593 The Greedy Dragon God

    "I will not meddle with your business," said the Dragon God Bennette Straz.

    Although the dragon did not have anything against the Light Faction, raiding the tomb of the First Pope was bold, even for him. Hence, he ignored what Isabella and Jiang Fei was going to do and minded his own thing.

    Bennette took the 12 sarcophagi and emptied them to the floor. The piles of the rotten corpses were thrown aside as he ignored what Isabella and Jiang Fei were about to do with them.

    "Let's put away everything first," said Jiang Fei. Even though he wanted to extract the essence of the corpses, he needed to keep everything in his inventory as the tomb was emitting strong magical force. Once disturbed, the people of the Light Faction would definitely be notified. In the worst case scenario, they would have already dispatched an army to investigate.

    As expected, players in the game were overly powerful, compared to the NPCs that lived there. Their inventory was a magic tool that no matter the size and weight of an item, it would only take up a single slot. In just a short amount of time, Jiang Fei had looted every corpse and sarcophagi there.

    "Mister big shot dragon, I'll take my leave now," said Jiang Fei.

    "Go on," said the dragon as he replied without looking at Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei did not know what the dragon was going to do with the First Pope. However, he did not dare to stay back and watch. Not wanting to be in danger, Jiang Fei quickly activated the Abyssal Gate and fled the tomb.

    As soon as Jiang Fei and Isabella were gone, the dragon started to move. First, he used his massive claw to dig out the jewels and pearls there were embedded on the walls of the tomb. After that, he took his time to collect as many pure jades that were used to make the walls of the tomb.

    If Jiang Fei saw what the dragon did, he would be speechless. Even though the jade and the Night Luminous Pearls might be valuable, their value would not matter if the dragon was not going to sell them!

    That was how greedy a dragon could be. For them, anything with value must be collected. Leaving them behind would be blasphemy.

    By the time the Abyssal Door disappeared, the dragon looted everything that he could.

    "Hm... Alright. Nice and spotless."

    The dragon left the place with nothing but dirt. The once beautifully decorated tomb of the Pope was now but a room filled with dirt and dust. Due to the lack of walls, the place looked like it could come down at any given time.

    Satisfied with his accomplishment, the dragon left with a spark of golden light.

    As soon as the dragon left with the First Pope, the Holy Hall of the Light Faction on the Holy Mountain was alerted of an intrusion. It was due to the presence of the First Pope. Once the First Pope was destroyed or had disappeared from the tomb, the Holy Hall would be alerted. Within a minute, the men in charge of the Tomb came in.

    "Who did this?" roared a man in red robes. He was fuming with rage. The tomb was not any other tomb. It was the Tomb of the First Pope and all other Popes were there! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    In no time at all, the news about the tomb raiders reached the ears of the current Pope. It was only expected for him to be enraged. His predecessors' resting place was raided like it was a common tomb. Nothing was left behind! Not even the bodies of the previous Popes!

    What followed next was a series of meetings with all the higher officials of the Light Faction. Having the tomb of their Popes raided was nothing but a slap in their face. The problem was trying to even find the person who did it. If Jiang Fei was the person who had committed the crime, the Light Faction could have easily traced him via a simple tracing magic.

    However, the tracing magic did not return with any results as the real culprit who suppressed the First Pope was Bennette himself! The so-called Dragon God was much more powerful than anyone in the Light Faction! In the end, no matter what they did, the Light Faction failed to produce a name of the perpetrator.

    In the end, with no one to point to, the Light Faction decided to put the blame on the Nephilim race of the Shadow Faction. Lo and behold, even though the Nephilim race did not know what had happened, they gladly accepted the blame. Raiding the tomb of the First Pope was considered a glorious achievement for the Nephilim race!

    The conflict of the two factions was known by Jiang Fei but purposely ignored. Right then, he was busy paying attention to Isabella as she set up a magic circle in the halls of the Tenth Floor of the Abyss.

    All 32 Popes of the past might have died a long time ago but the power residing in their body was too strong. They were all High Overlords! It was impossible to extract all the essence of every single Pope in one go. Hence, Isabella set up individual magic circles for each corpse.

    The entire process would take a lot of time. Jiang Fei left Ariel to protect and support Isabella while she continued her thing as he himself took his sweet time going through the loot of the tomb.

    Jiang Fei had obtained 20 pristine sarcophagi. Besides all the precious valuables that were in the sarcophagi, the Mithril and Prismatic that he had collected was already worth a fortune. With a suitable Recipe, Jiang Fei could use the metals he collected to make at least a hundred counts of Level 80 Legendary tier equipment and weapons. That, or he could make at least 200 sets of Level 80 Legendary tier set equipment.

    "Jack-f*cking-pot!" cried Jiang Fei to himself. He had never expected to be able to obtain such riches just from robbing the tomb of the Luminous Church's Pope. To compare, his tomb-raiding loot was at least 10 times more rewarding than the time that he went and swept the towns in the Light Faction.

    To be fair, the things that he had acquired from the towns were only common materials albeit being quantitatively larger. Still, it was good enough since the number of materials that he collected would take all the players several months to gather.

    The metals that he acquired from the tomb raid was far greater than the common materials he collected from the towns. All the metals were so rare that if all of the Gathering class players started gathering them, it would take them at least half a year to collect as much as Jiang Fei did in one raid.

    After he had opened the sarcophagi, he had found a lot of gold. A mountain of them. All 20 sarcophagi had almost 2,000,000 gold coins stashed! There were also many different kinds of gems albeit being only low grade. Most of them had the effect of an increase of 10 Strength or 10 Intelligence. However, since he had a lot of them, he could donate all the gems to the players of Empyreal Dragon, boosting their combat power. As a whole, his guild was upgraded!
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