594 Luminous Essence

    While Jiang Fei was going through the loot, Isabella started burning down the corpses of the Popes. With her effort in controlling the demon flames, Isabella managed to break down the corpses into pieces of shards that glowed with a faint white light.

    Luminous Essence Shard

    Use: Greatly increases the main attribute of a Light Faction player or NPC.

    Note: Players or NPCs that are not affiliated with the Light Faction would not be able to use this item.

    "This is good," said Jiang Fei after examining the shards. This item would only increase one attribute instead of overall stat. If a player is strength based, the item would increase the Strength point of a player; Intelligence points of a Magician; Vitality points of a tank.

    Isabella had successfully obtained 32 pieces of Luminous Essence Shards from all 32 Popes. After reading the item's description, Jiang Fei was eager to deliver the shards to his fellow girls in his harem.

    The entire process of converting the corpses into Luminous Essence Shard was 4 hours. As such, Isabella was too tired at the end of it.

    "Thank you for the hard work, Bella," said Jiang Fei as he fetched Isabella who was kneeling on the ground, fatigued. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "It's nothing. I'm only glad that I can do this much to help you," said Isabella while smiling weakly.

    "Rest, we shall leave once your strength returns," said Jiang Fei as he carried her frail little body and let her sit beside him.

    "Thank you," said Isabella as she dozed off while leaning against his chest.

    Jiang Fei was extremely grateful for what Isabella had gone through just to help him. He then kept quiet and whispered to Ariel while they let Isabella sleep. Jiang Fei continued like this until the server kicked him out of the game.

    There was nothing going on in the real world. Hence, Jiang Fei spent the entire day and night with his parents and Si Tuying. A day of peace and quiet was always appreciated by Jiang Fei. Rarely was he able to just sit down and do nothing.

    Jiang Fei logged back into the game and found Isabella still sound asleep in his embrace. Since Jiang Fei did not logged in any later than 10pm, Isabella would not be sent into the pet slot.

    "Hmmm..." Isabella grunted softly when she woke up. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Jiang Fei smiling at her. She then smiled back and hugged Jiang Fei tightly.

    "This is nice. I'm glad the first thing I saw was you when I woke up."


    Jiang Fei was speechless. He understood the hardship that Isabella had been through for the past month. What Isabella just said really hit him in the heart.


    "Shush. I'm not blaming you," said Isabella as she buried her face in Jiang Fei's chest.

    The two held each other tightly for a while until Isabella had enough rest. Jiang Fei then brought Ariel and Isabella back to the Demon Dragon Fortress.

    At this point, the Teleportation Circle connecting the Demon Dragon Fortress and the Royal Nephilim Palace was completed. It was a Teleportation Circle that was obtained from the Nephilim King. It was important as Jiang Fei had set up a quick route to most of the territories in the Shadow Faction, including the Nephilim King's Palace. For the purpose of warfare, it was extremely beneficial to the fortress since Jiang Fei could request reinforcements from the Abyss! Naturally, the Teleportation Circle would also allow Empyreal Dragon's players to move around much faster.

    Back in the fortress, Jiang Fei noticed that there were more players around, making the once quiet fortress lively. Thanks to Beansprout the Constructor, the Demon Dragon Fortress now had many scout towers as well as Archer Towers, Magic Cannon Towers, and other Defensive Towers! It only took him a month to increase the fortress defenses to near impregnable!

    Since Rosette Rose oversaw the guild, Jiang Fei got lazy to even check in with her. Hence, as soon as he reached the Demon Dragon Fortress, Jiang Fei went ahead and meet with Hua Mulan and the other girls in his harem.

    "My love, are you unharmed?" cried Sylphy as soon as Jiang Fei showed himself. She blinked step towards him and examined the love of her life for injuries before calming down.

    "I'm happy that you're all well," said Nina.

    "My lord!" cried Hua Mulan, like Sylphy, she was excited to see Jiang Fei making his appearance. However, since she was a soldier before she was a woman, she had maintained herself well.

    "Calm down. I am all well and healthy. Speaking of which, I have something good for all of you!" said Jiang Fei as he took out the Luminous Essence Shard and other equipment that he had found in the Pope's Tomb. Some of which were once the personal equipment of the Popes of the past. Even though most NPCs would not be able to make use of the player-based equipment, it was still useful to Nina and Hua Mulan.

    Even though Hua Mulan, Nina, and Sylphy were all strong on their own, Sylphy was the only one that was well-equipped. She had "betrayed" the Light Faction on her own accord and left with Jiang Fei safely. Nina and Hua Mulan were being held as prisoners before they were "rescued" by Jiang Fei. Until now, they were basically naked and unarmed.

    With the equipment from the tomb, Jiang Fei did not have to worry about the girls. The 32 past Popes had all sorts of equipment for all classes. It took them some time to pick the equipment that suited them but eventually, both Hua Mulan and Nina were fully armed.

    After they had armed themselves, Jiang Fei showed them the Luminous Essence Shard.

    "What is this? I can sense powerful Light energy coming from it!" said Nina, excited.

    "You're right. How is it possible? What is this?" said Hua Mulan who was also taken aback as she stood closer.

    "I found them in the tomb of the Popes," said Jiang Fei as he effortlessly hides the origin of the shards. Technically, they did originate from the tombs, but the girls did not have to know that they were actually obtained from the corpses of the Popes!

    When Jiang Fei tried to keep it a secret, Isabella and Ariel played along. They could not let the three girls who once came from the Light Faction know about it.

    "I have never heard of such thing from the church!" said Nina. She was once the Saint of the Light, a woman of high position and authority in the Luminous Church.

    "The Saint of the Light was just a tool which the Pope had blatantly make use of to spread lies and deceit. Why would they want to tell you of something precious?" said Isabella.

    "That's... true..." said Nina as she wholeheartedly accepted what Isabella said. She too had realized that her power and position in the Luminous Church was nothing but a public figure, a tool, a shepherd to guide the sheep.

    "Alright. Let's not think about it that way. I only wanted you to take these shards!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Alright. With the power in these shards. We would definitely become much stronger!" said Nina happily.
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