Adamants were already worth a ton, let alone everything else in this place.

    These were all high-tier forging materials. Adamant was a compulsory material for Level 80 and 90 Legendary weapons. Moreover, both Adamant and Mithril were subsidiary minerals that would only appear when players collected other minerals. There were no exclusive veins for these minerals at all. The chances of getting these minerals were very low. It was like striking the lottery in mining, so one could easily imagine how much they were worth.

    "This trip is really worth it!" Jiang Fei nodded to himself. Even if there were no buried treasures in these coffins, the thirty-two coffins were already enough for him to make a fortune.

    "Let's go in!" As the waterman was not attacked in the stone room, Jiang Fei's vigilance had decreased quite a bit.

    "I think it's best if you don't go in there..." At this time, a lazy voice could be heard coming from behind Jiang Fei.

    "F*ck..." Jiang Fei nearly jumped out of his skin. They were here to dig the Pope's Tomb secretly. It was already a shady business, to begin with. Now that a stranger had suddenly spoken from behind him, Jiang Fei was almost scared to death.

    "Who is it?" Isabella and Ariel were also shocked. They got into their fighting stances immediately.

    Jiang Fei quickly turned back to have a look only to see a blond handsome guy standing not too far away from them and smiling at them.

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    Bennette Straz (Naga, Intermediate Celestial)

    Level: 115

    Health Points: 100%

    Remarks: Naga Leader!

    "F*ck! It's you?" After Jiang Fei looked at the guy's attributes, his heart calmed down.

    "I was afraid that these girls would be widowed, so I came to save your life. We are the only two like-minded people in this world. If you die, wouldn't I become very lonely?" The Dragon God said to Jiang Fei with a smile.

    "Lonely? You and your f*cking nonsense! You're here to trick me again, right?" Jiang Fei was very annoyed with Bennette Straz because of the Blessing of the Dragon God.

    "Respected Dragon God!" Isabella and Ariel immediately greeted the Dragon God, then hid behind Jiang Fei. After all, they spent their childhood listening to stories which told them to stay away from fire, thieves, and big dragons.

    "Hehe! You better appreciate it, kid. If I didn't come to save you, you would have been hacked to death by that little gold man!" The Dragon God's attitude was still playful.

    "Really?" Jiang Fei actually already believed him 80%. After all, there was no reason for the Dragon God to come here just to lie to him. No matter how high the position of the Popes was, they could not afford to ask the Dragon God to help them keep watch of their graves.
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